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upon heaps ? Behold I, by my abominable wickedness, flew myown master, but who flew all these? The riders on horses are confounded, while those that ride upon white asses rehearse the righteous acts of the Lord; even the daughters of Zion celebrate thy victories, yea, in the places of drawing water, shall they who are delivered from the noise of archers rehearse the righteous acts of the Lord toward the inhabitants of the villages in Israel; then shall the people go down, and possess the gates of their enemies. Besiege, my son; arise, and anoint the shield, for the stouthearted are spoiled, and none of the men of might have found their hand. The Lord God, and the most mighty, hath mounted his white horse; King of kings, and Lord of lords, appear both on his vesture and on his thigh; his power proclaims his majesty, and the slaughter the dint of his sword. He hath raised thee up that thou mayest requite them, therefore pursue, for thou Ihalt surely overtake them that have blasted thy reputation, and without doubt recover all. Send no ambassage, desire no conditions of


and beware of their old bottles, their clouted shoes and mouldy bread; make no league with these; old bottles are not fit for new wine, clouted shoes are not those which the gospel prepares, nor is the bread which came down from heaven ever mouldy. They pretend to come because of the name of the Lord, but by the life of Pharaoh they

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are nothing but spies, therefore contend with them, smite them, and pluck off their hair, for baldness shall come upon all their heads, and they shall walk naked, and the just shall see their shame. The fifter, and spouse, of my Lord and master begins to appear in her cultivated state; digging, manuring, sowing, and planting, is sweetly going on; the wall of salvation, the bond of the covenant, and the hedge of thorns which is promised to Zion, and which was such a blessing to Job, that even the serpent could not bite him till he was permitted by the divine husbandman; joy, peace, praise, love, and life, will spring up abundantly to the honour of God, and thine eyes will see it. But the fountain of all this is sealed, and when unsealed it will spring up, and flow out; but all this depends upon the Holy Spirit's operations, who opens and shuts both the heart and the mouth; and who disposes his gifts and grace as he will. That the Lord bless and keep thee, is the daily prayer of,

W. H. S.S.


I have received my brother's epistle, and he is still occupying business in deep waters, ånd through fire and water we must go before we come out into the wealthy place. All the spoils that Ifrael took under the law was to be purified, that which would stand the fire must go through the fire, and all the rest through the water; and so must all the spoils taken from the great, and from the strong man armed; you know what to do with that text. There is no getting into the bond of the covenant without passing under the rod; you are not deeper in the path of tribulation than Job, nor than poor S. S. therefore all the time you can find one bleating Theep or lowing ox before you, it is the footsteps of the flock, and is holy and consecrated ground: and our Jacob will not overdrive the cattle, nor let Esau help him, left he should. Quit yourself like a man, stand your ground; plead guilty, plead the atonement, plead the promise, the covenant, and the invitations of God, and confess all that is amiss; “ The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." We are to pray, and not to faint; to beg the three loaves. at midnight, and importune till


the master arises and gives us for the poor friend that is on his way, that is, the poor starving soul that calls for the bread of life. The importunate widow fainted not, and the elect cry day and night, and shall not God avenge them? yea, surely. Various are the changes that pass over a soul in your case, sometimes hoping and then hopeless, active and then dead, earnest and then indifferent, submissive and then rebellious, melting and then callous, shining and then begloomed, talkative and then dumb, at the door of hope and then in the belly of hell; and this is all furnace-work, tribulation-work, paddling in the pit of horror, and mire of corruption. Go on, my son, go on, and never give it up. I have just got another shower of paper kites raining upon my head, and have been these three weeks describing in a sermon the workings of legal bondage; it will be published next Saturday, and I will send you ten or a dozen. God bless thee.

W. H. S. S.


Not unto me, O Lord, not unto me, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's fake. It is enough for me that God regards the son of my vows, and not for our fakes, but for his own covenant name's sake, and for his dear Son's fake in whom that name is manifested; that he hears the cries of poor worms, and humbles himself to grant their requests. I have done as thou hast desired me, I have thanked the best and most benign of all parents in thy behalf, and blessed him, and praised him for thee, and on thy account; and if heart and conscience, if feelings and affections can speak, God cordially accepted it, and it was more pleasing unto him than a bullock that has horns and hoofs. I cannot help weeping and laughing while I write this, thinking what a poor, blind, beggarly mass of igrorance, filth, and scum they are who now do the fervice of the sanctuary, and minister to the Lord in the priel's office: one came from the swine-herd, another from the coal-barge, to take orders ; but still it is Aaron and his sons, the everlasting Father and

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