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then, and preach Jesus Christ, sets to do it, furely you will not and him crucified. For the raif- object. In your closet and pray

of such men, we shall ar er meeting, you may, as it were, dentiy pray, if we truly defire preach the gospel to the Otaheit. that the fulness of the Gentiles ean and to the African. In these may come into the gospel church. humble retirements, you may do If the day is now approaching, as much towards supplying the some suppose, when the residue Chickefaws and Chippeways and of men are to feek the Lord, when other favage tribes on our borthe ends of the earth are to re- ders, with the preacliing of the member and turn unto the Lord, unsearchable riches of Chrift. then there is a peculiar call to us For it is written, “ Alk and ye in Providence, to pray that the fall receive :” “ The effectual angel may fly through the midst fervent prayer of a righteous man of heaven, who has the everlasting availeth much " « Pray the gospel to preach.

Lord of the harvest, that he will This subject, my praying friends, fend forth laborers into his har. furnifies you, with much work, veft:" And he hath never said unto which you will love to do. You the feed of Jacob, fezk ge me in vain. love Jesus. You love the fouls All have not a call to go forth for whom he died. You long to and preach the gospel ; but all see him formed in them the hope have a call to pray to God to send of glory. How often have you forth gospel preachers. Here is wished that you could proclaim no distinction between male and to every creature the beauties and female. Christ has feen fit, for excellencies of your Saviour. It wife reasons, to command that has been music in your cars to sit women keep filence in the and hear the bleffed gospel. “Oh,” churches.” “ It is not permitted faid you then, " that all could unto them” publicly " to speak," hear this joyful found ! Had I and preach the gospel. But wothe wings of a dove, I could fly men may pray to God to supply to the ends of the earth to pro- his churches with able teachers, claim the glories of Immannuel. and to raise up suitable miffionaOh, how I pity those poor, be- ries to send into the heathen nighted, wicked Pagans, who are world. Sifters in Chrift! here is siow bowing before their fense a way by which you may do lesz idols, while I worship Jeho-much, and not go out of your vah, through the mediation of his own fphere, to help forward the Son!” Have you had these feel best of causes, the cause, which, ings, my Chriftian friends then of all others, lies nearest your you will not object to the duty hearts. Enter into your inner row urged. It is not immediate- chambers, and bow yourselves ly a demand upon you to go a

before the moft high God, and inong the lieathen to preach the plead for Zion. Be followers of gospel ; but to pray that the your amiable fifter, Susanna An. Lord of the harvest would supply thony, who eminently lived a life them and others with laborers. of prayer. By her frequent, arPrayer is a duty, which you dear- dent and importunate prayers for "; love.

Now if you can do the ministers of Chriit, for the ething to benefit immortal people of God and for a world :23, and not go out of your clo. 'lying in wickedness, fhe probably

did more towards advancing the us.” The ministers of the golgood cause than many of the pel should never be forgotten in other fex, who have been piouf- the prayers of the faints. Thofe ly devoted to the work of preach- ministers, who love their Master ing the gospel, all their days. and his cause, need your prayers

You have no call, in Providence, for them, that their love may be to leave your homes to travel in increased more and more-that the new settlements, and among they may be divinely assisted in the heathen tribes to preach the their study of the scriptures--that gospel of your Saviour ; but if they may be directed, from time

you prefer Jerusalem above your to time, to the choice of those chief joy, your prayers will travel particular texts and subjects, which into these remote corners of the will be most suitable and edify, earth : And wherever your pray-ing--that they may know how to ers travel' among the children of take care of the church of God, Adam, you will most ardently and that they may be kept from cry, “ Lord, here let thy gospel falling into fin, and be diftia, be preached !” My mothers ! guished examples of piety to their my lifters ! there is an urgent call fellow meo. for your assistance in building the Those, who have entered inta tabernacle of the Lord. Let me the ministerial work, without a ask, could you not redeem a little personal acquaintance with the more timc from your domestic bu experimental part of religion (and finess for the devotion of the clo- it cannot be thought uncharitafet ? Could you not also redeem ble to suppose such cases exift) fome time from fashionable vifits, claim the tenderest and devouteft in which you commonly find but prayers of the family of Christ. little food for grace, to visit the They have this claim, whether mercy fcat to pray for this, among their good, or the good of the other things, that God would Chrißian Cburch is the object in raise up those miniiters, which the view. To go into outer darkness church and world seem so much from the coinmunion table must be to need? This is not meant as a dreadful ; but to go from the prlreflection, but is designed to “stir pit must be still more diftreffing up your pure minds, by way of To preach the way of life to others, remembrance."

and then be calt away himself is a Let men and women in every thought inexpreffbly dreadful ! rank and condition in life look a- Pray then, fervently pray, that round, and see what a great and those who haze undertaken ta plenteous harveft there is, and how point out the road to heaven, few laborers--then let them hear without themselves being acquaintthe command of Christ addrefied ed with it, may be saved from the to them, Pray je therefore the moft awful punishment, and be Lord of the harvest, that he will made the most signal trophies of Jend forth laborers into his har grace. You are also invited to

vell." Agreeable to the spirit of pray for such minifters from love this command, you will feel the to souls. As they now be, they importance of praying for a bles- are a great injury to souls. They, fing on those laborers, whom the generally, corrupt the word of Lord of the harvest has already God, speak (mooth tbings and fent forth. “Prethren, pray for cause the Holy One of Irael to

cease from before their hearers. , let us, if it is in our power, help Were theireyes fpiritually opened, them forward into this distinguish they would probably make the ed sphere of usefulness. If we most useful ministers. Read the have no sons, let us help forward life of the Rev. Thomas Scott of other youths of our connections, London-fee what he was--see or acquaintance, who promise fair what he is.-Who can calculate to make excellent gospel ministers. the difference of usefulness be- | Perhaps, there are few ways, in tween the former and latter part which we may do more towards of this man's life! Whence this advancing the kingdom of Chrift difference? The folution is plain in this fallen world. to those who have read his narrative, entitled " the Force of Misionary Society of Connedicut.

Truth.”—Through infinite grace, di a Meeting of the Trufiees of the the blind guide had his eyes opened! And now he preacheth the

Missionary Society of Connećicut

, faith which he once destroyed ;

al llartford, January 6th, A.D.

1803. though even then he claimed to be called a minitter of Chriít. Other the Connecticut Evangelical Mag

Voted, That the Editors of instances of the like kind are not wanting, and could be produced. the Magazine the Aą of the

azine be requested to publish in Infinite grace can convert uncon. verted ministers, and make them

General Assembly of the State,

. mimifters indeed! While, there incorporating the Board of Trus fore, Christians are exhorted to

tees; the Address of the Board pray to God to raise up new min

to the Ministers and People of the jaters, let them not forget to pray subject of missions, together with

State ; and the Narrative on the that such as are old in office, but ignorant of heart religion, may Society : Part to be publifhed in

a statement of the Funds of the be made new to their own joy, the February, and the remainder and to the great benefit of immortal souls.

in the March Magazine : And While we feel the importance fame.

that this Vote be prefixed to the of praying to God to supply his churches with paflors, and the

A true Copy of Record,

Attelt, world with evangelifls, we should

ABEL FLINT, Secry. by no means forget to cry to him to shed down his Spirit abundantly an Aa to incorporate the TRUSTEES upon our colleges and seminaries of learning. If thefe are visited

of the Missionarr SOCIETY of with copious influences from on

CONNECTICUT, passed by the high, the prospect will be very

General Assembly of the State of agreeable, that Zion will not want

CONNECTICUT, at their felfoon of her sons to lead her by the

hulden at Ner-Haren, in faid hand. Let us also pray that pi

Slate, the second Thursday of Os

tober A. D. 1802. ous youth, poflessed of natural abilities and gifts, may be inchined to take pains to get such an

WA Focinion of Miniftersin education, as will qualify them to this State convened at Hebron on be able to teach others. If

any the 21st day of June, A. D. of us have sons of this description, 1798, formed themselves into a

Miffionary Society under a con shall keep a fair account of their ftitution, containing the following proceedings. They shall also aparticles :

point a Chairman, who, with four Article 1. This Society fhall of the Trustees, fhall be a quorum be known by the name of the Mif- to transact business, or if the stafionary Society of Connecticut. ted Chairman shall not be present,

Art. 2. The General Asocia- any seven of the Trustees shall be a tion of the State of Connecticut, quorum. fhall be the said Missionary Soci Art. 8. The Chairman fhall ety.

have power to call a meeting of Art. 3. The General Associa- the Trustees at his discretion, by tion shall annually by ballot, ap- letters left with them, or at the point twelve Trustees, whereof fix houses of their residence ; and it shall be clergymen and fix shall be shall be his duty to call such meetbrethren of the churches, who ing whenever requested by two of hall conduct the business of the the Trustees ; and in case of the Society in the manner hereafter death of the Chairman, or of his described.

absence from the State, any two Art. 4. The object of this So- Trustees are hereby impowered to ciety shall be to Christianize the call a meeting. Heathen in North America, and Art. 9. The General Associa.. to support and promote Christian tion ihall annually appoint a Treaknowledge in the New Settle-surer and an Auditor of accounts: ments within the United States, and the Treasurer shallexhibit both and both shall be pursued as cir- to the General Affociation, and cumstances shall point out, and as to the Trustees, the state of the the Trustees under the superintend Treasury, whenever he shall be ence of the General Association called upon for that purpose. shall direct.

Art. 10. The Trufees shall anArt. 5. The General Associa- nually exhibit to the General Altion and the Trustees shall adopt fociation, a particular account of fuch measures from time to time the Millionariesemployed by them, for raising funds as they hall of places to which they are fent ; judge expedient.

of the millions ; of the flate of Art. 6. The Trustees shall have the funds, of the reccipts and expower to apply the funds of the penditures ; and of whatever reSociety according to their discre- lating to this inftitution the Gention, in all cases in which they eral Association shall require. ihall not be limited by the Gen Art. 11. The Trustees and all eral Affociation, or by the donors. the officers of this Society shall They fhall correspond with other enter on their respective offices on Miffionary Societies, shall have the first Wednesday of September power to appoint and dismiss Mil. annually ; and shall continue in fionaries, to pay them, and gener- office for one year. ally to transact all bufiness neces Ari. 12. The Trustees shall sary to attain the ends of the So- hold their first meeting at the ciety ; and thall be paid their ne State House in Hartford on the cellary expenses, but nothing for frit Wednesday of September their services.

next at 11 o'clock A. M. and in Art. 7. The Trustees shall an every year thereafier, they shall linally appoint a Secretary, who meet at the same time and place,

Par. 1.

unless otherwise ordered by thre, any amount not exceeding One General Affociation.

Hundred Thousand Dollars in the Art. 13. If on experience, it whole, and the same to fell, grant hall be found neceffary to alter or alien in any manner consistent this Conftitution, an alteration with the true intent and meaning may be made by the General Al of the donors or grantors thereof, sociation at their itated feffion; to sue and to be sued, to plead but not without having been and be impleaded, to defend and drawn up in writing and lying un to be defended in all courts within der conlideration one year; nor this state, or elsewhere, to submit unless at least two thirds of the any matter of dispute or controGeneral Affociation fhall adopt versy concerning their rights or said alteration.

interest to the award of arbitra. And whereas by direction of tors; to have a common seal and

the same to break and renew at the General Affociation, the faid Trustees have applied to this AC pleasure ; also, to make and exefembly for corporate powers, the cute such by-laws and regulations, better to enable them to execute

as they shall deem necellary or the truft reposed in them, and ef- convenient for the well ordering pecially in what regards the funds, the truft committed to them, purs

and disposing of the concerns of and interest committed to their

suant to the constitution under care :

which they do or may act frors E it enacted by the Go- time to time, provided they be

vernor and Council not contrary to the laws of this and House of Representatives in State, or of the United States. General Court allembled, That his 2. Be it further enaded, That honor John Treadwell and the if the General Association shal honorable Roger Newberry, Jon at any time neglect to appoint the athan Brace, Aaron Austin, John Trustees or a Treasureror Auditor Davenport, jun. and Jedidiah of accounts within the proper Huntington, Esq'rs, and the Rev. time, so as they may enter on Messrs. Nathan Williams, D.D. their respective offices on the first Benjamin Trumbull, D. D. Levi Wednesday of September annualHart, D. D. Cyprian Strong, ly; the Trustees and such other Nathan Strong, D. D. and Na- officers shall continue in office une than Perkins, D. D. the present til the General Asociation shall Trustees of said Missionary Socie- make a new choice; and in case ty and their successors for the time of such neglea, and the death, being, be and they hereby are refignation or removal out of this confituted a body politic and cor- ftate of any such Trustee or officer, porate by the name and title of the board of Trustees shall, if they the “ Trustees of the Missionary think it essential to the interest of Society of Connecticut,” and by the institution, fill such vacancy, that name they are hereby made the person so appointed, to concapable in law, to have, purchase, tinue in office until the General receive, poliefs and enjoy to them Association thail make a new and their successors, lands, tene- choice as aforesaid--and if the ments, hereditaments, rents, mo- office of Treasureror Auditor (hall nies, goods, chattels and effects, become vacant as aforesaid, with. of what kind or quality soever, to in the year, the Trustees thall forth

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