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control his affections, to make “ of the world, and things that that appear beautiful, which he “*are despised hath God chosen: hates ; or, to make that appear“ Yea, and things which are not, deformed, which he loves. The “ to bring to nought things that reason of loving or hating partic. “ are ; that no fless should glory ir ular objects must be fought for in his presence." Once more, the nature of the soul itself, and The miserable and forlorn cir. not in the exercises of the will. cumstances of the peopleor nations All men therefore lie at mercy; which God hath successively cho“ By grace are ye saved through sen to be his peculiar people, at faith, and that, not of your- the time of manifesting to them “ felves it is the gift of God.” his special favor, evince the same There is indubitable evidence then truth. God first chose the people that eternal life to sinners of the of Israel to be a special, peculiar human race, is the free gift of people unto himself, above all peos God; it is infinite mercy. The ple that were upon the face of the faved have not whereof to glory, earth. And he tells them that neither before God, nor man. he did not set his love upon them, Again,

nor choofe them, because they A great proportion of those were more in number than any whom God has chosen, from age people ; for they were the fewel to age, as the objects of mercy, of all people. But because he have been from what are esteemed loved them, and because he would the lower ranks of society. Thus keep the cath, which he had our Saviour in the days of his sworn unto their fathers. Their fesh, while he passed by the court miserable ftate, when God cast of Herod, and the palace of the an eye of pity on them, is affecthigh-priest, and those, generally, ingly described by the prophet who were of the Jewish Sanhedrim, Ezekiel, under the figure of an or of the scribes, pharisees and exposed infant, in these words. doctors of the law, chose the fo 66 Thus faith the Lord God unto ciety of persons in obscure life, “ Jerusalem, thy, birth and thy conforted with publicans and fin-nativity is of the land of Ca. ners, and conferred his choicest “ naan : Thy father was an Ambleffings, more commonly, on the orite, and thy mother a Hittite. poor, the maimed, the halt and “ And as for thy nativity in the the blind. “ He was anointed to “ day thou wait born, thy navel “ preach good tidings, unto the “ was not cut, neither wast thou “ meek, to bind up the broken “ washed in water to supple thee, « hearted, to proclaim liberty to “ thou wast not falted at all, nor " the captives, and the opening "fwaddled at all. No eye pitied “ the prison to them that are “ thee, to do any of these unto " bound.” God's purpose feems thee, to have compaflion upor to have been in this to stain the thee; but thou was call out in pride of all human glory ; and " the open field to the loathing of St. Paul is express, « That God “thy person ; in the day that “ hath chosen the foolish things thou wast born. And when I " of the world to confound the “ pasled by thee, and saw thee “ wife ; and weak things of the “ polluted in thine own blood, “ world to confound the things I said unto thee, when thou * that are mighty;and bafe things'wat in thy blood, live; yea, I


« said unto thee, when thou 6 thou waft refufed, faith thy 16 waft in thy blood, live." Thé 6 God. For asmall moment have Atrength of the tender mercies of " I forsaken thee; but with great God toward them is exhibited to mercies will I gather thee. In the beft advantage by their contin" a little wrath I hid my face uted provocations, their perfidy, from thee, for a moment, but and base ingratitude, after God " with everlasting loving-kindnefs had brought them into the most * will I have mercy on thee, faith honorable relation to himself. So, the Lord thy Redeemer. 0 when the Jews were broken off " thou aflifted, toljed with tempel from the family and church of " and not comforted! Behold I will God through unbelief, and thelay thy stones with fair colors, Gentiles were adopted into it, their “ and thy foundations with fapcircumstances were equally wretch-“phires." So the whole house of ed. Sufficient time had elapsed, Ifrael are now, and have been for fince the calling of the Jews, to ages in a desperate ftate, visibly thov, that those nations, left to rejected of God, but are preserva themselves, would never return to ed as a monument of wrath, and

but, on the contrary, as a sign and a wonder to all nawhile they, at least fome of them, tions; their case is so hopeless, rapidly advanced in philosophy that they are compared to a valley and the arts, would increase in of dry bones ; yet at the time all manner of wickedness, and in appointed they shall be tevived, brutish ignorance of the one true they shall become one nation in Cod; and that their state, with the land, upon the mountains of out divine aid, was utterly hope. Ifrael, and fall dwell therein forlefs. That such was their true ever, and David shall be their state may be seen in the i chap. of prince, and God's sanctuary fhall St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, be in the midft of them for eterwhere their character is described more. Thus God. as St. Paul tela at large. These nations are de- tifies, hath concluded Jew and fcribed in the 54 Chap. of Isaiah Gentile in unbelief that he might under the image of a barren wou have mercy upon all

. Or, that man, who had been repudiated in their calling and adoption fuccefher youth, and had lived in a def- fively into God's family might be blate, afflicted and comfortless feerf to be wholly from God, and Aate, but at last was received into an expreffion of mere mercy. favor and addressed with these 3d. In the discipline which die healing and comfortable words : vine wisdom has chosen to train tp Sing, 0, barren, thou that his people for the heavenly inher. " didit not bear, break forth in- itance.' What is particularly re" to finging thou that didst not ferred to, as pertinent to the ar. " travail with child; for more gument in hand, is the opposition

are the children of the desolate, which, pursuant to the divine dil" than the children of the married posal, has ever been made to the "wise, faith the Lord. For thy people of God, by the powers of "maker is thy husband, the Lord earth and of hell and by the remain" of hosts is his name. For the ing corruptions, or body of fin, “Lord hath called thee as a won within them. This will be con

man forsaken and grieved in fpir lidered, briefly, in respect to the " it, and as a wife of youth, when I church of God in general, and in · Vou. UT NO

respect to individual believers, to- lia, in the unreft of Ahasuerus, gether with some things which re. which produced the search of the late to their preservation, support records, in the sudden reverse which and deliverance. The serpent caused Haman the Jews, enemy to having seduced our first parents be hanged upon the gallows which into rebellion against God, in the he had prepared for Mordecai, and sentence which God pronounced in the consequent complete deliv. against him, he says, “I will put erance of the Jews from utter de. • enmity, between thee and the struction, as well as in causing “ woman, and between thy feed the sun to stand still in Gibeon, “ and her feed, it fall bruise thy and the moon in the valley of Aja“ head, and thou shalt bruise his lon. It appears in the destruction “ heel.” Every period of time of Jerusalem by the Romans, affince bears witness to the truth of ter that bloody city had killed the this prediction. It is unneceffary prince of life, and had become to mention particulars; to do juf- the most dangerous enemy and tice to this subject would be the perfecutor of the Christian church fame as to write a history of the -in the elevation of Conftantine church from the beginning. " It to the imperial throne, at a period is more to the purpose to ob- when perfecution appears to have ferve, that the opposition has al-almost finished its bloody work, in ways been so great, that nothing the extirpation of the Christian could control or subdue it but name in the various events which the power of God himself. It gradually revealed the man of fin was the arm of the Lord which until he had exalted himfelf above saved the church of the old world, all that is called God, or that is and destroyed its enemies, when worshipped, and had become the the earth was filled with violence. dragon's most complete represenIt was the arm of the Lord that tative,- in those which have hithcut Rahab and wounded the dra- erto preserved the true church dugon. It was the arm of the Lord ring his reign, and in those which that dried up the sea, the waters have, by various steps, humbled of the great deep, that made the this its last and greatest enemy; depths of the sea, a way for the as well as in the destruction of ransomed to pafs over. But the Sisera and his host by the hand of arm of the Lord is not made bare Deborah and Barak —of the Midin view of the nations in miraculous ianites by the hand of Gideonworks only ; it is so, in the con- of the Ethiopians by the hand of currence of ordinary events, which, Afa_of the children of Amunder the divine direction, work mon, Moab, and mount Seir, by together for the preservation of the the hands of each other or of church in times of the most immi- the hundred and four-score and nent danger ; or for its enlarge-five thousand Affyrians by the ment in times of distress. It is hand of the angel of the Lord. visible in raising up Cyrus and Ar Indeed the state of things from taxarxes, heathen princes, to re the beginning has been such as di. store and build Jerusalem as well vine wisdom law beft calculated to as in the destruction of Pharaoh display, in the fullest manner, the and his host in the red sea. It is enmity of the seed of the serpent seen in the advancement of Ether to the seed of the woman, to lead and Mordecai in the court of Per- | the people of God to see that all

good is from him, to trust with is, God is an infinite agent, and of unshaken confidence in his power course his works are infinite, and and grace, and to render the final beyond the comprehension of fivictory of the promised feed, in nite minds. None by searching bruising the serpent's head, most can find out God, none can find complete and glorious. Thefe out the Almighty unto perfection. and similar ends God has attained Still, enough may be known, as by the existing state of things in explained by himself, to fit us to every age, in raising up and put- bear a part in that fociety which, ting down successively the Egyp- as a whole, and in all its parts, tian, Afsyrian, Persian, Grecian, will be of perfect beauty. And Roman, and other great monar as no event can take place, but chies of the earth, and in giving will, rightly understood, directly them dominion and great authori- discover the heart of God ; so ty, while the church and people no doubt, the holy inhabitants of of God have been for the most Heaven will be eternally employpart, as to human support, feeble ed in searching the works of God and defenceless, and subject to with ever-growing delight and imthat dominion in the reign of provement. But I proceed to Antichrift, and preservation of what is directly in view to consider the church, notwithstanding he the evidence arising from the op. has been drunken with the blood position which good men experiof the saints, and with the blood ence in their Christian course from of the martyrs of Jesus ; and the Satan and their own remaining fame ends will be attained by the corruptions, of the great truth, present state of the nations, par. That there is none good but one that ticularly of the Jews, and of those is God. Gentile nations who have not yet It is easy with God, by an in. received the Gospel, and by the stantaneous act, completely to great apostacy which is, at the sanctify the soul of the greatest present day, prevailing among finner, and to fit it for Heaven ; those nations, which have long and doubtless he sometimes does enjoyed and long abused the gof- this ; but generally, sanctification pel; as well as by that glorious is, at first, but in part, and is and final deliverance of the church gradually progreflive in those who which shall take place, when the are its happy subjects. The being faints fhall possess the kingdom. of fin, in the heart of such as are

Though the great events refer- born of God, is viewed by them red to in the last particular relate as it really is in itself, the greatest to the church as a community, of all evils ; but still

, it is the ocand are calculated to form a per-cafion of great good to them. It feet fociety, yet they do this by is seen by them more distinctly, as forming the character of individ- abominable and hateful when in uals, which shall compose that so actual exercise, as it were branciety. Their perfection consists dishing its forked tongue, than it in being filled with the knowledge could be in recollection only, as and love of God and in the full having once existed ; such a view enjoyment of him. Every agent of it, as is exhibited by a clear is known by his works; and God, perception of God's perfect law, the first, the greatest and the best, will excite in them fervent prayer is known by his. The difficulty ! for deliverance ; it will humble

and empty them, and bring them, postacy by the covenant of grace. to the foot of God; it will evince, Though they fall, they shall not their ill-desert, their utter insuf- be utterly eali down, for the Lord ficiency for any thing that is good, upholdeth them with his hand. and their absolute dependence on Neither height nor depth thall be God for the being and exercise able to separate them from the of a principle of spiritual life. love of God. David's fin was. It will illustrate the long-suffering always before him ; he rememand patience of Godtowards them, bered it, many years after its comthe stability of his promises, and mission, when he fled from Abfaperpetuity of his covenant, in lom ; and when, on directing Zakeeping them, through faith un- doc to carry back the ark of God to falvation, and also the nature, into the city, he made the followstrength and glory of divine love, ing reflection : “ If I shall find triumphing over all their baseness “ favor in the eyes of the Lord, and ingratitude ; it will cause “ he will bring me again, and them to cry, with the Apostle “ show me both it, and his habitaPaul, in his own case., “Owretch“ tion; but if he thus say, I have " ed man that I am, who shall “ no delight in thee ; behold here “ deliver me from the body of this " am I, let him do to me, what " death ?” It will wean them“ seemeth good unto him.” And from the world ; it will reconcile he had it in view, in his answer to them to dying, as the only means Abishai defiring liberty to take of complete deliverance ; and, off the head of Shimei for curfwhile they are in the body, it will ing the King, when he came to cause them to groan earnestly, not Bahurim, in these words ; “ So that they would be unclothed, but “ let him curse, because the Lord clothed upon, that mortality might “ hath said unto him cucle David; be swallowed up of life. Indwel- ** let him alone, and let him curfe, ling fin, will through the force of " for the Lord hath bidden him.” sudden temptation, too often He was in confequence of it more break forth, and become visible penitent, more humble, more pa. to the eye of man, as it always tient, more submissive to the will is to the omniscient eye of God ; of God, more sensible of his dethis will not fail to occasion in pendence on God, and he loved them the most poignant diftrefs God the more, because more was and same ; will expose them to forgiven him. The fall and rethe insults of the adversary of fouls; .covery of David happened for an and will involve them in darkness, enfample, and they are written doubts and fears, like Jonah when for our admonition, on whom the “ he cried from the belly of hell ends of the world are come ; they " by reason of his ami&tion." serve to guard Christians in all af. God is no respecter of persons, ter ages from presumptuous fin, and fin in his own children is as on the one hand ; and on the odious to him, as it is in others ; other, from despair ; and the penand indeed more sa, as more ag- itential psalms, which David gravated ; but there is good rea wrote on the occafion, and which fon to believe that it will, whether lead us up to the fountain of fin indwelling or out-breaking, ulti- in the heart, have greatly enrichmately issue in their fpiritual good.ed the canon of scripture ; and They are secured from final a- ! they have been the language, in

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