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LONG looked-for is come at last, and it is better late than never. Every epistle loses more and more the ill favour of distrust and unbelief; and they emit the odoriferous scents of the bed of spices, and the choice perfumes of a sweet smelling savour of Christ. Love and wrath, peace and torment, guilt and pardoning mercy, have for some time gone up and down, and sometimes stood at a poise in the balance of the sanctuary; "The Lord weigheth the spirits ;" “ And by him actions are weighed” also, and in both these matters we are found wanting; but as faith increases, and Christ approaches, the opposite scale, in which we were lighter than vanity, mounts and kicks the beam ; union with him, and the poffefsion of him, blots Tekel from the wall, and we are no more found wanting, being complete in him, and having the righteousness of the law fulfilled in us. Love and wrath struggled hard upon the cross until mercy and truth met together; and they will contest in the coming finner's foul until righteousness and peace kiss each other: here the benign parent mects the self-despairing, rebellious son at the sacrifice of the fatted calf; and in ihe robe of the

elder brother, embraces him with the kiss of eternal love, the effect of which is peace, and a hearty welcome both to grace and glory. The effect of thy last vision will last for ever, the Spirit will witness it; it bath laid a foundation in ihy soul for a believing plea, and for a claim of faith upon God as thy father, and thy God in covenant; and which plea and claim thou wilt make in the most perilous hour that may ever befall thee in this world. The Spirit, at the time of that visitation, honoured Christ, and sent forth thy faith, affection, and praise to him; and Christ, in the worst hour, will honour the Spirit, both in his operations, and in his testimony. My soul is joyful, my hope of thee is steadfast, my mouth is opened unto thee; thou never wast firaitened in me, but only in thine own bowels. Many who watch for iniquity are waiting, not only for thy halting, but for an untimely birth, expectirg that thou wilt Jabour and bring forth wind, and appear at last an infant that never sees light. They say to God in their hearts, “ Let him hasten bis work that we may see it;" they ask him of things to come concerning his fons; what, comn and ye me? They say that my son has been so long in the dark, that his labour will come 10 nothing, and W. H. S. S. will be deceived in him; but these know not the thoughts of the Lord, nor do they under siand his counsels; these have bcen too quick in their own labours; like Ishmael, they are come forth before the promise, and before the appointed time, and therefore are fometimes found and proved to be bastards, and not fons. I still hold fast mine integrity, nor doth my heart reproach mc for it, that my boasting of this Timothy will be found a truth; and then the enemies and mockers of the heir of promise will find their expectations cut off, and their joys wither; and they will hate both the free-woman, the legitimate offspring, and the sovereignty of the fire: but, “Woe unto him that faith unto his father, what begettet thou? or to the woman, what hast thou brought forth ?” These are the elder sons who never transgress the commandment, and covet the kid as a reward for eye-service, and despise both the father and the prodigal for his regenerating and saving a predeitinated son by grace. Stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved, and be always abounding in the work of him. Stick to him in private prayer, and he thall reward thee openly, and all thine enemics shall see it, and gnash their teeth at it, and melt away; “ The desire of the wicked shall perish.” Thou hast been long at work at the dung-gate, but those that are far off shall come and build in the temple; rooting up and throwing down will be exchanged for building and planting. Divorcing from and killing to the law is not all the work; there will be a publishing the banns of marriage, espousing, and a presenting them as chaste virgins to Christ; the marriage feasts and the best wines are kept till last: then the friend of the bridegroom shall rejoice to hear his voice, and to see the increase of his household. The winter shall foon pass away, the rains shall blow over and be gone, the singing of birds shall then come, and the voice of the turtle be heard and understood, even at Lewes. Great is my hope of you, great is my boldness toward you, great is my glorying of the good work in you: I am filled with comfort; my soul weeps and blesses him for every visit or lovetoken to you. I have bowed my head and thanked him for a ficadsaft hope of thee, and my pen never drags like Pharaoh's wheels' when I write to thee; and in every epistle I expect that the answer will be, Thou prisoner, go forth; thou that fittest in darkness shew thyself; publish through the city what great things Jesus hath done for thee. Sure I am that thou wilt not be sent out the sccond time by man, with a false vision and causes of banishment; not with a lying divination, nor be left to speak a vision out of thine own heart when thou hast seen nothing, either of fin, self, law, or Christ. An unctuous knowledge of these things makes a workman, a workman that needs not be ashamed : such must divide rightly the word of truth, and do the work of an evangelift, and make full proof of the ministry. God bless thee; “ A wise fon maketh a glad father;" “ And he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him." Ever tbine in Christ Jesus,

W. H.


THE Lord God of heaven be for cver blcited for his goodness to thee, and the Lord God for ever blefs thee, and teach thy hands to war and thy fingers to fight, so that a bow of ftcel

may be broken by thine arms; that thou mayest run through a troop, and by the help of thy God leap over the wall, and scale the city of the mighty, and cast down the firength of the confidence thereof; for, " the rich man's wealth is his firong city, and as an high wall in his own conccit:" and may the high priest bless him every time that he returns froin the slaughter of these old and foolish, kings, who will no more be admonished. But what hath my fon been at? for I must interrogate him; is not this the fulfil. ment of my ancient prediction? is it not heaps

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