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fure ; to inspire holy men to pub-ed.” “All whom the Father giva lifh to others and commit to wri- | eth to me shall come to me, and ting, for the benefit of the church, him who cometh to me I will in God ; to renew, and fantify the All the promises of this covenvessels of mercy and effectually ant rest on the stability of the work in them to will and to do, covenant of redemption, and canso as ultimately to bring them to not fail if that be fulfilled. But glory ; even all those whom the that is founded on the counsels Father gave to Christ as the re and the perfections of God. ward of his sufferings, and his This leads to a direct consideracrown of glory.

tion of the doctrine of the decrees The covenant of grace, as it is of God. By which we undertermed by theological writers, is stand his eternal, unchangeable nearly connected with that of re- purpose, respecting all events, all demption.

creatures, and all their actions. This consists in the gracious It is not defigned at present, to promises of God to believers in collect the scriptural arguments Chrift, on account of his finished for the proof of this very importredemption.

ant doctrine. It results directly This covenant was adminifter from the perfections of God, and ed to Adam in the promise res- is as much an effential truth of pecting the seed of the woman : natural religion as of that which To Noah in the ark, and in the is revealed. It is implied in the rainbow : To Abraham in the covenant of redemption and of promise of his feed in whom “ all

grace. It is at the foundation of the families of the earth should be the whole mediatorial system, with blessed.” It was wrapped up in all its most interesting and diffusive the prediction of dying Jacob ref- fruits and consequences, through pecting the tribe of Judah—of the successive ages of the world, the coming of the Shiloh and the to its final dissolution ; yea, thro' "gathering of the people to him:" the undefcribed, the unlimited To David in the promise of a duration of eternity. son to set on his throne forever : That all who shall be finally To Ifaiah that he should reign in faved from among men, Mount Zion, in Jerasalem, and “ from the beginning chosen to before his ancients gloriously. As falvation, through fanctification the time of the Redeemer's incar of the Spirit and belief of the nation approached, the grace to truth,” is so evidently a branch come to us by him was more clear of the general doctrine that it ly announced. It was foretold will not be questioned where that that he should be bruised for is admitted. tranfgressions, that the chastise The doctrine of the saint's perment of our peace should be on severance and final glory, rests on him, and by his ftripes we should many scripture declarations, on be healed; and that Mefliah Mould the gracious promises of God to be cut off, but not for himfelf. ail his redeemed, on the coven

Finally, in the new testament, ants of grace and redemption, on this gracious covenant is


the power and grace of Christ, pounded in the moft explicit terms, and many truths which have also " He who believeth fhall be fav- I ready passed in review.



The resurrection of Christ from Chriftianity. But this will be the dead, is an important and ef more fully manifeft from attendfential doctrine of Christianity and ing to it as existing in the minds in a sense, fundamental. So that of good men, and powerfully inif this were false the whole system fluencing their views and affecmust be given up. This doctrine tions. harmonizes with the divine types (To be continued.) and promises which preceded the incarnation-with the prophecies FOR THE CONNECTICUT EVANof Christ himself—it is attested by GELICAL MAGAZINE. his inspired apostles, and they A serious address to profeffing Chrifwrought many miracles in his

tions, on the duty and vasl import. name for the confirmation of the truth testified, and with the truth

ance of axing with steady and

perof this is intimately connected the

severing vigilance, wisdom and truth of all the subsequent articles

fortitude in the spiritual warfare. of .

(Continued from p. 126.) The future resurrection of the N view bodies of the saints to an immor tration tal life in heaven, is fo infepera- addressed by the great apoftle to bly connected with the resurrec- his fellow-Christians, it may be tion of Christ, that the latter hav-' obviously remarked, That when ing taken place, the former is pla- finners are truly converted, they ced on the ground of equal cer- have much more to do, than meretainty ; as the holy apoftle Paul ly to give thanks to God for his has clearly proved in the fifteenth wonderful grace, and to fit down chapter of his first epistle to the and congratulate themselves upon Corinthians.

and rejoice in their own happy corIndeed, the resurrection of the dition. They are not, immediately dead, both the righteous and the upon their conversion, to confider wicked, the general judgment and their condition as resembling that final state of believers and unbe- of soldiers, who at the end of a suc. lievers, are abundantly revealed cessful war, return in triumph, to in the holy fcriptures.

spend the residue of their days in These doctrines agree with that peace, free from the fatigues and of the accountability of man, the toils of war, and in the enjoyrighteousness of divine govern ment of the bleflings for which ment, the doctrine of redemption they have been contending ; but by Christ, and with all the prom- they are to view it, as bearing a ises and threatenings of the holy greater resemblance to that of ícriptures. They will not be foldiers juft enlisted, and engaquestioned by those who believe ging in a warfare for life ; in the Christian system in general, which they must serve, and watch, and have any proper discernment and fight, to the end of their days of the excellence and consistence with the certain expectation of of its several parts.

final victory and triumph to all This brief view of natural and those, who persevere to the laft, revealed religion, as to the agree and faithfully observe and obey ment of the respective doctrines the orders of their Prince. of each, affords no inconsiderable We may further remark, howun. evidence of the divine origin of ' like to what Christians ought to be,

those profesling Christians are, who sign will comprise the grandes give way to unwatchfulness, care display of the infinite perfection lessness, indolence, ease and floth; and glory of God--the fullest efand instead of standing fast in the tablishment of his authority-the faith, are easily shaken, and suffer complete recovery and eternal falthemselves to be turned or drawn vation of an innumerable multitude away from it, by the flatteries or of the finful, ruined race of man frowns, or subtle artifices of its -an inconceivable addition to enemies. Wherefore, the appli- the knowledge and holiness, joy cation of what has been illustra- and happiness, of all holy created, may be by way of serious ex- tures--and the complete disaphortation to profefling Christians, pointment of Satan and all his to comply with the directions, persevering adherents as to their to watch, to stand fast in the faith, ultimate end, and their reduction to act the man, to be strong. Of to a state of the most abfolute subthe vast importance of this com- jection as vanquished enemies, unprehenfive duty, we surely cannot der the feet of their conqueror, entertain a doubt, or fail of per- fuffering the vengeance due to ceiving numerous and weighty their crimes. motives to it, if we duly consider Though Christ, by his obedithe following things ; which are ence unto death, laid'the foundahere fubjoined, as well for the tion for and insured the full acpurpose of further illustrating complishment of this great design; some of the particulars already yet much remained to be done, suggested, as to recommend and in order to the actual attainment enforce the exhortation, viz. of all these ends. Among other

1. The cause in which we have things, Christ's kingdom must be visibly enlisted, and for the support set up and maintained in the and success of which, we are re- world, in opposition to Satan's, quired to watch, to stand faft, &c. and finally prevail over it. Those is the most important and inter- of mankind, who are to obtain esting that ever existed, or can be the salvation which is in Christ conceived. It involves the glory Jesus, with eternal glory, must be of God, and the most precious in. delivered from the power of fia terests of the intelligent creation. and Satan, and obtain the victory

A most daring and impious re- over them. In accomplishing bellion hath broken out against these ends, which are all comthe Most High. It is headed by prised in and necessary to the fuc. Satan, who was once a distinguish- cess of Christ's great design, he ed prince among the angels, and makes use of means and inftruseconded by great numbers of ments. Among the means which those, once holy, but now, apof- are made effectual to these importate spirits. Into this rebellion tant ends, the gospel or word of mankind have been drawn, by the truth holds a distinguished place. artful management of the first They who by reading, preaching apoftate.

or writing, or by their profeffion Christ hath undertaken to crush and practice, and persevering itedthis dreadful rebellion---to bruise faftness in the faith-they who the Serpent's head-to destroy in any or all of these ways, clearly the works of the devil. The full exhibit, and properly maintain, accomplishment of this great de and successfully recommend and

enforce the gospel, are infiruments a powerful motive with us, who under Christ, and by assistance have given up our names to him, derived from him, towards pulling to comply with and execute his down the strong holds of fin and orders, To watch, to stand fast Satan, destroying the works of in the faith, to act the man, and the devil, and maintaining and be strong ?—Especially when we building the kingdom of Christ. confider Every advantage which, in these 2. That the enemies opposed or any other ways, any are ena- to the success of the general cause, bled to obtain, over fin or Satan, in which we are engaged, and to in their own souls, or in in others, our personal falvation in particuand every degree of spiritual light, lar, are exceedingly numerous, holiness or comfort, thus produ- fubtil, crafty and powerful. duced, effected or obtained, con Within, 'we have a deceitful, tributes something towards the treacherous and wicked heart, success of the great design, which exceedingly prone to backflide, Christ is carrying on, and towards and to depart from the living the overthrow and destruction of God ; yea, a heart, which is dehis enemies.

ceitful above all things, and der. Though, to fome, the advan- perately wicked—at least, some tage which any individual, as a awful remainders of it in case we subordinate agent, may obtain, are Christians indeed. Surely against sin and Satan, by watch- then, it concerns us to watch our ing and standing fast in the faith, heart-to keep it with all diliand all the benefit thence result- gence ! ing, may seem such a mere trifle, And as to the enemies from as can have no influence in regard without, what human mind can to the final success of Christ's count their number, or calculate grand undertaking ; yet every their strength, or form any prosuch trifle makes one of that innu- per conception of the depth of merable multitude and variety of their policy, craft and subtiltý ? steps, in the progressive accom Besides a flattering, a tempting plishment of this great design, by and ensnaring world, that old which the good to be obtained by ferpent, the Devil

, with all the it, is accomplishing, and will at infernal legions under him, comlength be completely attained, bine, by every means in their and necessary to the perfection of power, to overthrow the faith in it ; even as every particle of wa- general, and to take all poffible ter in the ocean is one of the in- advantage of our ignorance and numerable multitude of particles weakness, and blinding lufts, and of which that vast body of water of all the deceitfulness and wickedis composed, and neceffary to ness of our hearts, to subvert our make the quantity complete.- own faith in particular, to draw Should not, and will not, this or drive us into fin, and to destroy view of the infinite importance of our souls. Nor are these invisithe contest, which Christ is con- ble foes without their subordinate ducting to the most glorious issue, agents among men, who act unand of the neceffity and subordi- der their influence, and co-openate influence of the faithful exer rate in promoting their nefarious tions of his servants, in bringing designs. Among men there are it to the iffue defigned, operate as numerous haters and opposets of

the truth, of the faith, in which Of the infidels of the other con. it concerns us to stand fast. Pro- tinent, there are many disciples fessed unbelievers and avowed op- and zealous fellow-laborers in this posers of Christianity, both in Eu- country, and some of them apparope and America, have greatly rently actuated by the like bibleincreased within the last fifty exterminating spirit. years, or come out to open view, Besides profeffed unbelievers, and combined their efforts to root there are numerous

classes of out all revealed religion, with an masked enemies to the truth, who, air of confidence, and an appear- under a profefsion of regard to ance of success, far beyond what the cause of Christ, inculcate prinhath been usual in former times. ciples and practices subverfive of

In Europe, many renouncing the most essential articles of the the justly abhorred tencts and cer. Christian faith, and destructive to emonies, doctrines and practices true gospel holiness. of a corrupt and idolatrous church, The doctrine of the Trinityran into the opposite extreme, of of the proper divinity of Chriftrenouncing and holding in abhor- of satisfaction or atonement for rence the bible itself, and all re fin by his death-of man's tovealed religion ; and some of tal depravity-of a supernatural them, even into the wildest athe- change of heart by the special inism. And though they professed Auence or agency of the Holy to leave men to act according to Spirit-of justification solely by their own judgment with respect the righteousness of Christ, thro' to religion, yet in their zeal to faith in him—some or other of propagate their own opinions and these essential articles of the Chriffeelings, and to render the bible tian system, as well as others in an object of the utmost hatred connection with these, perhaps, and contempt, they sometimes not less effential, are expressly des discovered a spirit, not unlike to nied, or filently passed over and that of former perfecutors, and cautiously left out, or almost enexpressed fentiments plainly indic. tirely explained away, by many ative of what they would do, if professed believers and teachers they could. For when a man of the Christian religion ; whilft roundly affirms, “It were better, the doctrine, that all mankind, 'far better, that we admitted, if it whatever be their faith, and what' were poffible, a thousand devils ever their practice in this life,

to roam at large, and to preach will be finally saved and eternally publicly the doctrines of devils happy, is zealously contended for -than that we should permit and propagated by fome, and em

one such impostor or monster as braced by numbers. • Mofes and the bible-prophets to Do not these things, my brethcome with the pretended word ren, clearly evince the necessity, of God in his mouth, and have and strikingly display the vast im credit among us,” who can en portance, of acting conformably tertain a doubt, that if it lay in to the divine orders now under his power, he would effectually consideration ? prevent among us the existence of When the all important faith men, who avow their belief, that of the gospel is thus variously and the bible is the word of God, and virulently attacked-when Satan boldly preach it as fuch? and all his legions of devils, ani!

Vol. III. No. 5.


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