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action. We can perceive objects thee by the hearing of the ear ; as they are set before us, and have but now mine eye seeth thee. a choice with respect to them, Wherefore I abhor myself, and and we have a judgment of right repent in duft and ashes.” Job and wrong, as applied to moral xlii. 5, 6. Perhaps no confiderconduct, termed the conscience, ation is better adapted to convince which, when properly informed, us of our nothingness before God, will always dictate in favor of than this of his independent greatholiness. Hence, let God's true ness and fuperiority. Such was character be bro't into view, and the effect it had on Job under his his holy law plainly set before us, trials ; it filenced all his comconscience will readily appear on plaints, and such must be the eftheir fide. Let us conduct in fect on every honeft heart. conformity to this holy rule, and The consummate perfection of we shall feel as conducting with God's moral character as holy, consistence. But let us deviate will show the believer his deficienfrom the law, and conscience, on cies and unworthiness. “ Hely, reflection, will as readily condemn holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. us, yea severely censure every such | Then said I, Wo is me! for I deviation.

am undone ; because I am a man Such is the general capacity of of unclean lips ; for mine eyes mankind. They are capable of have seen the King, the Lord of convictions when the truths of hofts.” Isaiah vi. 1-5. The God are fairly exhibited before law of God, as above stated, may them. In addition to the above, be confidered as forming a perbelievers are born of God, being feet glass to ascertain moral exerrenewed by his fpirit in the spirit cises. It requires a perfect perof their minds, which gives them fevering obedience on the penalty a spiritual discernment and relish of endless punishment. True, refor divine things. This qualifies pentance and faith are admitted as them for feelings and convictions conditions of life through Jesus to which natural men are strangers. Christ the mediator. However, The disposition of the heart in it is on this ground that these exbelievers being in a good measure ercises be the offspring of holiness. attempered to holiness, they can They must have their seat in the feel the holy nature and force of heart renewed and sanctified by religion. When therefore, the the spirit of God. The law, things of God are brought into therefore, will point out all the view, they must feel according to defects, unfaithfulness and spots the moral state in which the ob- of believers. Who then, alas ! jects of religion find them. To can look into it and not tremble? instance

The fame view will wake up On the one hand : Should the the spirit of devotion. “ And believer be considered in an ordi-Mofes made hafte, and bowed his nary state of obedience, and no head toward the earth and wor. impending judgment nigh, yet shipped.” Exod. xxxiv. 8. the character of God must appear On the other hand : Should every way folemnizing. The di- impending judgment hang over vine superiority is calculated to us, the feelings of believers will inspire him with humility and self be thoroughly alarmed. At first abasement. “ I have heard of 'view this may seem a paradox.

Why should the remembrance of ed in the enjoyment of some fuGod disturb the breasts of his dear ture good, which he had been children? Do they not rejoice to anxiously expecting. This was have him before them? They do. feelingly verified in the case of Still they are not exempt from Moses at the waters of strife. He very great anxieties and dread. ardently wished to lead Israel into

They cordially believe the religion Canaan : But God denied his reof the scriptures. They know quest. I besought the Lord that God is as holy as these sacred at that time, saying, O Lord, writings represent, and will care- thou hast begun to show thy serfully fulfil all his promises and vant thy greatness—I pray thee, threatenings. This makes every let me go over and see the good honest heart tremble. “My flesh land that is beyond Jordan-But trembleth for fear of thee, and I the Lord was wroth with me for am afraid of thy judgment.” your sakes,and would not hear me." Psalm cxix. 120. Who, alas This eminent servant of God did can stand before Jehovah ! The not honor his facred name at the heavens are not clean in his fight. waters of strife, and it was follow

When God lifts up his hand, ed with such fatal consequences. it is natural for believers to be One misstep is of a serious nature. jealous of themselves, left they The Christian again trembles, have imbibed the hypocrite's hope, left he have used the favors of being sensible of the exceeding heaven fo ungratefully as to be deceitfulness of the human heart. deprived of the future use of them. They themselves are not exempt Such was the instructive case of from its treachery. They are David respecting his children. likewise sensible, that darkness He committed adultery and mur. and afflictions do not spring out of der. And tho' God forgave his the duft. There is a holy superin- fin, yet, to vindicate the rights of tending providence over all events, fociety and justice, he sent such especially their moral conduct. erils into the family of David, These judgments, then, must have that ever after he had but little a cause. The cause may be some fatisfaction in his house. God great fin in believers themselves, can easily embitter any enjoyment which must be removed, before of ours, whenever we abuse the they can have ground to hope favor. the hand of God will be with. The believer trembles, likewise, drawn. All which will rouse in a view of Zion, left God withthem to tremble and inquire, draw his spirit and leave her to “ Lord, is it I ?” They will languilh ; while finners are har. tremble, at least, if they have been dened to destruction. According unfaithful.

to the word of God we cannot The believer may, also, have live without the Holy Spirit. acted such a part as to give fears His departure, then, to a believer that he must be separated from is worse than death. « Take not God in the coming state. “ Cast thy Holy Spirit from me.” Psal. me not away from thy presence." “ And the piece wherePsalm li. 11. This thought is

This thought is upon it rained not, withered.” truly insupportable.

Amos iv. 7. The believer is He is also jealous lest he may ready to apprehend the scene rif. have acted so as to be disappoint- 'ing before him. “ That as mer

li. II.

cies have been abused, so, per-| God. They wake up from a haps, Zion is about to experience scene of slumbering and unfaitha season of dreadful darkness, fulness, and find the Lord their barrenness and perfecution. Her God before them, having his rod, ways must mourn, because they and will not let the disobedience come not up to her solemn feasts!” of his people go unpunifhed A more painful consideration to a neither the hypocrite to escape benevolent heart can hardly be his vengeance. Thus the remenrealized. It must give feelings brance of God must be alarming to which no one can imagine, unless awakened and backsliding Chrifhe have the spirit of Jesus Christ. tiang at all times, but more efpe“ Perhaps, too, unbelievers have cially when his judgments are afinned away their day of grace, broad, and when his spirit revives and must be vessels of wrath fit- his work. In the last case it is ted to destruction.” Who can no uncommon event for persoas think of this and feel unconcern- who have professed to be Chrifed? The benevolent Jesus could tians for years, to lose their hopes, weep over such exposed objects ; and tremble a while in expectaand must not all others who bear tion of lying down in forrow. his image? How can any pre- The obvious reason is, They had tend to be of his family, and yet forgotten God and now he itands not actuated by his spirit? “If before them to bring their conduð any man have not the spirit of to a thorough remembrance. Christ, he is none of his."

The same reason may be given, The believer has one more con- why Christians make no greater Gideration for trembling, of as le progress in godliness. However rious a nature as any mentioned. lamentable, yet it is a serious fa&, It is this : The blood of others that the friends of God sometimes may be found in his skirts. Thro' appear to make little or no adunfaithfulness we may be instru- vances in the divine life. They mental of the damnation of others. sumber with the foolish virgins, The friends of Christ, when care- and exhibit such characters as to less and lukewarm, may be guilty bring a wound on the cause of the of such wickedness. Unfaithful Redeemer. They wander, and minifters, parents, friends and by and by fall into trouble. Why neighbors, may contract such crim- is it fo? They do not remember inality. Hence, when God frowns, the Lord their God as always bethe believer may well say, “ It is fore them. possible that thro' my misconduct The same cause, next to fallen and unholy walk, some precious nature, may be algned for the immortals'muft lie down in ever- backliding of profefling believers lasting burnings ! I must give the little improvement of talaccount to God, and, alas ! their ents and privileges for God in the blood may be required at my Christian world—and for the aw. hand !--Who, Oh, who ! can ful troubles which arise in conseftand before God with such a load quence. When God is out of as this! Deliver me from blood- light, we are laid open to all the guiltiness, O God, thou God of deluding snares of sin, Satan and my salvation." No wonder Da. the world. These never fail to vid trembled! No wonder believ- improve the opportunity as pre. ers tremble, when they remember I septed, to lead us out of the path


of holiness. In such an exposed church in the past, present and situation the proficiency of Chrif- future ages of her trial. When tians cannot be great. They need God is remembered, the on the the whole armour of God. whole eminently prospers. But

· Besides : This forgetfulness of this cannot be said of her when God must cut off the believer the forgets her Lord and Refrom all pleas to excuse his un deemer.-In times of revival she profitableness in religion, and fal- is greatly agitated, humbled, ao ten the blame wholly on himself. mended and enlarged. Previous Why is he not more holy and to a state of prosperity, she has weaned from the world ?-more trouble like the billows of the faithful to God and men and

How great these will be, more like one who is a humble preceding the millenium, the procandidate for the holy and de- phet represents in this descriptive lightful employments of heaven ? scene ; Zech. xii. 10. “ And The mischief is, his eye is turned they shall look upon him whom off from God, the centre of at they have pierced, and they fall traction, and is deeply captivated mourn for him as one mourneth with diverse vanities. Hence, for an only son ; and shall be in when the remembrance of God re bitterness for him, as one is in turns, he has nothing to say: He bitterness for a first-born. And finks into trouble.

in that day there shall be a great An important question may a- mourning in Jerusalem, as the rise here, which it will not be mourning of Hadadrimmon in the amiss to answer. “ Why is not valley of Megiddon. And the the believer, in his remembrance of land shall mourn every family God, utterly overcome with del apart—All the families that repair ? He has no excuse for his main, every family apart, and sin, and he is cxceedingly crimi. their wives apart.

What now nal.” The answer is, " He would would be the shock, were the rebe overwhelmed, were it not for membrance of God thoroughly imthe confideration, There is an ad-pressed on the minds of Christians vocate with the Father, even Jefus every where? I believe, it would Christ the righteous.This is his open a scene before the world as refort, his iheet anchor to support surprising as ever has been fince his spirits under present troubles. the church was first planted on

The same will be his support and the earth. Would we escape the defence in the day of judgment. storm, we must set God always Otherwise, he would fink into the before us, and live as becomes the glooms of endless despair. Such gospel. Then the remembrance of an anchor is sufficient; it is sure God, instead of giving pain, will and stedfast, and entereth into begin a heaven of holy enjoyment, that within the vail, where no which will increase, and ripen up evil can intrude. If so, how un- into the full enjoyment of God in grateful must be all forgetfulness his blissful presence forevermore. of Christ in believers, and all dif (To be continued.) respect shewn to his person and interest! How ought Christians FOR THE Connecticut Evanto live, Christ living in them !

GELICAL MAGAZINE. Finally; the same cause will Explication of Proverbs xxi. 18account for the visible state of the « The wicked shall be a ranfum Vol. III. No. II.


for the righteous ; and the tranf. tion. The precious life of Chrift gressor for the upright.was given a ransom ; and he did

it voluntarily-he was moved to EW passages in the holy do it from love, from his infinite

fcriptures have oftener been compassion. The wicked are improposed for explication than this. proved as a ransom for the rightIt contains two clauses, which are eous, they pay prices for their evidently of the fame import; the redemption, when they do bet idea being expressed in different mean so, neither do their hearts language to give it the more em- think so. They are in God's phalis and weight. In some parts hands--they are his property, and of the inspired writings, especially he often improves them to proin the book of Psalms, repetitions mote the temporal and eternal of this kind are not uncommon. happiness of his dear people. In It will be necessary in the first his providence, he has made it applace to ascertain the meaning of pear, that their property, their che word ransom. This word, as talents, and their lives, are at his used by the inspired writers, gen- disposal, and that he has a right erally means a price paid for re to make use of them for the predemption. Thus Christ is said fervation, the safety, and the ento give his life a ransom for many largement, of his holy and spirit--and to give his life a ransom ual kingdom on earth. Numerous for all. The idea communicat- as the wicked have been in the ed is this Christ gave his own paft ages of the world, and numelife, as a price paid for the redemp- rous as they are now, and as they tion of finners. No person can probably will be in ages to come, be said to be given as a ransom for God will not eventually lose honor another, unless he be improved as and glory by them. He will a mean of working deliverance, make it appear that he was wise in safety, or redemption for another. their creation, and in permitting

The way is now prepared to their apostacy and perseverance in ftate the great difficulty contained rebellion. He will make the in the passage under consideration wrath of man praise him. That -How can the wicked be a ran- the wicked are given a ransom for fom, a substitute, or a mean of the righteous, or improved as a bringing about the redemption of mean of promoting their fafety, the righteous ?-How can the and bringing about their redemptranfgreffor be improved to ad- tion, will be proved by adverting vance the good, yea the eternal to instances recorded in sacred salvation of the upright? If we history. These intances are nucan give rational and fcriptural merous ; the following only will answers to these questions, we be mentioned. can solve all the difficulties which 1. The Egyptians were given can be proposed from the passage a ransom for God's people, the before us.

descendants of Abraham. It is The wicked do not atone forthe truly wonderful to meditate on the fins of the righteous, as Christ has wisdom, power and sovereignty of done, by his sufferings and death God in this instance. He made -neither do they ever intention- use of the labor, the property and ally pay any price, not even the the lives of this heathen people caft, to bring about their redemp- for the good of his chosen people,

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