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numerous hosts of our fellow-crea- 1 conformable to the true spirit and tures, are employing all their import of the pure do&rines of power, and all their policy, in the gospel, and to its holy and making their combined and sepa. benevolent precepts ? Would not rate efforts, to shake our confi- this probably have greater infludence in the truth-to draw or ence, than a thousand mere verbal drive us from it—to propagate all arguments, to convince unbelievmanner of errors and delusions, ers, to uphold the truth, and to and to pour in upon us a food of confound its enemies? the most open and daring infideli When we see how determined ty; and all this, with threaten- the enemy arehow resolute and ing appearances of unusual fuc- persevering, straining every nerve cels ; is it not high time for us, and sparing no pains or expense, to exert ourselves in the execu to subvert the truth, to propation of our maiter's commands ? gate all manner of error, falsehood Does not such a ftate of things and delusion, immorality and licenloudly admonish us, and exhibit tiousness, and to erect and fupport peculiar motives, to watch our the standard of infidelity, let us be hearts, and to look well to our excited to act with as great resoways—to guard against and la- lution and firmness, and show bor to escape or baffe all the ar ourselves as ready and determined, tifices of the enemy; and particu- to encounter every difficulty, and larly, to take heed, that we do to spare no labor, pains or expense, not give them any advantage by which may be found necessary, to our own errors and misconduct counteract their nefarious defigns, to stand fast in the faith ourselves, to uphold and promote among and to watch over, exhort, in- ourselves the religion of Jesus struct, encourage and strengthen, Christ, to transmit it to our pofand, if need be, to warn and re- terity, and to contribute to the prove, one another--to prepare successful propagation of the goland fortify our own and one ano pel and subversion of Satan's kingther's minds, for bearing, with dom, throughout the world. fortitude and equanimity, false As a further excitement let it accusations, reproach and con be added: tempt, losses and sufferings, and to 3. There is no sufficient ground act the man in defence of the for discouragement or disheartentruth, by nobly sustaining what- ing fear, with respect to the cause ever shame, disgrace, or pain, we of Christ generally considered, or may be called to endure, in vin- to our own salvation in particular, dication of the faith once deliv. in case we are faithful. For He, ered to the saints ; as alfo, to under whose banner we fight, is take pains in furnishing ourselves King of kings, and Lord of lords, and one another, with proper ar.

and will certainly conquer all his guments to be employed in sup- enemies, and obtain the full deport of the truth, as occasions fire of his heart. And in case we may require ? And does it not are fincere and hearty in the cause, especially become us, to exhibit and act agreeable to his inftrucin real life, the genuine nature tions, we have sufficient grounds and divine excellence of real Chris- to expect all needful divine affifttianity, by a conversation and ance and fupport, and an issue happractice steadily and universally py and glorious even to ourselves.

Mercy and grace for seasonable , ing our profession and visible rehelp will not be withheld, if we lation to Christ, we are destitute feek and pray for it as we ought, of the faith which worketh by with constancy and perseverance. love, and, instead of overcoming, For we have a great high priett, are ourselves finally overcome by who hath passed into the heavens, Satan, fin and the world, we shall Jesus, the Son of God, and may not only fall fort of the crown therefore come boldly, with free of life and glory, but, moreover, dom and confidence, to the throne have our part with the enemies of of grace, that we may obtain the Great King, in the eternal mercy, and find grace to help in torments to which they are retime of need. God's faithfulness served. For Christ will certainly is engaged, not to suffer his peo- conquer and reign, and put all ple to be tempted above that they enemies under his feet. And what are able, but with the temptation more can be said, or what more also, to make a way to escape, can be needful, by way of motive, that they may be able to bear it. to excite us to watch and pray He hath promised, that he will always, locking diligently left never leave nor forsake them ; so any of us fail of the grace of that they may boldly say, The God? What more can be necefLord is our helper, and we will fary, to call up all our active pownot fear what man fhall do unto ers to every proper exertion, in us. All things work together striving against fin, and contendfor their good. Neither death, ing earnestly for the faith once nor life, nor principalities, nor delivered to the saints, and applypowers, nor things present, nor ing to the diligent and faithful things to come, nor height nor discharge of the duties incumbent depth, nor any other creature, on us, in our respective characters, Shall be able to separate them ftations and departments, whethfrom the love of God, which is er as private Chriftians, or as pafin Christ Jesus our Lord. And tors and teachers, who are bound he that overcometh, as every sin to watch for the fouls of others, cere friend and faithful fervant of) as well as for our own, and to Christ, to whom such great and stand forward and perform a difprecious promises are made, mott tinguished part: for the defence certainly will, shall poffefs a glo- and propagation of the gospel ? rious eternal reward in the world Let us, then, be stedfaft, unto come: he shall inherit all things, moveable, always abounding in and God himself will be his God, the work of the Lord; well affuand he shall be his fon.

red, that, if we are so, our labor Such abundant encouragement, will not be in -vain in the Lord. such animating motives, to watch,

ASTHENES. to stand fast in the faith, to quit ourselves like men, and be strong; such great and precious prom. ises of all needful affiftance and A Narrative of a Revival of Resupport, in fighting the good ligion in the town of HALIFAX, light of faith, have we, in case we Vermont, communicated to the are hearty in the cause, and of Editors by the Rev. JESSE EDfinal victory and a glorious eter

son, Paftor of the church in bal reward! But if notwithstand.

that le Wu



amusements of youth, grew unITH pleasure and edifica- cafy with them, but could not tell

tion I read your instruc- why, and refused, though eartive Evangelical Magazine ; and nestly solicited, to join in them. think it calculated for the promo- She formed a resolution to come . tion of religion, by throwing to Halifax, without being able to light upon the doctrines of grace, give any satisfactory reason ; and and containing fo much religious did it againft the icelings and intelligence, animating and en- earnet solicitations of the family couraging to the friends of Zion, with whom she lived. She foon and convi&ive to her enemies, found what her business was ; the Whether the following account very firft Sabbath, (April 20 of the revival of religion in this 1798) I preached from Matt. xi. place will be conducive to the 28. Come unto me all ge that labor Lame end, is submitted with def- and are heavy laden, and I will

give you reft. The preaching There appeared to be a grow feemed truly, to be accompanied ing seriousness and folemnity in with the demonftration of the Spirit our public affemblies, from the and of power. I saw this person, time of my ordination, which was then a stranger to me, in tears, in Odober 1796, from which I and deeply affected.-Many were ook great encouragement, that powerfully taken hold of, and be Godicas about to visit us with gan to feel fin, in reality, to be a Gover of divine grace, months great burden. It was the most

GIOR any thing very particular folemn day that ever I beheld, I appeare! It worked a long time Shall never forget it. Like a cret fire; many hearts The spirit seemed to come like burnt within them, before they a rushing, mighty wind, to melt madu ubeir minds known to each the souls of God's dear children, sther, thinking they were alone, to cause finners to tremble, stub

The first visible appearances of born wills to bow, and hard hearts a revival began in the church ; to relent. Many received impres. professors feemed to awake from fions, which never left them, till their stupidity and coldness, and their hopeful conversion. Numto fpeak freely one to another bers flocked to Chrift as a cloud upon the things of religion. A and as doves to their windows; {pirit of prayer and fupplication fifteen were received the next was poured upon them--they be communion, twenty-one the comgan to meet for religious confer-munion following, about fixty in ences, and an increasing fervency the whole. The persons who and engagedness appeared ; and were fubjects of the awakening the attention of two or three, were of different ages, from above who had entertained a hope for fifty, down to fifteen years. several years, was called up. The work in those who were From this time, there began to be made the happy subjects of it, a visible shaking among the dry was remarkably free from enthubones ; and a few individuals fiasm and disorder, accompanied were raised to spiritual life. with a great sense of the evil naAbout the same time, a young ture of fin. They were led to fec woman, belonging to a neighbor themfelves entirely deftitute of ing parish, very fond of the rain any righteousness of their own tu


recommend them to God; that love to God, drawn forth with they were totally depraved, de peculiar affection towards the serving nothing from God, but ev- brethren, a moft earnest desire for erlasting misery, and entirely de. the salvation of precious fouls, pendent on sovereign grace, which that he had a peculiar relish for plucked them as brands from the the word, took delight in the duburning. The doctrines of grace, ties of religion, and had a great to which some of them had been desire to come to the ordinances ; particularly opposed, became sweet he was led to hope he had become and ravishing doctrines. God's a new man, offered himself, and way appeared the best way, and was admitted to the church, where they were led to admire the riches he has adorned his profession. of free grace in his Son.

Those who came forward, have One inftance somewhat fingu- in general, continued to give falar, may be worthy of note. A tisfactory evidences in their lives man naturally steady in his life and and conversation, that they beconversation, who remained an came true converts. But attentive observer till near the have had a time of trial, a fifting close of the awakening, without time, and were ready to conclude any particular operation upon his God had forsaken us for abufing mind, going one day out of town such diftinguished mercies. But upon business and on a law alter- blessed be God he is awakening cation, it turned in his mind the some from their Numbers ; there bible was the best law book, the appears again to be more se eternal rule of right between man riousness among us, everal have and man. This occurred to his of late met with comfort, and mind, frequently, when going some others are under very deep home, and when he retired, but he impressions. Among those who felt no alarming conviction of fin; have of late come forward, there he awaked before day with the is one very remarkable instance of impreffion running in his mind, the power of divine grace. She the bible is the best law took. He is a woman considerably past the arose and made a fire ; and while middle age of life, and was a vihe fat meditating upon this im- olent opposer in the former awapreffion, all on a fudden his foul | kening ; tried to hinder her huswas filled with raptures, and ere band who was then a sharer, from he was aware, like the chariots of coming forward ; opposed him in Aminidab,' he beheld such glory family duties, and every thing and beauty in the divine character, good and serious, making his life as he could not describe, and his exceedingly uncomfortable. She mouth was immediately filled with thewed the utmott fpite againit praise. Though naturally till all who appeared engaged in the and of few words, his wife told work, and would rage as though me, she was waked by his prail- he wanted means to vent her nieing God in loud Itrains. He im- lice. She would not attend meet. mediately fet up family duties, ing, nor read the bible or any and continued in this sweet and good book. But she has found comfortable frame of mind for God to be stronger than herselt, a considerable time without think and for several months has been ing of its being a change of heart. under most pungent conviction, But finding his soul lilled with perhaps, in some incafure accord


ing to her manifest opposition. I am, Gentlemen, with conAll her wickedness, bitterness, en-liderations of esteem, Yours, &c. mity and rage, appeared to her to

JESSE EDSON. be pointed directly against God. Halifax, (V.) Aug. 12, 1802. It pricked her to the heart ; her iniquity seemed greater than the could bear : the pains of hell gat Religious Intelligence. hold of her, and she was ready to give up in despair. Her necef-ORDINATION OF Rer. fity was the time of God's mercy ;

JAMES W. WOODWARD. he made bare his almighty arm, At a Meeting of the North Confoplucked her as a brand from the

ciation of Hartford County, bolburning, brought her into the

den at Windsor, September 28th, glorious liberty of the gospel, and

A. D. 1802. gave her to taste the sweets of re

A communication was made to deeming love. Her temper and the Confociation, from the Trusconduct appeared entirely changed, and the visible alteration in tees of the Missionary Society of

Connecticut, in the words followher, is as great as ever I beheld in

ing, viz. any person. She has a great sense of the evil of her conduct, and At a Meeting of the Trustees of cannot speak of it without tears : the Missionary Society of ConThis is her view of it, to use her necticut, at Hartford, September own expressions, she was a&uated I, A. D. 1802. by the very Spirit of the infernals. “ Voted, That the North ConShe told me, that when under fociation of Hartford County, to deep conviction, the thought it be convened at Windsor the 28th utterly impoflible for her ever to day of instant September, be reget rid of her enmity towards par- quested to ordain Mr. James W. ticular persons ; but the first of Woodward, a candidate for the her beginning to take hope, and ministry, to the work of the golencouragement, was from finding pel ministry, particularly as an these feelings wholly gone, and Evangelist, to itinerate as a misher soul melted into love and ten- fionary ; and that His Honor derness. She ascribes all to free John TREADWELL, Esq. and sovereign grace, admiring the the Rev. Messrs. Nathan Wil goodness, forbearance, long suf- liams, D. D. Benjamin Trumbull, fering and tender mercy of God, D. D. Cyprian Strong, Nathan in bowing her will, as she stood Strong, D. D. and Nathan Perout againft light and conviction, kins, D. d. be requested to attend till his all-conquering grace over as a delegation from this Board, powered her.

and assist in the ordination of the Hereby, she has found peace faid Mr. Woodward, if upon exand comfort ; happiness is restor- amination he should be judged ed to the family, and joy and qualified for the work ; any two gladness revived in the hearts of of the above named delegation to God's children. In many in- be a quorum to act on behalf of itances the power of divine grace the Board. has been fo itrikingly displayed as A true Copy of Record, to be clearly evincive, that it is

Attest tlc work of God.

APEL FLINT, Secretary."

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