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duce a conviction, that a reform- will be more Christian affecioa ation is greatly needed. Church and kind offices towards the meandiscipline, as pointed out and est members of the Church than commanded by Christ and his ever before. No doubt church apostles, appears to be an impor- discipline duly administered extant mean for correcting such hibits Christian affection in a disorders ; and it is among the strong light ; for, says one who fruits that are meet for the repent. had experience of it, “ let the ance necessary to prevent the righteous smite me, it shall be an threatened calamity.

excellent oil that shall not break One description of the church, my its most perfect state on carth, True Christian affections are is that she looketh forth as the distinguished by a beautiful fymmorning, fair as the moon, clear metry and proportion, regarding as the sun, and terrible as an army all the commands of Christ, acwith banners. A well disciplined cording to their weight and imarmy, every man in his place and portance ; hereby all men may rank, with his warlike habiliments know we are his disciples. It is in shining order, every one have often mentioned in Christian coning his eyes and ears open to the versation, that the aspect of things motion and command of his gen is gloomy and threatening, on aceral, with banners held up in their count of the increase of impiety, places, looks terrible, and does infidelity and contempt of authormore to dishearten an encounter. ity. May it not be inquired ing enemy, than the irregular whether this is not in a great movements of a mob of tenfold measure owing to lax discipline in the number. That regular and the churches ? For the churches: ftrict discipline which the laws of of Asia were faulty in this respect; Christ's kingdom require, would they were warned of their danger be equally impressive upon the en- and threatened with diffolution, emies of the church in the spirit- unless they repented. They did ual warfare under the command not obey the divine admonition, of Christ, the great Captain of therefore the threatened evil bas our salvation; and would do more long since been executed upon to damp and dishearten infidels them. We have no evidence that and oppofers, than any thing else their fins, at the time of the warnthat belongs to the Christian war- ing, were greater than ours are. fare. It is matter of great re- Have we not then the greated joicing, at the present day, that reason to fear, from neglecting there is such an effusion of the this important duty, that we shall Holy Spirit, whereby many are feel the same unhappy consequenawakened and brought home to ces ? Surely we have. Christ, and the churches replen Let us attend to a few of the ished with new members. But is laws of Christ's kingdom, and alnot this bright prospect darkened | fo to the ttate of the churches, anci by a deficiency in discipline and see how far they are practised, Christian watchfulness? It is said, and it must appear there is need when the set time to favor Zion of a more careful and strict disci. is come, her servants will take plive than now exists. James iv. pleasure in her sones and favor * Speak not evil one of anothe dust thereof; that is, there ther, brethren; he that fpcaketh


iv. 14.

ears are

evil of his brother, and judgeth privilege to be under the watchful his brother, speaketh evil of the care of the church, and objects law, and judgeth the law." Eph. of the brotherly affection of eve

« That we henceforth be ry individual member, according no more children, tossed to and to covenant engagements at the fro, and carried about with every time of admission, but where lies wind of doctrine, by the Neight the privilege if nothing be done, of men, and cunning craftiness, by either, excepting only in cases whereby they lie in wait to de- of the groffest and moft heinous ceive." 31st verse.“ Let all offences, while all other faults are bitterness, and wrath, and clamor, overlooked, or nothing done, and evil speaking, be put away agreeably to Christ's rules to refrom you, with all malice." Chap. form them? v. verse 3. “ But fornication and It is worthy of serious conse' all uncleanness, or covetoufness, deration, whether the threatening let it not once be named-amongst aspect of things, arising from the you, as becometh faints.” 1 Pe. encroachments of the enemy of ter, ii. 13. “ Submit yourselves our peace, will be changed for to every ordinance of man, for the better, until our the Lord's sake ; whether it be more opened to hear, what the to the king as supreme, or unto spirit saith to the churches, regovernors as unto them, that are specting things that are amiss, and fent by him for the punishment of which must be repented of or we evil doers and for the praise of feel the bitter consequences. To them that do well. For so is the ' be hoping, and wishing, and earnwill of God, that with well doing eftly defiring better things, and ye may put to filence the igno- better times, without proper exrance of foolish men.” These are crtions made, according to dia few of the many precepts given rections given in the law of God, in the word of God, for the regu- will never deliver us from our lation of the subjects of his king troubles, nor set our feet in a large dom. And are they all carried place, or put a song of praise into into effect, so that there is no our mouth, nor establish our goground for a reprehenfion on ac. ings. count of neglect? This cannot be To impress the thought a litplead.

tle, it may be well to take a view But are not these duties indif- of a cafe of distress that happened, pensible ? Can men be loyal sub- to the Ifraelitish church, under jects to Christ, who live in the the care of Joshua, at the time daily breach of them ? Can that they were commencing the conbe a true church of Christ, that quest and poffeffion of Canaan. suffers them with impunity; and The anger of the Lord was shewn do not exert themselves according against them, in a defeat of their to the rules given by Christ, and army, against Ai, and a slaughter his apoftles, to reclaim them? of a number of their brethren, Christians are commanded to ex at which the hearts of the peohort one another daily, leit any ple melted like water ; the cry be hardened through the deceit- no doubt was, as at this day, what fulness of fin. Can it be faid that is to be done for our relief? Jothey are clear from blame in this Thua, with the Elders, fell prof. matter? It is confered a great trate in the dust before the ark of


Göd, and made their complaint new name. He that hath an ear and interceffion, until even tide. let him hear what the fpirit faith But the Lord roused them from to the churches." their supplicating pofture, and let

Mthem know the cause of their ca• lamity, and their remedy. “If-To The EDITORS OF TAB Cox

rael," faith he, « have sinned, NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MAand transgreffed my covenant, which I commanded them. Get

GENTLEMEN, thee up, wherefore lieft thou thus on thy face ? Up, fanctify the THE subitance of the fole people, and fayfanctify your lowing was addressed to a confidfelves; there is an accurfed thing erable clafs of young perfoms, at in the midst of thee, O Ifrael, the time of their admiffion as memthou canft not itand before thine bers of the visible church. If in enemies, until ye take away the your judgment, it will not fuper. accurfed thing from among you." | fede the publication of something Here it may be remarked, that more generally useful, you are at the charge was against Ifrael ; liberty to insert it in the Magathe whole congregation were treat- zine. TROPHIMUS. ed as guilty. But it was Achan, the fon of Carmi only, that had Beloved in the Lord, fact were


er and his kingdom, who they should look out, and punith' witness the preseot transaction, the offender, and carry into ef. have great joy at seeing you joinfect the law in such case providing yourselves unto the Lord, in ed ; and until that was done, all folemn covenant with him and his other things would be unavailing ; people. While the ways of Zion they could not make the leaft ad mourned, they have been praying cance, against the enemy, nor for her profperity, in the falvation make any progress towards inher- of your souls. They now find, iting the land which God had by happy experience, that " He fworn he would give them, un who goeth forth weeping and til this was done. Now, faith the bearing precious feed, shall return apoftle, “ all these things hap- again with joy, bringing his sheaves pened unto them for enfamples; with him." and they were written for our ad The propriety of your present monitioit, apon 'whom the ends of proceeding, and of your being the world are come. “ Behold,” hence denominated disciples of Je faith Christ · Jesus, “ I come sus, depends on your vital union quickly : hold that fast which to him, and your resemblance of thou hast, that no man take thy him in spirit and conduct. The crown. Him that overcometh, evidence of an holy life is fairly will I make a pillar in the temple expected of you, for fupporting ef my God, and he shall go no the good confeffion which you more out : and I will write upon have now made before many withim the name of my God, which nefes. How important, that you is new Jerusalem, which cometh henceforth fhine as lights in the drawn out of heaven from God : world! Remember that the eyes and I will write upon him my of JE NOVA! are upon you ; that


with the crime with The friends of the Redeem.

he pondereth all your goings, and be weary in well doing. But let will bring all your works into him who thinketh he ftandeth, judgment. It will be of no avail, take heed, left he fall. The inexa as it respects either the honor of perience and natural instability of God and the Redeemer, the ad-youth, together with the vigor vancement of his kingdom, or the of youthful passions, will render salvation of your own souls, to you a more easy prey to temptahave called Chrift Lord, Lord, or tion than those of riper years. even to have eaten and drunken There are three potent enemies in his presence, unless you are de- leagued in a conspiracy .against voted in heart and life, to his ser- your peace and salvation. These vice and glory. Even the angels, are the world, the flesh and the whom you have called to witness devil. The subtle adversary of your vows, and who rejoice when souls will use all his art and influone finner repenteth, feel a lively ence to beguile you from the way interest in the part which shall be of the truth ; to entangle you in acted by you, under the profession temptation and plunge you in ruin. you have now made. Yea, could The world, intending such of manpain find entrance into the abodes kind ab are unfriendly to Jesus of light, their hearts must be and his religion, will not be found pained on seeing even one of you the least dangerous ; especially departing from the pure simplicity those of the young who are yet of the faith, and thence bringing in love with the pleasures of lin Shame and reproach on the holy These will naturally be tempted name, by which you are called. to spread snares for your feet, if Like them, the friends of Christ by any means they may lead around you are greatly concerned back to your former wanderings that you should adorn your holy with them, in the way to ruin. profession. They will watch over Hence, the grand deceiver, and a you with pious solicitude, and with finful world, in alliance with the fervent prayer to God that you remains of an evil heart, will mainmay bring forth fruit, an hundred tain an host of enemies, against fold.

which you will need to employ You now declare, before God, the whole armor of God. angels, and men, that you have Nothing, in which you are cal. entered upon the Christian race. led to be active, can exceed the May you run manfully, and obtain importance of running, with pathe prize. If fincere, as is hoped, tience, the race set before you. I give you joy, yea, I bid you Would you render glory to God God speed! Remember, that a and the Redeemer, this is the way. life of religion is a life of holy Would you recommend the relig, diligence and activity, in the serion of Jesus to the consciences of vice of God. It is a warfare all, as worthy of acceptation, and which is never accomplished till especially to the young of your death. It is a race, in which, acquaintance, this is the way. forgetting the things which are Would you enjoy the fublime behind, you must press forward, pleasures of religion in life, and in till it shall terminate in the glories death, and at lait obtain the glory of immortality. I cherish the and immortality of the kingdom pleasing hope, that you have of God, the way is before you ; counted the cost, and will never so run that you may obtain. T

Vol. III. No. 12.



this purpose fhun the very appear- , fuch evidence of the pure and aance of evil ; that if any seek oc miable fimplicity of the gospel casion for evil speaking, they may religion, as nothing can relift or be ashamed when they behold gainsay. The testimony of your your chaste conversation in Chrift. lives, if holy and without blame, Remember the rows you have may be rendered effectual for cap now made, and from which you tivating others unto the obedience cannot go back. Take fast hold of Chrift; but if unholy, you of instruction; let her not go ; will probably be the sad occasion keep her, for she is your life. of their stumbling, and finally Pure and undefiled religion is this, plunging in remediless destruction. to keep unspotted from the world. As therefore it respects, in a speEnter not into the path of the cial manner, the multitudes of the wicked; for the friendship of the rising and just risen generation aworld is enmity with God. There- round you, the influence of your fore, if finners entice you, in no example is immensely important. wise consent. Should any at. Hence, be steadfast and immove. tempt to beguile you from the able, always abounding in the way of holiness, say to them, work of the Lord, forasmuch as Whether it be right, in the light of ye know that your labor is not in God, to hearken to you more than vain, in the Lord. Go to no to God, judge ye. Have no fel. place, and frequent no society, in lowship with the unfruitful works which you cannot pray for the of darkness, but rather reprove presence of God, and that his all them. While you bear a proper seeing eye may inspect your contestimony against the vices and duct. Do nothing in public, or impenitency of the irreligious, let alone, on which you cannot honyour treatment of their perfons be eltly implore the divine blessing. expressive of the meek, the benevo- Search the scriptures daily, for lent and pacific temper of the gol- they testify of Jelus and are the pel. Let your lives be replete words of eternal life. Be puncwith evidence, that wisdom excel- tual and fervent in your attend. leth folly as far as light excelleth ance on all the inftitutions and darkness. Never give occasion duties of religion. Watch and for its being said, ye did run well; pray, that ye enter not into tempwho did hinder you, that ye Mould tation. Pray much for the prola not obey the truth? Give no oc- perity of Zion. In a special mancasion of offence and grief to the ner, be punctual, persevering and friends of religion, nor of stum- fervent in the devotions of the bling and unbelief to others. closet. These should be regard.

It is doubtless expected by ed as the daily nourishment of an fome, to whom it would be mat- holy life. If these are neglected, ter of rejoicing, that your good or attended in a cold and formal ness will be like the morning cloud manner, instead of being like a and the early dew, which goeth tree planted by the water courses, away. They even hope to find, you will be like an heath in the in your apoftacy, a cloak for their desert. When tempted to loiter own fins ; and hould one in ten in your race, look unto Jesus.

fall from your steadfastness, | Think of him who endured the they will be comforted and em cross and despised the shame ; and boldened in the way to ruin. Let let the ardor of his love to the di. pour example, therefore, exhibit vine gloryenkindle in your bosoms

of you

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