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a similar flame. In a word, be

In a word, be to something far higher than persuaded to live the religion « this world. Immediately my of the Son of God, that the work, defires increased, and I felt a of which you profess to have been willingness to leave all and fol.



proved to the consciences of ani

; · teen as it were a fountain open


as a miraculous work of divine ed, and God willing to forgive grace ; and that God in all things • sinners. And if I know my may be glorified, through Jesus heart, I have given up myself to Chrift. AMEN.

be devoted to God, which is

'perfect liberty, and to leave the A brief sketch of the life and dying service of Satan, which is perfect

exercises of Mrs. B-, who • Navery. O Sally, I would beg died July 1802, in one of the ‘ your fincere prayers for me that towns in the flate of Massachu I may hold out to the end I setts, in the 30th year of her feel it impressed upon me as a age.

duty to come now and own T the


of about fourteen • Christ before the world, and years,

Mrs. B became shall endeavor to do it. It very seriously impressed. For seis our duty to let finners know veral weeks her distress of mind that we can take comfort in fomewas great. She viewed herself thing higher than this world.” as one of the greatest of finners. It was a fingular evidence of At times she was the subject of her fincerity to fee her coming the most violent temptations of forward publicly in religion in her the adversary, which nearly prov. youthful age, while her comed her ruin for time and eternity. panions were pursuing a different But when her diftress was at the course. greatest, and all hope from herself After her attendance on the was cut off, God was pleased to communion service, she writes as let a ray of light into her mind. follows: “ This day has been a She could see the glory of God feast to many souls in this place. in every thing around, and was . We have had the Lord's fupper led to praise him, though she had • administered to us in a very no thought at that time that what striking ma

manner. It seemed to the experienced was saving. All me that the Lord was with us things appeared new ; and espe- of a truth.-Last night I felt cially she discovered a new beauty my fins so heavy that I was aland glory in the gospel, and in • most ready to think I should the character of God as revealed • not dare to go to the holy ordiin the Bible.

nance ; but the more I thought From this time she continued a of my fins, the more I felt my ferious, exemplary Christian till need of going, humble and penithe

age of seventeen years, when tent, and confefling them to a the publicly professed religion. merciful God. And I hope i How deeply she was affected with have got a realed pardon." a prospect of this solemn transac For several of the last years tion, may be seen from the follow- of life, she was the subject of ing extract of a letter she wrote many remarkable, amicting difto a friend.-----“ Last Friday pensations of providence. Her • evening, while I was alone, I conftitution was de?icate, and

har short life fa ar norianood

eral diftreffing fits of fickness. glories of the invisible world, that But “ she found it good for her The ever after seemed in hafte to

to be afflicted.” It was truly depart. She thought, in her fleep, inftructive to notice her calmness that she was in the immediate pres. and sweet resignation, in seasons ence of her God and Saviour, in of inexpreflible bodily distress. company with numberless glorified The distresses of her body appear faints, particularly the old patried like “the refiner's' fire” to archs, prophets, and apoftles ; purge away the dross, and fit her and that she loved them much loul for a more intimate enjoy- better than the ever had any of ment of God. Every turn of her earthly friends. Her affecGickness seemed to raise her higher tions after this samed in a great in the exercises of grace.

measure to quit their hold on subHer piety shone bright in her lunary things. As my love to conduct towards her family. She · God,” said she, “ increases in was faithful to her dear compan. my soul I am less anxious for jon, whom she viewed to be in an • my earthly friends. I have forunsanctified ftate, to warn him of merly been unwilling to leave my the importance of a religious life. children, for fear they might She had been blessed with three fail of a religious education ; but little daughters, whose minds she now I can leave them with God, cultivated with great care as far - who can do much better for as they were capable of instruc-them than I can. I can with tion. Such was her situation as the greatest safety commit all to bodily health, that she expect my friends to God and caft my. ed to leave them in the wide world • self and all my concems on him.” without a mother to guard their Being asked how God appeared tender years. This thought ex- to her? the faid, he appeared to cited her to great diligence in be an infinitely great and glorious every duty which respected the being, infinite in goodness, and good of their souls.

that the felt surrounded with his She lived in the habitual ex- presence and adorable majesty. pectation of her own death, and Being asked whether the felt her wrote a few lines of advice for her fins pardoned ? She replied, “ yeschildren, to be given to them after terday I had to come to him as her decease. A few weeks bc- a fin-hating and fin-forgiving fore her death, she prepared her · God.” funeral dress, though she was then To a youth in the full vigor of in a state of perfect health. health whom she viewed to be out

Her last fickness was short and of Christ, he said, “I would inexpressibly fevere. It continu

not exchange conditions with ed about fourteen days. Amidst you for any thing. Oh, don't great pain of body she evidenced give yourself any rest day not to all around her, how precious night.” religion is in death.

She often expressed longing deThrough her whole fickness she fires to depart, saying, she did not seemed to be carried far above the think her weak frame could have things of time, and to be impress- held out so long. She would ed with the idea that she should sometimes enquire, “ How much

About a week be. . longer do you think I can enfore her death, in a dream, the dure?" On a person's observing d such a fenfible view of the 'to ber that the feemed almoft

not recover.

gone, she said, “I thought you things to make religion the chief * told me so two days ago.” She business of life ;-desired him not would then foar being impatient to mourn for her but for sin ; to wait God's time. She could and called in the family one by not bear to have any of her friends one, and gave them her dying unwilling to part with her. Ob counsel. serving one of her lifters over. Being visited by her minister, come with grief, she said, “ Is the delired prayers, and when • not he a juft God? What is asked what he should pray for,

this world that you wish me to replied, That God may be glo• live in it ?” Her fifter replied, rified in all things.” At ano“ This world is nothing to me, ther time she said, “ My work is • and I feel as though, I had ra- all done, and I have nothing to other die than live here without do but to breathe out my soul in. . you." This brought a tear into to the hands of him who gave it.” her eyes, and she replied, “ It The evening but one before her • will be but a little time that you death she seemed perfectly serene • have to stay behind.” Being and happy. . Her mind was so requefted by her lifter to leave entirely carried into the world of some word for her to think upon glory, and her expectations of and remember her by, she said, being soon freed from fin and sor“Give up this world eatirely, and row, were so high, that it settled every thing in it, and seek the her countenance into a sweet • Lord and he will certainly be smile of complacency. A hymn • found of you. I can say no more was read to her, entitled, “ The • to you than you have in the bi- song of heaven desired by faints ble. It is full of confolations." on earth.” She closed her eyes

At times the expressed great and appeared as in a sweet extacy anxiety for those who were out of of delight while attending. Chrift. “ I want to say much After this happy evening the to

them, but I have not endured distress of body, which • strength. I feel a tender pity cannot be described. She was • for them. But they have Moses patient and submissive under all • and the prophets.”

her diftreffes, till the closed the To those who stood round her scene of mortal life. Yet imaginbed, she said, “I am here a spec- ation follows the departed soul in• tacle for you to look at, and see to the world of spirits. And this • to what you are coming-calls to mind some more of her • am preserved by God's power cheering words. ' “ If,” said she, • for a warning to you, that God" I had only stepped on the other * may be glorified.”

hde of death, it seems to me noAfter all hopes of her recovery thing on earth could induce me were paft, she was asked, if it to return." would surprise her to hear that

“ Hark she bids her friends adieu, we thought her near her end ? Some angel calls her to the spheres, She replied, “Not at all.” Then Our eyes the radient form pursue

, with calmness she prepared to take Through liquid telescopes of tears. leave of her relatives ; conversed Farewell, bright soul, a short fareweli, fome time with her husband alone; In the sweet groves where pleasures

Till we shall meet again above, -examined into the state of his

dwell, mind, and exhorted him above all' And trees of life bear fruits of love."

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At a Meeting of the Trustees of the Lord for all his benefits? Ac

Miffionary Society of Conneäicut, cordingly I resolved to set apart at Hartford, May 11, 1803. fix pence of my earnings each

VOTED, That the Editors of week, in which I was able to perthe Connecticut Evangelical Mag: poses, and I have this little fum


task, to charitable puragine be requested to publish in their next number a letter addrefl remaining ; and I can affure my ed to the Board from a female young female companions that í friend of millions , inclosing a do feel å pleafure in doing thus

, nation of Five Dollars to the So which twice the fum could not ciety, together with a copy of procure for me if employed in athis vote; as a testimony of the dorning my body. May the Lord Board's approbation of the letter, watchmen upon the walls of Je

you and make you able and their thanks to the unknown writer. Atteft,

rusalem, fill your souls with holy Abel Flint, Secretary. joy, and when you have finished

your pilgrimage on earth, receive To the Truflees of the Miffionary you, for Christ's sake, to manlions

Society of Connecticut.

TRUST there are none who

love our Lord Jesus Christ in fincerity who do not applaud your

Religious Intelligence. apparent zeal and industry, in the cause of our divine Master. They also bless God that he doth, from Present state of Conneaicut Mifrons. time to time, raise up instruments THE Rev. Joseph Badger, for the advancement of the Re- ftill continues to labor as a Miffdeemer's kingdom in the world. onary in New Connecticut ; from Andas you have freely offered your which place the Rev. Ezekiel J. service in this glorious cause, it Chapman, lately returned. Mr. surely becometh others, according Chapman's place will soon be supto their several ability, to follow the plied by another missionary; and example. The earth is the Lord's it is proposed by the Truftees of and the fulness thereof; but, blefl- the Missionary Society of Coned be God, he is pleafed to accept necticut, to employ three millionwhatever his creatures have to be. ries in that country the ensuing stow, (provided it be done with a year. right disposition of heart) as a sac The Rev. Messrs. Willifon and rifice acceptable to himself. Ac-Woodward, are laboring in the cordingly I send you inclosed in western counties of New York, this a five dollar bill, which please and northern counties of Pennsylto appropriate to the Miffionary vania ; and it is directed that a business. It is the price of in- mssionary be sent for four months dustry. My health has been for to the counties of Otsego and Dea confiderable time bad, at least leware. by turns, which led me exceeding. Mr.

Hovey, a candidate ly to prize the blessing when I for the ministry, is appointed to a enjoyed it, and made me to in- mission of four months to the setquire, what shall I render to the ' tlements on Black River; and the

1803.] Statement of the fales, &c. of this Magazine. 499 Rev. Aaron Kinne, to the settle. ed to a miffion of fixteen weeks, ments on the Oswegotchee, for to the settlements west of Lake six months.

Champlain, and the north weftThe Rev. Messrs. Bushnell and ern part of Vermont. Leonard, are itinerating as miffi The Rev. Fobn Willard, jun. onaries, one half of the time, in is appointed to a mission of fixteen the northern part of Vermont. weeks in the north eaftern


of The Rey. Fob Swift, is appoint. Vermont.

Further account of the sales, &c. of the first volume of the Connec.

ticut Evangelical Magazine, Number on hand, as per laft statement, January 1802--258, all of which have been fold.

Dolls. Cts. Profits to the institution by last statement,

1970 34 Avails of 258 Magazines, fince fold,

32 25

[blocks in formation]

Account of the fales, &c. of the second volume, to May 10th, 1803. Whole number printed 4000 for each month,

48000 Sold,

41475 Given gratis to subscribers, who became responfible for 12 sets or more,

2392 On hand, May 1oth, 1803,

4133 --48000 Amount of sales.

Dolls. Cts. 33178 to subscribers, at 12 cents,

4147 25 5542 at retail, at 12 cents, 2755 to booksellers, at 8 pence,

306 11 41475 Whole amount of sales,

5146 11 Expenses.—Printing 48000 Magazines, at

66 mills each, Contingent expenses, postage, &c.

35 53

-3203 53 Deduct expenses,

3203 53 Profits, exclusive of 4133 Magazines on hand,

1942 58

692 75


Of the above profits, paid by the publishers,

January 6, 1803,
May 11, 1803,
Due from subscribers,


701 33 401 25

-1942 58

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