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cess in their ministry. To suppose than 250 were then alive at the that twelve indigent and illiterate time of his writing. Corinth was men, in their own strength, with full of Jews, who, by their cabals out any civil or ecclefiaftical pow- and riotous behaviour, had, some er, or any popular influence, would time before, obliged the apostle attempt to bring in a new religion to quit the city. They hated among a people, founded in the Christianity and the apostle, and name and power of a poor, despis. would, doubtless, examine his leted Galilean, whom they had juft ter with severity ; and ruin him before put to death, under the and his cause if they could. This accusation of blasphemy ; and to was an appeal to his enemies ; do this, in opposition to all the and, certainly, he had too much power, wealth, learning, pride, sense, to give them an opportuprejudices and passions of man- nity to convict him of lying, out kind, is the most extravagant of his own letter. As his appeal chimera, that ever entered into the was made to more than 250 lishead or heart of man! No men ing witnesses, and in the presence endowed with common sense and of his enemies, it was easy to confeelings would have ventured on vict him of falsehood, and it would fuch a talk, unless, they positively have been done, had not his apknew, that the Saviour they peal been well founded. preached, was a living and Al Such evidence must strike the mighty Saviour. The whole de- mind of every honest man with pended on the certainty of Christ's irresiftible force. Accordingly, resurrection : If he was not risen the apostles had success in their they could not hope in him ; and, preaching, notwithftanding their without him, they could do no. enemies had all the power, wealth, thing. They could not have in- learning, religious habits and pretroduced the gospel fyftem, to the judices on their fide. Upon fuch overthrow of the Mofaic difpen public evidence and such publie sation, and heathen idolatry, ex- appeals, they entered on their mifcept the things they testified of fion ; and through the aids of the Jesus were true. Men would not Holy Spirit, they had success ahave renounced the religion of gainst all opposition.—This ihows their fathers, for another, more they had no mind to deceive ; and, ftriet and self-denying, unless as they appealed to a cloud of they had strong proof of its truth witnesses, both friends and enemies, and divinity.

they could not have done it. The facts, on which the gof I observe once more, the apospel system is founded, were pub- tles had no mind to deceive in the lic; and the apoftles constantly cafe of Christ's resurrection; other? appealed to the Jews for the truth wise, they must have acted as other of them, even of the resurrection impostors, and consulted their own of Christ. St. Paul, in his first personal or family emolument, such epistle to the Corinthians, not on. as social comforts, honors and ly afferts this doctrine, but af- worldly gain.-But it does not firms, that Christ was repeatedly appear they had any motive of feen of his apostles and others af- this kind, even admitting their ter his resurrection ; and at one testimony to be true; and much time, of above five hundred, of less, if false. There was no popwhom, the greater part, i, e. more ularity to be expected, for a few



indigent and ignorant fishermen, actually knew Jesus Christ was by preaching a despised and cru- risen from the dead, and believed cified Saviour ; and a system of that he would direct and prosper religion, mortifying to all the na-them according to his word. All tural paffions and affections of foul their ministry, all their hope for and body-a religion, which con time and eternity depended on demns the lusts of the Aesh, the the truth of Christ's resurrection, luft of the eye, and pride of life ; Upon this they ventured every and dooms to endless perdition all thing, and gave up all for the unbelievers. Impostors, without fake of Chrilt, not counting their learning, power and authority, own lives dear, so they might win would never have taken such a him and his righteousness. method to obtain popularity, hon Notwithstanding all oppofition ors and riches. It is the reverse and every discouragement, the Aof all worldly wisdom ; and con- potties went forth boldly, preachtrary to the known practice of all ing Clurill, and salvation by him deceivers. It is the direct


alone. Knowing he was alive Shame, pain and sorrow, poverty from the dead, they believed in and death.

his promised aid, and with great Accordingly, Christ taught his power witneffed his refurrection. apostles, and indeed all his disci- They were both the recipients ples, that they must leave all for and active inftruments of miracu. his fake, and look to the rewards lous operations ; and, hereby, of another world for their recom- proved their divine miffion and pence. He warned them, that authority. In aflurance of this, ' for his sake they should be hated they entered on their mission of the world, persecuted, imprif- and spent their whole time in puboned, scourged and killed. And, lishing the glad tidings of the gofof the truth of these they could pel, without a prospect of worldly not doubt, for, before his cruci gain. They attacked the numefixion, they had often experienced rous superstitions and traditions of the contempt, hatred and malice the elders—affirmed that Christ, of the Jews; and well knew, that whom they had crucified, was the they who had called the master of Lord of Life, and only Saviour the house Beelzebub, and killed of loft men-called on them to him, would not spare his follow repent of their fins, and believe ers.-Such was the case, even ad on him for salvation, appealing to mitting the truth of their teftimo. themselves for the truth of the ny; but if that was not true, no facts which they testified of Jesus ; reasonable motive of action can and finally denounced damnation be assigned. They were sure to on all who should continue in immeet with shame, poverty and penitency and unbelief. In a death in this world, and had no word, through the evident operahope of any recompence in the tions of the Holy Spirit, and in world to come. No men, in their virtue of their divine million, they Aenses, will act thus in support of attacked and overturned the Jewwhat they know, or have reason ilh economy, and the idolatrous to believe a falsehood. The con worship of moit of the heathen sequence therefore, irrefiftably for world. ces itself upon us, that the Apos In these labors, the Apostles tks were honelt men, that they gained neither popularity, honors,

or riches ; but that the work / men, after the witnesses are dead. might stand in the power of God, Let us not reject the testimony of and not of men, they passed thro' others, like Thomas, till we shall fiery trials and cruel mocking, see Jesus with our eyes-Bleffed both from Jews, and Gentiles are they that have not seen, and yet. And finally, moft, if not all of have believed. them fealed their teftimony of Je. It was observed in the begin.. sus by á violent death, and thus ning of this Essay, that on the drank of the cup of their master. truth of the resurrection of Jefus These things show that the Apof. Chrift, depends the use of the tles were neither deceived nor de- means of salvation and the resur. ceivers : We must therefore re-rection of the dead. If Chrift be ceive the doctrine of the resurrec-risen, then our dead bodies mult tion of Jesus Christ, as an estab- and will arise : So said the Apollifhed fact.

tle, “ If it be preached that he The enemies of the cross have rose from the dead, how say some made many obje&tions to the ter- among you, there is no resurrec. timony of the Apostles ; most of tion of the dead.” The resurthem are frivolous and absurd ca. rection of Christ was a pledge of vils, totally unworthy of notice. the resurrection of our bodies ; I do not, at present, recollect any He was the first fruits of them that obje&tion of consequence, to the Nept. For, fince by mar came above reasoning, unless it be this death, by man also came tbe refurrecant phrase of modern deism, viz. tion of the dead. For as in Adam “ That all this testimony is an all die, even fo in Cbrift fall all be after-game--a mere farce, trump- made alive. But every man in bir ed up by bigoted and designing own order : Chrif the first fruits ; priests."

afterwards they that are Cbril's As it is not supposable that at his coming. The resurrection Jewishor heathen idolatrous prieits of Christ is an assurance of the would trump up such a system a resurrection of all men, but espe. gainst themselves, we must con- cially of his faints ; they fall clude they mean Christian priests. arise to glory and immortality, This being the case, it is abun. As the first fruits, under the law, dantly sufficient to mention their were a pledge of the future har. objection, and pass it in filence, vest, so the resurrection of Chrift until they will be pleased to show was an earnest of their resurrece how there could have been Chrif. tion: If the head be raised, the tian priests, before Christianity members will assuredly follow. commenced—who they were The church of Christ was virtu. where they lived—where they ally raised with him; and will acmet-and when they wrote. tually follow in their order. And When they will honestly answer as assurance of this, we read, that these queries, we will attend to the graves were opened, and many them.

bodies of the saints which fept arose, The death and resurrection of and came out of the graves after his Chrift are facts as well attested, resurrection, and went into the holy as any other facts in history of city, and appeared unto many. This equal diftance of time. They teaches us that Jesus Christ is, in. have all the proof that any fact deed, the resurrection and the life. can have from the testimony of And from what he has done, we

may safely argue to what he will | arise to condemnation. And their do; and be assured, that the hour union to their bodies will doubt. is coming, in the which all that are less increase their misery. in their graves fall hear his voice Surely it is not ftrange, that and come forth; they that have done the fophifts of this world, and good unto the refurre&ion of life, obstinate finners, are exerting eveand they that have done evil unto ry nerve to disprove the bible, and the refurre&tion of damnation. especially the doctrine of the re

This doctrine of Christ's resursurrection of Jesus Chrift. For rection, is a doctrine of comfort to if that be true, they well know believers. They look forward to the bible must be true, and that the time when their bodies shall a day of judgment will come ;put on incorruption, and their a day of unutterable woe and mismortal, immortality; and be fash. ery to them.—But, the evidence ioned like his glorious body. of the resurrection of Christ is

The meeting of righteous souls strong and conclusive, as has been with their bodies, will be a glori- shewn. It has supported the ous meeting ! How happy will doctrine, for almost 1800 years, they be to meet their bodies, de against all the art and sophiftry of livered from the bondage of cor- wicked men ; and never can be ruption, into the liberty of the overset, while the testimony of sons of God! How will the soul man has weight with men. rejoice, to be reunited to that How should these consideratongue, which used to express its tions excite all of us to the dili. delight in God, and sing the prais. gent use of the means of salvaes of redeeming love to those tion? We have now an opportu. hands, which used to be raised, nity to prepare for the resurrection in adoration and supplication to of life. Blessed be the God and the Supreme Being, and extended Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift, in charity to man—to those eyes who, according to his abundant mer. and ears, which were once opened cy, hath begotten us again unto a to the word of life to those lively hope, by the resurrection of knees, which often bowed before Jesus Christ from the dead. In the throne of grace and to those him, we look for new heavens and feet that weekly bore the soul to a new earth-In him, we look the house of God? I say, how forward to eternal rewards, or inexpressibly happy will be the endless punishments, according to soul and body, when they shall the deeds done in the body. again be united at the resurrec. This consideration gives a reation, never more to part ; but sonable ground for the use of mutually to enjoy, love and wor. means; our preaching is not vain fhip the triune God forever and in the Lord. An eternity, my ever! Let the righteous take readers, an eternity of happiness comfort in the promises of Chrift; or misery will follow upon this and wait patiently for his coming, life ; our good or evil improvewith assurance, that when he, who ment of time and the means of is the resurre&ion and the life, salvation, will determine our porshall appear, they fhall be like tion. In this life, and in this on. him.

ly, we have opportunity to secure But how different will be the a part in the resurrection of the case with the wicked! They will 'jult. This renders the wise and

diligent use of appointed means, , events. Omitting remarks reinfinitely important to every fon specting the date of the book, and daughter of Adam. Let us this subject is introduced for the then strive to know Christ, and purpose of submitting the followthe power of his resurrection~ | ing question to the candid confiLet us be stedfast, unmoveable, deration of your learned readers, always abounding in the work of whether it be absurd, and contrathe Lord ; forasmuch as we know ry to scripture precedent, to supthat our labor is not in vain in the pose the Revelation written in the Lord.

reign of Domitian, and yet apply ISRAEL. the vision of the white horse and

his rider, to Vefpafian and Ti

tus ? According to which it On the eleventh chapter of the Re- would be the representation of velation.

an event which existed thirty or MESS'RS EDITORS,

forty years, before it was exhibitSome of your readers having let only fcripture example be con

ed in the vision. On this subjeđ expressed a particular desire to fee let only scripture example be con

sulted. The prophet Daniel had an exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelation, I send you the the first of which is interpreted

a vision, chap. 7. of four beasts ; following, which if you judge

to signify the Babylonish empire, worthy, you will please to give a place in your excellent Magazine. but this vision was in the reign of

Belthazzar, the last of its kings, PART I.

and in whose reign that empire P. REVIOUS to the proposed was subdued. The events which

explanation, permit some were comprised in this vifion, general introductory remarks up- must consequently, have generaily on the prophecy contained in the exifted a longer space of time beRevelation. The composition of fore the prophet had this vifion, this book is universally ascribed to than Vefpafian and Titus lived be the apostle John ; but chronolo fore Domitian. Belides, the ragers disagree about the date of it. pidity and extent of conquest, or Šome suppose it was written in that elevated state represented by the reign of Domitian, the Ro- the eagle's wings which the lion man cmperor Bishop Newton i had, was not effected by Bellazgives it an earlier date, fuppofingit zar, a luxurious and effcminate to have,been written in the reign of prince ; but by his great progeNero, that he might consistently nitor, Nebuchadnezzar.–So the apply the opening of the first fcal, apostle had a vision, chap. 12, of or the vision of the white horfe a great red dragon, and chap: 13. and his victorious rider, to the of a beast coming up out of the Roman emperors, Vefpafian and fea, which visions are interpreted Titus, with particular reference to to denote the Roman empire. But their conquest of Judea ; suppo if this beast which the apostle sing it would have been absurd to faw, having seven heads and ten make this application, if he ad. horns, represented the Roman mitted, that it was written in the empire, with the different forms of reign of Domitian, as this would government under which it had make it an history of past, ra- subfifted, from the first commencether than a prophecy of future ment of it, of which it is said, five

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