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TO THE EDITORS OF THE CON is agreeable to Ycripture, will put NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MAG- the matter out of all dispate, viz. AZINE.

That Jesus Christ, called the son GENTLEMEN,

of God, the second person in the IF you deem the following glorious Trinity; the divine perworthy of insertion, you may lon, conftituted to be the Meffipublish it in the magazine ah, and afterwards incarnate, was,

HE divinity of our Lord emphatically, the Jehovah of the

Jesus Christ is, juftly, to be old testament. viewed as the corner stone of the The following brief hints on Christian system. Take this away, that subject, may, perhaps, exand the whole building must fallcite some person of greater abilito the ground ; a fatal blow is ties, and more leisure, to a more ftruck, and the church, which is thorough investigation. professedly founded upon this When our Lord says, John rock, is found to be a building viii. 58. “ Before Abraham was which overlays its foundation. I am ;" There seems to be a The importance of this doctrine plain allufion to the assumed can never betoo forcibly inculcated, by Jehovah, the God of Israel, nor its evidences set in too clear when he called, commissioned and a light. This is more especially sent forth Mofes, to deliver his necessary, as it meets with much people out of their Egyptian bone opposition at the present day. dage. Exod. iii. 14. "And God The writer of these hints has no said unto Moses, I am that I am. intention to enter into a particular And he said, thus shalt thou say detail of the scriptural evidences unto the children of Israel, I am of that truth, nor so much as to hath sent me unto you.” A point out the various sources from name undoubtedly implying eterwhence they are derived. This nity, self existence and independ. has been frequently done by abler ence, and excluding succession of hands, much to the satisfaction past and future. This name Christ of the friends of truth. There assumes, as the son of God. He is one thing however, which, if it does not fay I was; but I am, VOL. III, No. 3,



the same as, “Jesus Christ the spake unto Mofes face to face, as fame yefterday, to-day, and for a man speaketh unto his friend." ever." In Numb. xxi. 5-10.

Chap. xxxiii. 11. Ilaiah also, we have an account of a remark- “ sawthe Lord sitting on his throne, able murinuring of the children of high and lifted up, and his train Ifrael, against God and againit filled the temple." Isaiah vi. I. Mofes. To punish their rebel - Mine eyes have seen the king, lions and murinurings, God sent the Lord of Hofts.” ver. 5. fiery flying ferpents among them, That this appearance of the Lord, which Lit them and many of the or Jehovah of Hosts, was an appeople died. It was undoubtedly pearance of the Lord Jesus Chrift, Jehovah, the God of Ifrael, whom we are expressly informed, John the children of Israel tempted. xii. 41. “These things said ElaiCompare this acccant with i Cor. as, when he saw his glory, and X. 9. “ Neither let us tempt pake of him." Christ, as some of them also teinpt These visible appearances, as ed, and were destroyed offerpents.” well as others recorded in the old Evidently alluding to the fiery testament, were, no doubt, to be Dying ferpents. The glory of understood, as preludes of the fuGod the father, or the glory of ture incarnations of the son of the divine effence, is scen only in God. the son, but is, in any


way, It is also worthy of remark, invisible. ( No man hath seen that names which were peculiar, God at any time; the only begot- or appropriate to the God of Ilten fon, which is in the bofom of rael, are given, both in the old the father, he hath declared him." tctament and new, to the Lord John i. 18. but Jehovah the God Jesus Chrift, particulurly the of Israel, sometimes made himself wie Jehovah, which the God of vifible : Adam and Eve, after Ifracl challenges as his peculiar their first tranigreffion,“ heard the right, and the Jews ever esteemed voice of the Lord God walking the moft facred of any of the diin the garden, in the cool of the vine names or titles. Christ is ex. day," Gen. ill. 8. The Lord ap- pressly called by this most sacred peared, at different times, to name, Jer. xxiii. 6. “ And this Abraham, particularly when cir- is the name whereby he thall be cumcifion was inftituted. Gen. called the Lord (or Jehoval) our xvii. and when he interceded for righteousness." i. e. the righteous Sodom. C! p. xvill. “The Lord branch, which was to be raised up appeared unto Mules in a frame of unto David, was to be called by fire, in the bush.” Exod. ii. 2. this name, as appears from the Mofes, Aaron, and the elders of foregoing verfe. This may be Ifrael, saw the God of Ifrael. placed in a still more striking point " And they saw the God of Il- of light, by obferving that the rael, ard there was under his feet, word Jehovah in the Hebrew, as it were the paved work of a which, when translated in the old sapphire îlone. Also they saw tuttament, is usually rendered God and did eat and drink." Ex. Lord, is conitantly by the feptuaxxiv. 10, 11. “ And the fight gint interpreters, who were unof the glory of the Lord was like doubtedly acquainted with the devouring fire, on the top of the idioms of both languages, rendermount.” 17. “And the Lord / ed kurios in the Greek, which is,

in the new testament, invariably, mighty God, are also names aptransated Lord, and is an appro- propriated to Jehovah the God of priate name of our Lord Jesus Israel; but these are used where Christ, which is a strong prefump- the Lord redeemer, is undoubtedly tion that Jesus Christ is the Jeho the perfonare meant. To this purvah.

pose notice the following passages The names and titles of Holy asa specimen, Isaiah ix. 6.“TorunOne, Holy One of God, and to us a child is born, unto us a son Holy One of Israel, are, also, is given, and the government shall promiscuously applied to Jehovah, be upon his thoulder, and his the God of Israel, and to the name thall be called Wonderful, Lord Jesus Chriit. These names Counsellor, the mighty God, the and titles, the last the most fre- everlasting Father, the Prince of quent, are used nearly fifty times Peace." Chap. xlv. 18, 21, 22. in the old testament, and more “ The Lord that created the frequently by the prophet Ilaiah heavens, God himself that formed than by any other sacred writer. the earth and made it-A juft They are the appropriate names God and a Saviour-Look unto or titles of Jehovah the God of Il me and be ye saved, all the ends rael, but they are many times of the earth for I am God and used where Jesus Chriít is unques there is none else.” tionably meant. To this purpose The same relations to the see Psalm xvi. 10. “ Thou wilt church, the spiritual Israel, are not suffer thine Holy one, to see also sustained by Jehovah the God corruption.” Píalm lxxxix. 19. of Israel, and by the Lord Jesus “Thoupakeit in vision to thine Chrift


Christ. I shall instance only in holy one."

To the same purpose the relation of a husband, or the see Isaiah xli.


xlviii. existence of a marriage covenant 17. xlix, 7. lv. 5. lx. 14.

The between them. Jehovah the God same title is also given to Christ in of Israel, was the husband of his the new testament, Mark in 14. people, Isaiah liv. 5. “ For thy Luke iv. 34. Acts ii. 17. xiii. 35. maker is thine husband, the Lord Tisat name or title, being in these, of hosts is his name.” Jer. xxxi. and parallel places, promiscuously 32. “ Which my covenant they applied to the Jehovah of Israel, brake, altho' I was an husband and to the redeemer, makes it, at them saith the Lord.” leaft, probable, that by the Jehovah Chap. liv. I. " More are the of the old testament, we are to children of the desolate, than the understand, by way of eminence, children of the married wife faith the second person in the Trinity, the Lord.” Ezek. xvi. 8-20, who was afterwards incarnate, and “ I entered into a covenant that, as he wrought deliverances with thee, faith the Lord God. for Ifrael, which were peculiar and thou becameit mine." j. e. in to them above all other people, so a marriage relation. “Thou haft he hath perfected a glorious re- taken thy fons and thy daughters, demption, for his spiritual Israel, whom thou bait born unto me, and therefore, both in the typical and these halt thou facrificed, and antitypical deliverance, he Thou hast sain my children.” makes himself known to his peo. Hofea ii. 19. “I will betroth ple by the same names and titles. thee unto me forever ; yea I will The name of God, great God, and 'betroth thee unto me in righteoul



ness, and in judgment, and in ken of in the beginning of the loving kindness, and in mercies.” pfalm, as the Lord who reigneth Jer. iii. 14.“ Turn O backsliding over all the earth, and who hath children, saith the Lord ; for I righteousness and judgment for am married unto you.” But it the habitation of his throne. But is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is, this passage is, by the inspired by way of eminence, the husband penman of the epiftle to the He. of the church. The entire book brews, cited and applied unto of Solomon's Song is an allegoric- Christ, in the character of the al representation of the mystical only begotten son of God, only marriage between Christ and the with this variation, that they who church. He is expressly called are, by the Pfalmift, called Gods, the husband of the church. 2 Cor. are, by the apostle, called angels. xi. 2. “ For I have espoused you Heb. i. 6. Psalm xlv. is one to one husband, that I may pre- which according to the opinion sent you, as a chaste virgin unto of all judicious interpreters is apChrift.” Rev. xxi. 9. “I will plicable to the Lord Jesus Christ, shew thee the bride, the lamb's but verse 6, “ Thy throne O God wife."

is forever and ever, the sceptre of In addition to these remarks, thy kingdom is a right sceptre,” let it be observed, that many texts is without all dispute applicable to in the old testament, which evi- Jehovah the God of Israel, who dently relate to Jehovah the God alone hath a kingdom, and ever, of Israel, are cited by the facred lasting dominion. But this pafpenman of the new testament, and, sage is cited and applied to Christ applied to the Lord Jesus Chrift. as the son of God. Heb. i. 8, Among instances of this kind, More particularly ftill, we have the following may be selected, as some peculiarly striking character, deserving notice. Psalm lxviii. istics of Jehovah the God of Ifa 18. « Thou hast ascended on rael, Psalm cii. 25, 26, 27. high, thou hast led captivity cap- ; “ Thy years are throughout all tive, thou hast received gifts for generations. Of old halt thou man ; yea for the rebellious also, ' laid the foundation of the earth, that the Lord God might dwell and the heavens are the work of among them."

That he who is thy hands. They shall perish, reprelented as afcending up on but thou shalt endure, yea all of high is the same with Jehovah the them shall wax old as a garment, God of Israel, appears both from as a vesture shalt thou change the scope of the Pfalm, and from them, and they shall be changed : the immediate context. But this but thou art the same and thy passage is cited by the Apostle years shall have no end,” cited Paul, and applied to Christ. "Eph. and applied to Chrift, Heb. i. 10, iv. 8. Psalm xlvii. 5. God is il, 12.

Isaiah xl. 3. “ Prepare gone up with a fhout, and the ye the way of the Lord, or JehoLord with the sound of a trum. hovah.” That this Lord or Jehopet,” refers to Jehovah the God vah, was Christ appears from the of Israel, but has an evident allu. citation and application of the fion to the ascenfion of Christ. pastage in the new teftament, Psalm xcvii. “ Worship him a!! Mat. iii. 3. Isaiah viii. 13, 14. ye Gods." The him whom all “ San&tify the Lord, (or Jehothe Gods are to worship, is fpo- | vah) of Hofts himself, and let

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him be your fear, and let him be F the existence, powers and your dread. And he shall be for employment of angels we á lanĉuary, but for a stone of have no certain knowledge, except ftumbling, and for a rock of of- from the holy scriptures, which fence.” That this Lord or Je distinguish one kind of rational hovah of hafts, was the Lord Je-creatures in the intelligent system fus Chrift, appears from the cita- by the name of Angels. They tion and application of the paf- describe these as possessed of noble fage to Chrift by two different powers, most amiable properties, apostles. By Paul Rom. ix. 33. and the great ministers of God's and by Peter, 1 Pet. ij. 8. Joel universal kingdom-the special ü. 23. “ Whosoever shall call on agents of accomplishing his de. the name of the Lord, (or Jeho. ligns in the works of providence vah,) shall be delivered,” is cited and grace. By them he commuand applied to Chrift, Rom. x. nicated instructions, and made 12, 13. Other passages of the revelations of future events, to same kind might doubtlefs be the patriarchs, propheta and apos. mentioned but these are sufficient tles. By them he hath inflicted for the purpose. These observa- terrible judgments on the world, tions, taken together, afford, I and wrought many falvations for think at least, a strong presumpt- his people. While the scriptures ive evidence, if not full and con- frequently introduce angels as em clufive proof, that when the name ployed in accomplishing the plealJehovah is used in the old tefta- ure of God, they sometimes in. ment, as pointing out the God troduce one with peculiar malo, of Israel, it has principai refer- of distinction and eminence, termence to the Meffiah, the Lord our ing him, THE ANGEL OF THE righteousness, afterwards incar- LORD. The sentiments proposed nate, or that the second person in to be exhibited on this character the Trinity, who is also called the will be suggested in attempting Logos or Word, and who was answers to the following questions. afterwards made flesh, was, by 1. Who is this angel of the way of eminence the Jehovah of Lord ? the old teftament. If thefe ob A reply to this enquiry will be fervations are juft, the divinity produced by considering the pasof Christ rests upon a foundation sages which introduce him, Gen. not to be taken, and these xvi. 7, 13. And the angel of the thoughts, if traced more fully, Lord said, Hagar, whence comeft no doubt tend to reflect additional thou-I will multiply thy feed exlight upon that important doc- ceedinglyAnd be called the name trine

, which lies so near the found of the Lord, Jehovah, who spake ation of the faith and hope of unto her. Thou God seeft me. true Christians.

T. Upon this passage two remarks

are very obvious. 1. This angel Thoughts on the Angel of the Lord. addressed and made promises to Thoughts on the Angel of the Lord. Hagar in terms proper only for MESS'RS EDITORS,

the true and all-fufficient God. I IF you judge the following will inultiply thy feed exceedingForthy of a place, you will pleafe ly. The same form of expresto insert it in your very useful | lion which God used to Abraham, magazine,

Ifaac and Jacob. And pronoun

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