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with me as he pleases. She ap- to be dying. She charged her peared to be glad that she was in attendants to tell her, whenever the Lord's hand.

they should perceive that to be the On the Tuesday preceding her cafe. Once the called to her death, the strangled, was thought mother, and said, I think that I to be dying, and the neighbors am dying, and, if it is the will were called in. Seeing them a- of God, I am glad. After a tound her, after a revival, she ask. little while, the said, I think I ed her mother, whether they am not dying yet, and desired her viewed her to be dying ? Her parents to lie down again and get, mother replied, should you be fur- fome sleep, and faid, it may be prised, if we did think fo? She that I shall sleep a little too. A. said, no, not at all.

bout break of day, the watcher After this fhe conversed but lit- notified us that she appeared to tle 'till Wednesday evening, when be faint. We went to her immeit pleased God to lift up the light diately. Death appeared in her of his countenance upon her, and looks. She was sensible that the to fill her soul with joy unspeakable was dying, and was calm and leand full of glory. She spoke of rene in her mind.

Not seeing the love of God through Chrift, her father, she said, where is my saying, O glorious Christ ! dear father? When he came near blessed Jesus, my Lord and my to her, she said, I desire father God! Her joy appeared to be to pray for me. He asked her, free from enthusiasm, or any thing what the desired him to pray for ? of a visionary nature. She ap

She ap- She replied, pray that my faith peared to be entirely composed, may hold out, and that Í may and said, that she never felt so hap- have patience to the end. After py before in all her life, as prayer, she asked for her mother, On Thursday she expressed a de- and looking on her with a smile, fire to leave this world, and be said, my mother, my mother, my with Christ. She was asked, dear mother, I am dying. Her whether she were not willing to mother asked her, whether the wait God's time? She looked up, was afraid to die? She replied, no and smiled and said yes, yes ! more than if I were going to God's blessed time is beft. She

She sleep. A little after the revived, conversed freely, and said many and said, I am dying ; but I bethings, which could not be recol. lieve that I shall live fome hours lected, and many more, which yet, and she did. In which conld not be distinctly heard, by time many of the neighbors came reason of her weakness, and cough-in, and the kept speaking with ing. She no more complained of great earnestness; but her voice darkness. She was desirous of was so weak that but a little part speaking to her friends, and said, of what she said could be underthat the reason why ihe had not stood. She said, O blessed Jesus, counselled them before, was, be- I cast myself at thy blesfed feet ! cause she thought that no body glorious Jesus! Heis my Lord, had so bad a heart as she had : and my God. And thus she fell But I wish I had strength now to aileep in Jesus, as we truf, on warnmy friends to prepare to meet January 15th, 1790, in the 34th me in glory.

year of her age. She died of She appeared at times this night thc pulmonary consumption.


The foregoing narrative was fufion, and distress of nations, we fubftantially written by her venera- see him building it up in our land, ble father, the late Deac. Benja- and in other parts of the world, min Thomas, of whom some me howing the hearts of the finful moirs were published in the last children of men to his sceptre, number.

and manifesting himself as a fin

pardoning God; how ought evMESS'RS. EDITORS,

ery heart to rejoice in his universal HERE are doubtless, many government! What peculiar ad


ciled to the great doctrines of the Providence in the present day afgospel, and hence entertain a hope ford, for contemplating the diof eternal life ; who, yet, for some vine character ! reasons, or perhaps none that are At the same time, it must be satisfactory, neglect that impor- very trying to the feelings of tant duty enjoined by Christ, of one, who having encountered the confessing him before men. They perils of a boisterous ocean, with complain that they are walking pain anxiety and distress when fear in darkness without light--they sat on every wave, hope sprang hope indeed, but with a great up with favoring gales, and difmixture of fear and doubt-they appointment uniformly succeeded; have so little sensible comfort of to find one's self again tossed upon hope, or clearness of evidence, the same tumultuous sea in a poor that they shrink from the duty as bark, shattered by former temunqualified, and dare not pro- pests amidst surrounding rocks. ceed to the folemn transaction of How necessary is a skilful pilot ; covenanting with God. Such, and one, who can also command you will agree, are intitled to your even the winds, and the fea, and benevolent attention. For the they obey him! O to rest wholly perusal and benefit of such, the upon him ! This is but a faint following letter is presented. It epitome of my past life, and of my was written by alady to her friend; present views. and being a practical comment I feel, my dear friend, as if I upon that subject, it is hoped may with confidence open my may be as a voice from behind heart to you, upon a subject, in them allıuring them to the duty of which I know you are so much uniting with those who call them- interested—I mean the advancefelves by the name of Israel. ment of Chrilt's kingdom. And

With these views and wishes, it I trust you will more sensibly reis hunbly submitted to your dif- joice, in the hope that he will pofal.

E. M. admit me a humble member of his

family, than a stranger whom you June 22d, 1799. never saw. You know, Madam, a MY DEAR FRIEND, | little, and but a little, how I have TT must be a delightful subject always lived in darkness. And it If contemplation to every bes is not at all itrange that I had no nevolent heart that Christ hath a light, fince I never obeyed Chrilt's church in the world, and that the commands. It appears from his gates of hell shall never prevail a own words, that cbedience is the

only teft of discipleship, and the When in this day of great con. only ground, or condition upoa

gai.lft it.



which we may hope to enjoy the gation to devote myself to him.--light of his countenance, and the I have since been received as a comfort of divine manifestations. member of the visiblc church of He that hath my commandments Christ, and I defire an interest in and keepeth them, he it is that your intercessions at the throne of loveth me ; and he that loveth me grace, that I may not dishonor fhall be loved of my father, and that great name I profess to love. I will love him, and will manifest I have not those high exercises myself to him.* You have con that many have and which I have versed with me with respect to so often hoped for--to be as it joining the church ; and a num were taken up and set a great ber of my Christian friends have way forward on the spiritual jourdone the same-but I have been ney at once ; and to have but litwaiting and hoping for more light, tle to do afterwards to arrive at and better satisfaction about my complete fanctification. But I. own state-viewing it a duty, am determined, if Christ will give which at times I have felt equally me the Christian armour, to disafraid ei ther to neglect or per- pute every inch of ground, and form; while I have had a thou- maintain a constant warfare. And sand very wrong and wicked feel. O how gracious the promise, that ings, befides a great degree of “ to them that have no might, he loth and inattention ; till about increaseth itrength.” If he leaves ten days since when I was told me I shall fall at once. How that Mrs. S- , and a young quickly the branch will wither

about to be when separated from the vine ! I examined for admission into the feel that it is not best for my church, it affected my mind very proud heart to have all those tani. much. I was convinced there porting views that some have, left would never be a better time than I should be exalted above measure. to go with them--but I was all They are the soul humbling views darkness-could not go with the I need, and think I desire ; and feelings I had. I was drawn and I hope (O what presumption it driven to seek relief where it may would be to hope it, did we itand be found; and 0, without know- in our own strength) I hope, ing my former feelings, you can through the infinite riches of re-. not imagine the contraft--with deeming love, ere long to what calmness and satisfaction I

-fce and lear and know sustained the examination. I had

All I desir'd or wish'd below," nothing good to relate of myself ; but I think, if I am not much to be filled with the knowledge deceived, I felt that I could trust and love of an holy God, and be in Christ, where there is an infi- fatisfied in the image and likeness niite fulness of all good. It af- of Christ. Are all these feelings forded me a sweet calmness of a delufion? Am I deceiving mymind that I had gone so fun to self? I cannot feel them to be a wards vilibly and publicly joining delufion ? I know that Christ's myself to the Lord in a new and kingdom will be glorious let what everlasting covenant, and felt wil-will become of ine ; and in this ling to be urder any poslible obli- I do, and will rejoice.

Pray for me my friend that I * John aiv. 21.

may have constant support frona Vol. III. No.



him who quencheth not the smo near my heart.

Our hope was in king flax, nor breaketh the bruis- God. And as the parting mued reed.

ment drew near, I found strength I am ever yours,

and support beyond my expectaMARIA. tion, or any thing I ever thought

took place in this world in such MESS'RS. EDITORS,

parting moments.

I found it eaTHE following letter was

fier to bury my own, than anoth

er's child. written by the author, to the writer of this, by particular requett

. under eight years of age, he was

With respect to the child, tho The circumstances related in it were facts ; and were confidered, ready in alking questions, and was

earnest to have a mother instruct ar the time, as remarkable, both by Christians and others who

him upon religious subjects. He

was at a meeting of the youth were present. If you think them a witness for God, as a prayer. ning of the night in which he was

and children, for prayer, the eyehearing God, and that they may taken fick-and some of the last of by his bleffing excite Christians, his words were, “ I want to be as well as ministers, to fervent

where the good folks are." I prayer on similar occafions, which are often fo diftreffing to the mention this as it is pollible such friends of the dying, you

tender minds have a taste and

may have

happiness in hearing young peopermission to publish

them. Yours, &c.

ple pray and fing together which PHILOS.

they cannot describe, only by

" wanting to be where they are.” « Dear Sir,

I found the words of the Saviour HAVE long delayed comply precious in the 14 firt verses of

ing with your request to itate the 18th chapter of Matt. efpeto you the exercise of my mind, cially the roth verfe—" Take on the death of a desirable child. heed that ye despise ret one of But the scene is still fresh in my these little ones. For I say unmind. Previous to the sickness of to you that in heaven their angus my child, it repeatedly occurred do always behold the face of my to my mind." God will visit the Father which is in heren.” iniquities of the fathers upon the Respecting parting with the children unto the third and fourth child, I think I never felt calmer generation”—and I as often made when he fell into a natural deep, fupplication that the evil of allic- than when he breathed his lait. tion might come on me- as for My comfort fenfibly rose higher these theep what have they done?' and higher from day to day. At I well remember where I was length I began to renect, and itanding, and the feelings of my query with any elf, what a great mind, whica I made this request, finner I was ! with a view to take the day before the child's ill.efs. my place--the lowest place. But A short and very dikrefling dick. I could not, by this, check the pels clofed his life. The second riling comfort, in view of Cod. visit, the playtician kaid liis disto- | 1 then thot, poulilly my chia's lution was

You will att might be unhap... DALY chce conclude the precious fou?, mind was festne--and willed with a to Le faved or loft, orght to be comfort I canno: croche 1



be given

could set my seal that justice was such a time, and in such a manner, good and glorious. While thus and the earnest desire I had some filled with comfort, that I was way to have it manifest, that there unable to mour, the tho't rose might be much praying for fick in my mind, what a glorious and dying ones, and all tenderly day will the Millennial day be concerned ; the one half could not to the church militant, if such be expressed.

« For what man fupport

and | knoweth the things of a man, received in the present state ! save the spirit of a man which is My mind was then attracted to in hin? even so, the things of thechurch triumphant, being filled God, knoweth no man but the with the fulness of God, and the the spirit, of God.” i Cor. ii. II. glory of the Lord risen upon their In my case, ministers prayed, and fouls. If all the world and its Christian brethren prayed. The scenes should be made to pass be- fpirit of prayer was given to one fore them, it would scarcely at person not present, whose expreftract a single thought. There fed confidence in being satisfied as could be no room for any thing to the request, I cannot give you but God. Nor would more be better than in the words of the needed. Truly God isa sufficient beloved disciple. “ And if we portion for the soul. Our com- know that he hear us, whatsoever fort and happiness do not depend we ask, we know that we have the on the state of any gone before petitions we desired of him.” In us, or on any of his creatures. the goodly number of prayers *For myself, I know I was and am made in a few hours, I found my happier in resigning up my child mind sensibly drawn up to God in to God, at his call, than I could the devotion. One particular cir. be in the child, if he had been cumstance I am confirained to recontinued to me as before. In- late. On the day of the child's itead of being overwhelmed with death, and while frequent prayers forrow of heart, as I have expects were offered up in his behalf, and ed heretofore when I have turned for all concerned, a person entered iny mind on the parting with a with a requeit in behalf of a neige:child, I found a satisfaction in de- bor, that he might be remember

gree and kind far exceeding that ed in prayer, being just then be. of the day of his birth. I rejoi- reaved of his partner in life, and ced in the will of God ; and greatly distrefied. The reque t thought, if he called, I could was complied with ; and from that fpare every one of the goodly moment relief came, and that number their living. You will high satisfaction in the divine will, ask the cause of this. By what which I have related. Job xiji. means it came to pass that a trial The Lord turned the ca'lin. in this way, should be no trial, or ily of job when he prayed forilis affliction ; but a happiness greater friends."

Isa. Ixv. 2.

is A.d than could be without it, yea a it thall come to pass that before blessing worth both the Indies ? they call, I will answer, and Prayer. This was the precious whiles they are yet speaking I will mcans. And if the word was hear." printed in letters of gold, and As for myself the expected trial my utinult er lcavors used to de- was palt, hours b: . re the child's Scribe to you a mind supported at /death.-.And the requeits made

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