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ments with herely, popery, Arminianism, or any open fins, or scandal; who have not been left to go naked, so as for the enemies of the truth to see their shame; these, faith the Lord, “Shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy."

These last tidings of my son have rejoiced my heart: a little of the sweetness of thy visit reached me; the favour of his name will soon begin to spread itself, the power of the Spirit will go forth, the fame will go abroad, and the joyful sound will be known and obeyed. Every love-token will raise thine expectations, inflame thy desires, and increase thy longings, until every thought will be busy, every faculty of the soul in expectation, and the heart will be wide open to receive the King of kings; and every let, hinderance, or disappointment, will be attended with jealousy, love-sickness, and fainting fits; for when once he begins to tell thee all that is in thine heart towards him, and to shew thee his glory, there will be no more spirit left in thee; thou wilt be a dove without a heart, a creature without firength, a riddle without a meaning, a machine without a principle; for he will so swallow thee up in his glo. rious light and love, as nothing will be left thee but a blank or a dream. And thus I am come beforehand to anoint thee to this mystical burial and resurrection, under the operation of the Holy Ghoft; under which change, old things will pass away, and all things will become new; thou

wilt return to the days of thy youth, and thy flesh will be fresher than a child's; time will thew thee whether I am a liar or not. I wept over thine epistle with many tears, and blessed him for his mercy to thee, because he hath not cast off his kindness to the poor and needy; and because he hath confirmed the word of his fervant, and performed the counsel of his un

unworthy messenger. I have long stood alone, not daring to come into the secret, into the assembly, which is so confused as to cry some one thing, and some another, the greater part not knowing wherefore they are come together; but now I cxpect a companion in travel, a true yokefellow, speaking the same things, treading in the same steps; a fellow-helper unto the kingdom of God, which stands in power ; none but these, none but these. May the candle of God Thine bright on thy head, and the dew of heaven lay on thy branch; may his glory be fresh in thee, and his secret upon thy tabernacle, is the

prayer of, Ever thine,

W. II. S. S.



Beloved of God, true Yokefellow, and faithful Com


I have just received the favour of thy last epifle, and thought it was long in coming ; I was ready to say, why tarry the wheels of his chariot, hath he not sped? But Cushi is come at last with good tidings, and has not run by the way of the plain, but is come in the safe and good old way of truth and tribulation; he looks not back, nor tarries in all the plain. To the mountain, my son, to the mountain where the King of kings keeps his court, and embraces every royalist that submits to his standard, sues for his favour, and accepts of the punishment of his rebellion. Ziba, the servant of Saul, hath belied thy servant: forget thee I do not, hate thee I cannot; he is one of them that fows difcord among brethren: however, if he speaks fair believe him not, for there are seven abominations, in his heart : he is the father of lies, and this is a child of his own, and I will not father his bastards, for I never conceived it nor brought it forth. No, my son, I have travailed again and again in birth till Christ be formed in thee; nor do I believe that I shall labour in vain, or bring

forth for trouble, for I believe that I am one of the blessed of the Lord, and thou mine offspring with me. The parting, and thy pre-engagement to dine at thy last visit, was not so agreeable to me; I could not send thee away with pipe and tabret, as usual; I hope it will not be so the next time. However, this thy sickness hath not been unto death, but for the glory of God, and the good of bis servant; and thou hast now seen one text fulfilled. He is “ a very present help in trouble.” The day-star is risen in thine heart, yea, call it the morning-star, for it is the forerunner of perfect day : the sun will soon rise upon thee with healing in his beams, and then thou shalt thine forth, thou shalt be as the morning. The fweet sensations that thou hast lately. felt, is the Comforter, my fon; it is the myrrh that drops on the handles of the lock, and makes the bar of unbelief give way; “ The Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to his temple.” It was a distant view of him skipping upon the mountains, and leaping upon the hills, that kept the spouse looking from the lion's den, from the mountains of the leopards, and from the land of Shenir ; and I hope the Lewes Downs will become the hill Mizar. It is a heavenly wocing; the courtship is going on, and the union will follow ; it is a sight, a discovery of the only, and best beloved; a view of his beauty, worth, and superexcellency: this is the life, the soul of real


religion, and the whole body of divinity, for all without it is only a name to live; to fetch the rake and the hoe will be the greatest difficulty. ". But no text was applied :' never mind the shell if thou get the kernel ; it is not the written word, life, but the Spirit's quickening operations; not the written words pardon, peace, light, and love, but forgiveness obtained, peace applied, God shining into the heart, and the love of God shed abroad there, that are the things that accompany salvation : “The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power;" nothing else will ever subdue fin, or maintain the soul's standing in faith and hope. Thou hast acknowledged me in part, and I have no doubt thou wilt acknowledge me to the end, that my predictions and boasting of thee will be found a truth. I will not say that a few more accounts of these love-visits will not provoke the old weatherbeaten Coalheaver to jealousy; it is not always so agreeable to one that bears the heat and burthen of the day, to see him get the peliny

who has wrought but one hour, although I know it is right for the master of the house to do as he will with his own; and I hope mine

eye will not be evil because he is good. Go on, my son, and get out if possible, I will not hold thee by the heel, but hope ever to remain a fellow-helper of thy joy. Grace and peace be with thee.

Ever thine,

W. H.

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