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are undone undone indeed. Our cross, and follow the Lamb whifins crowd into viewmour folly therfoever he goeth, and are inand presumption, and we see that fpired with precious foretastes of an interest in Christ must be secu- the world to come : We learn to red, and that till then, we risk trust in God. The pious mourn. dangers absolutely infinite.-Men er obtains sweet resignation, comof common prudence muft, at an fort, and even the spirit of praise, house of mourning, have these, or and pants for the blessings of the fimilar reflections, if they allow invisible world ; and in the mean themselves to think. These are time, leans on God, whose fullwelcome to the real Christian- nefs and excellency are so imprefthe truly wise man, and therefore fively brought into view. O how his heart is in the house of mourn- full, how surprising, how precious ing. But these are not his only the consolation ! Death is conthoughts.

templated as the gate of heaven, In the house of mourning, the and attending a funeral becomes a wise man is in an advantageous fi- means of spiritual refreshment. tuation to meditate on the triumph How naturally do these reflec.. of Chrift, at the confummation of tions enkindle in the hearts of the all things, over all his enemies, truly wise, a more earneft benevo. on his joy at seeing the abundant lence for men, and a disposition to fruits of the travail of his soul, labor and pray, that they may be now prepared to enter into his all brought into the kingdom of prefence, and dwell with him for Christ? ever. He contemplates the glory But perhaps I have followed of the church, now redeemed this train of meditations fufficientfrom all fin, rising from the grave, ly. I am sure I have followed it, victorious over all its enemies, till every reader, who delights in meeting its divine Redeemer, by spiritual things, is ready to fay, whom it was ranfomed from fin “ It is better to go to the house of and hell, entering into the joys of mourning, than to the house of its Lord, filled with adoration feasting," The entertainments and hymes of everlasting praise, are incomparably more useful and and attended by all the angels to satisfying. And is there one, the mansions which Christ has now who is not convinced that it will gone to prepare for his friends. be his own fault, if the next house Wrapt in these contemplations, of mourning he enters, is not prothe glory of God appears, our fitable to him, beyond the ordina. fouls are overborne with a sense of ry occurrences of life? his love, and of the compaffion of But we must leave these comChrist to such finful, unworthy forting reflections, and attend to creatures as ourselves. The ha- one, which is truly melancholybits of grace are strengthened by to the character of those, whose these meditations, so natural to the hearts are in the house of mirth. house of mourning. The strength God calls them fools ; and a few of corruptions is weakened, and observations will suffice to show temptations are driven away. If that he has given them their true we are the wise, we rejoice in character. Feasting and mirth God, we enter with alacrity on are the well known expedients of duty, we are prepared to make men, who cannot endure reflec. any facrifices--to take up the lions, and the prospects of futuri.


ty, to banish thought, and rid to the house of feasting, for that themselves of these profitable, but is the end of all men, and the live to them uncomfortable medita- ing will lay it to heart.” tations. It would not be wise,

BROTOS. though it should succeed to hush conscience entirely, and keep FOR THE CONNECTICUT Evanthemselves delirious with mirth, GELICAL MAGAZINE. till they should awake in hell ;

Thoughts on 1 Thessalonians, ir. or even if their foolish merriment could laft forever ; for it would 16. last clause : Ånd the dead in exclude them from the rational Chris fall rise firft." and satisfying enjoyments of the HE apostle having heard of pious soul.

However, their the death of some pious mirth while here, will not save members of the church in Thesthem from occafional returns of salonica, he sends unto his Christian reflection, and painful forebodings friends, who were mourners, a of the miseries which are coming message of condolence, a cordial upon them. They will not ftay for their bleeding hearts, to modethe hand of justice. Business, rate their grief, and to wipe off diversion and every expedient will their flowing tears--and informs fail. Death, attended with infi- them, that their dear friends (tho' nite horrors to such, is on its dead,) were not loft, but should, way-they must appear at the re- with all the pious dead, be looked surrection and stand before God, up, and be raised at the general and receive their doom. Their resurrection morning. For as mirth banishes useful reflections, Christ died and rofe again, them surrounds them with temptations, also who sleep in Jesus will God hardens them against instruction, bring with him to grace the trimakes occafional reflections full of umphs of his appearance ; for this horror, leads them to hate the we say unto you by the word of fanctuary, the bedfides of the fick the Lord, by immediate and exand dying, and the folemn admo- press revelation from Chrift, that nitions of a funeral. They be- we who are alive and remain, that come hardened, and their case in those Christians found alive on the a measure desperate, because they earth when Christ cometh to judgcannot bear to think as they ment, shall not prevent them, the ought, and they conclude that pious dead who sleep in their they must run the risk of dying graves. Prevent, in the original, as they are. Hence they listen shall not go before them, to meet to, and frequently imbibe the the Lord, and be glorified. Then poison of lax and infidel opinions, the apostle with an inspired pen by trying as much as poslable to draws a folemn picture of Christ's disbelieve the painful truths. But appearance. He shall descend alas, it will not be long, before from heaven, arrayed in the robes the intoxication of vanity will be of a judge, and majefty of God. over, and they will be constrained Then these words ; and the dead to think, and, dreadful indeed! in Christ shall rise first. By the to think forever. “Woe unto you dead in Christ is meant the pious that laugh now, for ye shall mourn dead, those who sleep in Jesus.

It is better to go Those dead shall rise first. Unto to the house of mourning, than what doth this refer? Not to the

and weep:

resurrection of the wicked; for shall rise before the wicked, is there is no mention made in this without foundation. place of their rifing, only of the Christian mourners over their pious dead ; then the word firft pious deceased friends, may repair must mean, that the saints shall to these words of the Lord, and arise from their graves, at the find strong consolation for their final coming of Christ, first in or bleeding hearts, comforts adminder, before the saints, who shall be iftered to them by the holy ghost found alive, be changed. Then the comforter ! says the apostle, we that are alive, With what anticipated joys and remain, being changed, shall may every true believer look forbe caught up together with them, ward to the great resurrection the saints raised, and all join in morning ; when all that sleep in one happy company to meet the Jesus, shall spring from their beds Lord in the air, so shall we be of duft, and all the living saints ever with the Lord ; sharers in be changed, clad with robes of glories, and happiness everlasting. glory—when all redeemed finners

Compare i Corinthians, xv. 51. Ihall meet in all the endearments 52. The apostle having proved the of Christian friendship and affecrefurre&tion of Christ, and shewed tion, and in happy company the necessary connection between ascend to meet the Lord, to see the resurrection of Chrift, and all him whom their souls love, who his spiritual seed, says, behold I redeemed them with his own thew you a mystery, a secret, a blood, and to meet the approbatdoctrine hitherto unknown; we ing smiles of their judge, and shall not sleep, all true Chriftians Christ at their head, with rapture shall not be turned into the grave, wing their way to manfions in but we shall all be changed; both their heavenly Father's house ; the saints who shall be found a- and be forever with the Lord; live, at Christ's coming, and all and all the ranfomed of the Lord that arise from the dead, be chang- sit down on the banks of uncealed into the image of Chrift, in a ing, flowing streams of heavenly moment, in the twinkling of an bliss, and rehearse unto listening eye, at the last trump, (for the angels the everlasting story of re. trumpet shall found) and the dead deeming love !-AMEN. shall be raised incorruptible, and

ALLELUIA. we, that is those true Christians who are found alive shall be chang. ed, and fashioned like the glorious body of Christ, put on incorrup

Religious Intelligence. tion, and be prepared for the fer. Extraat of a Letter from the Rev. vices and enjoyments of the celes

Seth Willison, one of the Contial world. This confirms the

necticut Misionaries, dated Wilpreceding exposition, that the

LINGSBOROUGH, Penn. Jan. dead in Christ shall rise in order

24th, 1803, to one of the Edifirst, or before the change pass tors. upon the living saints.

« Rev. and dear Sir, If the exposition of the text in question be juft, then the inference « I HAVE almoft finished a from this text that the righteous miffion of eleven weeks, in the

counties of Luzerne and Wayne. I till to day I have been with them. The greater part of the time I They have not seemed to think it have been permitted only to low a burthen to attend sermons day the feed, and leave it without after day, and conferences in the knowing whether it would come evening. Yesterday, there were up : But the last part of my mil- 170 people at meeting, which is fion has been more evidently own. a great number for such a fettleed and blessed of God; and to ment. Several have obtained a his name be the glory. I came hope of their interest in Chrift. to a settlement called the Nine Among these there is one man Partners, in Nicholson's Town. who was firft a univerfalitt, and fhip, five weeks ago to day, in- then a deift and an open scoffer tending to preach a lecture or two, at religion. Gud saw fit to make and then pass on. But God de. use of his own wickedness to awatermined otherwise. I came here ken him. The Sabbath before “ at supper-time.” The firft text I came there, brother Woodward which I preached upon, was 1 Pet. administered the Lord's fupper to i. 12, concerning the gospel's be the little churchi, which confifts ing preached with the Holy Ghoft, of eight members, and this man sent down from heaven. This made game of it, and endeavored feafon seemed to be an illustration to turn into ridicule this holy ore of the text. This was Monday dinance. But the grace of our evening they urged me to ftay Lord has been exceeding abunthro' the week. I agreed to ftay dant towards him. It appears, and preach again the next day. that for this cause he has obtaidI now agreed to stay over the ed mercy, that in him firit Jefus Sabbath.

The Sabbath was a Chritt might Show forth all longremarkably folemn day. I be suffering for a pattern to others

. lieve God was in the midst of the The great alteration which has assembly, of a truth. The fer- taken place in this man, has apmon in the afternoon was con peared to be a great mean in the cerning the folly and wickedness hand of the Spirit to awaken the of men's not improving the little attention of other stupid finners. space of life to repent of their He now declares, that the con fins, make their peace with God temptuous language which he used and prepare for heaven. Sabbath with respect to the sacrament was evening we had about as full a made use of to awaken his fears. meeting as in the day time, tho' Thus was Goliah Nain by his own there was no moon to make it fword. There is another man, light. The next day I bade them who has been an open deilt, whole farewel, and rode this week down mouth is stopped. He believes the Wyalusing Creek. I spent that Jesus is the Son of God, and a little more than two weeks up hopes he loves him. There is a and down the Creek. The peo- considerable number in the settleple at the Nine Partners lay so ment, whose attention is much much on my mind, that I con called up to things of the greateit cluded to return and see them a- importance, and some are under gain. I returned to them a week deep concern and conviction. ago last Friday. I found that They appear fully convinced they the work of God had spread du have never done any thing but fin ring my absence. From that time against God all their days. Some

of them also see clearly that all y several parishes in Middlesex counthey are now engaged about is to ty in this State. They hope soon secure their own happiness. The to be furnished with further in. doctrines of grace are believed, formation respecting this work of and apparently loved by those God and to be able to assure the who have obtained a hope they public that God is in very deed are believed and hated by those carrying on a glorious work in under legal conviction. The old that part of the country. profeffors appear to have been, in some measure, waiting for this con THE Editors take the liberty solation to Ifrael. They rejoice to remind the good people of in what they see they are aston- Connecticut that the first Sabbath ished at the goodness of God. It of May next, their charitable conexceeds their hopes. The work tributions will be again folicited has been very rapid, and is yet in- for the support of missions. The creasing; and at the same time intelligence published from time very still and orderly. There is to time in this Magazine, respectan unbounded desire to hear - ing the benefit which has accrued • The word of the Lord is pre- from former contributions, it is cious in these days." They thank presumed will induce the pious God for his marvellous grace ; and benevolent to continue their and they express their thankful liberal donations for the promotion ness to the missionary focieties, of so important an object. and all who have been inftrumental in sending laborers into their harvest. “ We ask your prayers and the

POETRY. prayers of our christian brethren in Connecticut, that these hopeful beginnings may issue in a glorious harveft in these deftitute 1. Recovery from Sickness. settlements. Pray for your unworthy and obliged friend and "LORD: thou haft rais'd my faint

ing head brother,

And lengthen'd out my days;

And while thou giv'it nie breath to ling,

My lips shall found thy praise. « P. S. Since the date of this 2. As parents with a meiting heart, letter, I have seen a man from the

A wayward child reprove,

So thou in mercy dost chastisc Nine Partners settlement, who

The children of thy love. mentions to me several new instances of awakening. He also 3. And when in kind displeasure, Lord,

Thou dost their wand'rings chide, tells me of several families, where Thy pity foon returns, and lays the morning and evening sacrifice The lifted rod aside. has, within a few days, been in

4. In deep distress I cried to thee, troduced.”

Thou heard'st my mournful prayer,

And lo! thy healing hand appear's THE Editors are very happy To bring deliv'rance near. to inform th ir readers, that from s. At thy command, the fever fled accurate intelligence recently re With all its burning pan; ceived, there are hopeful appear- . Joyfull left 17.y, res iets bed, ances of a revival of religion in i

And rose to health again.


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