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ced the promise to be fulfilled by his Judges xiii. and was so conversant own independent felf-lufficiency with the Ifraelites in the days of and power. 2. Hagar received this their kings and prophets.' By promifein full confidence,that it was these pallages it is moft manifest, made by the true God, ascribing that this angel of the Lord was to him omnipresence, a property that Almighty God, who was the originally divine and incommuni shield and exceeding great reward cable. And she called the name of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. of the Lord who spake to her, But as the ever blessed God, since Thou God seeít me.

Similar to the apostacy, has had no interthis is chap. xxi. 17–20. And course with mankind but thro' a the angel of the Lord called to her mediator, can we consistently apout of heaven and said, Arise lift ply this to any other than the fe. up the lad for I will make of him a cond person in the adorable trinity? great nation. Chap. xxii. 1, 2. Besides, as he is called the angel,

After these things God did tempt or messenger, of the Lord, to-unAbraham, and said, Take notu thy derstand or apply this to the divine Von--hjaac and offer him for a burnt nature in the first person of the offering.---ver. 13. And the angel of trinity would be a most decided the Lord called unto him out of beaven impropriety and abfurdity. and said, lay not thine hand upon Let us now consider some other the lad-ow I know that thou representations of him. Gen. viii, feared God seeing thou hast not with. 2. And the Lord appeared to him, beld tiine only fon from me. ver. Abraham, in the plains of Mamre, 15--17. And the angel of the Lord and he lifted up his


and looked called unto Abraham the second time and lo three men food by him-One and faid-By myself have 1 sworn, of these he addressed, My Lord faith the Lord that in blefling I if now I have found favor in thy will bless thee. This is quoted by fight-And he said lo, Sarah thy the apostle, Heb. vi. as the oath wife swall have a son~Is any thing of him, who, because he could too hard for the Lord— Joshua v. {wear by no greater, sware by him- 13. When Jofua was by Jericho, self-as the oath of the eternal that he lifted up his


and looked immutable God. Exod. ii. 1, 2. and there food a man over againsi And the angel of the Lord appeared him with his sword drawn in his unto him, Moses, in a flame of fire, hand-

And he said as captain of out of the midst of the bush and said, the host of the Lord* am I now I am the God of father the God come. And the captain of the of Abrahan, the God of Isaac, Lord's host said, loose thy shoe from and the God of Jacob. This is off thy foot for the ground whereon quoted by Chriit in Mark xii. 26. thou standest is holy. The same and Luke xx. 37. and applied to form of speech was addressed to the true God. There is good Moses by the angel of the Lord reasca to conclude, that it was in the bush, and manifested this the fame angel of the Lord who to be the same person. And from accompanied the Ifrealites in their the preceding obfervations have journcy from Egypt, Exod. xii. we not conclusive evidence, that 14. Who spake to Moses at Mount Sinai; Acts vii. 38 : who

Was not this the origin of the title addreñed the Isrealites, Judges ! addressed his people, The LORD ON

by which the most high so frequently i. I: wo appeared to Manoah, 'Hosto!

this angel of the Lord, was the , how feeble the faith even of those ETERNAL WORD the second per- who were waiting for the consolason in the blessed trinity, appear- tion of Israel, when the doctrine ing in a visible form--the same ma- was exhibited only by figurative jestic personage who, in a future promises, or obscure prophecies, period, would be made flesh and and as a very diftant event ?-And dwell among men and became our did not the compassionate Reglorious IMMANUEL? We may deemer from pity to the bewilder, now enquire,

ed state and the unstable faith of Secondly, For what purposes his people illustrate the polibility he made these appearances ? And of the event by assuming a visible may we not suppose the following form and cultivating a familiar

1. For the instruction, encour converse with them? If, when agement and comfort, of those to meditating on the important and whom he appeared. In times of glorious event, their unbelieving darkness and distress how oppor- hearts should say, how can thele tune and essential were the initruc-things be? how directly might tions and support which they re- their faith reply, but even now ceived from the angel of the Lord ? the Son of God favors us with Hagar in the wilderness, Abra- occasional and friendly visits, and ham at mount Moriah, Jacob at why may he not accomplish that, in Bethel, and under fearful appre- reality which he now doesin appearhensions from his brother Esau, ance? And if we derive fuch reand Moses with the Ifraelites at lief and comfort from these tranthe Red sea and in their journey fient visitations from him in our thro the wilderness to the land trials on earth, how desirable, how of promise.

glorious will eternal redemption 2. To reconcile their minds to from all evil be, in his presence, in that mysterious doctrine and heaven ? How natural and easy, event, the incarnation of the son in the mind's view, the transition of God. --The mystery of godli- from the appearance to the realness, God manifest in the Aeth, ity ?-How peculiarly adapted hath ever perplexed and confound-, were these appearances to convince ed the wisdom of the world. The and fatisfy their minds, of the incarnation and crucifixion of the possibility of the event and person of God hath never been di- suade their hearts to the belief of gested nor relithed by the unbe- it ?-May we not confder these lieving heart of man. In this age appearances, of mental improvement, how ma. 3. As so many earnests of his ny are offended at the doctrine of future incarnation, and defigned the cross ? Even among the cho to confirm the faith of his people sen, how many, like Thomas, are in it? After it was most graciously faithless and unbelieving ? If, in promised that the word Thould be the full blaze of evangelical truth, made flesh and dwell among men, and when the certainty of the fact were not those appearances so is fupported by the most demon- many practical affurances, that ftrative evidence, the human heart faithful was he who had promised is so sceptical, and the faith of who also would do it? And how the pious so apt to be misled, how mightily did they tend to confirm dark and unbelieving must have their faith in the sure accomplishbeen the state of the world, and ment of the promise? In the con

clusion of every interview, how it !-How adinirable his benevonaturally would they reflect and lence, his condescension his husay, God will affuredly taberna. mility and his grace ! How must cle with men ? Already he antici- he have endeared himself to anpates the event : We rejoice in gels and to men by such astonish. confidence of it.

ing and affecting displays of them! 4. To excite earnest expecta- | And must not, will not the retions and desires of his incarnation deemed, most affectionately and in their minds. If an explana. thankfully, ascribe blessing and tion of the prophecies respecting praise, for ever and ever, to him the appearance and sufferings of who has loved them, and washed the Mefliah, constrained the disci- them from their fins in his own ples to say, How did our hearts blood ! burn within us, while he talked

PEREGRINUS with us in the way, and opened to us the scriptures? how must SEVERAL communications, these personal interviews of the under the signature of Afthenes, redeemer to the patriarchs, have have been received from the ingenious inspired those who were looking and pious author of The Gospel a for redemption by him with glow- Do&rine according to Godliness," ing affection and ardent desires for which was published in fix numbers, his coming and kingdom, con in the first volume of this Magazine, straining them to pray ardently beginning at page 251. come Lord Jesus, come quickly ?

EXTRACT OF A LETTER TO THE In meditating on this subject,

EDITORS. we naturally reflect, How intent was the Son of God on the ardu.

66 GENTLEMEN, ous work of redemption ! Before AS I herewith transmit fev. the heavens were prepared, or the eral pieces with a view to the foundations of the earth were ap- Evangelical Magazine, provided pointed, he rejoiced in the habita- they shall be judged suitable for ble parts of the earth and his de- | that purpose, I beg to be indul. lights were with the sons of men. ged in some explanations, to acAs foon as there was occafion and count for the part I am acting, opportunity for his merciful inter- and to justify the request I am pofition, he commenced the glo- about to make. rious work and antecedent to the I have long been in very

low actual accomplishment of it, af. health, and during the last nine forded gracious aid to his chosen months preceding the beginning people, appearing to them and of this, almost wholly confined, converfing with them, and in his incapable of preaching, or visita love and pity he bore them, and ing my people, or performing any carried them all the days of old. public ministerial duty. How must this angel of the Lord Almost all that I have heretohave been absorbed in this won fore written, in any form, on rederful work, arduous as it was, ligious subjects, is interspersed that he should have so contempla. with so many characters and abted it, anticipated the actual per breviations, as to be of no use to formance by lo many previous ap- any but myself. Wishing to be pearances, and so incessantly pro not wholly useless in my confined

cuted, until he had completed and extremely feeble ftate, I con

ceived the design of employing very folemn and awakening truth, the small portion of time, in that all who fallentirely short of the which I am able to fit at my table character of the righteous as and handle my pen, in rescuing drawn in the 'scriptures, muft of from oblivion some of my former course be ranked among the wickcompositions, by making from ed, who are in the way to destructhem extracts and transcripts into tion. a legible hand, that my children, F. May I then use the freeat least, might be able to read dom to ask, whether you have them. I found I could do a little made the application to yourself, in this way, when too weak, in fo as to come to a satisfactory mind as well as body, to do any conclusion in your own mind, to thing to purpose in the way of new which of these great divifions of compositions. And whilt I am mankind you belong? incapable of addressing my fellow T. Alas! sir, I must readily creatures on the great things of acknowledge, that, according to religion in the usual way of my the plain tenor of the scriptures, calling, if I could furnish any I am constrained to view myself as thing adapted for their instruction, ranking among the wicked. improvernent or quickening, thro' F. Do you then entertain any the medium of the press, I hoped expectation of escaping the deI should not live altogether instruction to which the wicked are wain. I therefore put my extracts condemned in the word of God? in a form adapted to a magazine ! Have you any hope that you shall publication. Some of these I be saved ? now communicate ; and if these T. I confefs that, notwithshould prove acceptable, and my standing my present awful fitualife should be continued, I may tion, I have fome hope that I shall probably make further communi- be saved. cations."

F. Have you any reason for


F. What reason can you proSerious discourse between two neigh- tional, or well founded, and not

duce to show that your hope is rabors, Friendly and Thoughiful.

a mere fond presumption ? R. THOUGHT. Friend.

FUL pear to pay considerable attention which encourage me to hope that to the scriptures, I prefume you I shall be faved--some of which must have remarked, that, accord. I will mention, viz. “ Look uning to those facred writings, all to me, and be ye saved, all the mankind are comprised within two ends of the earth.-Ho, every general divifions, designated by one that thirfteth, come ye to the the general terms, the righteous waters, and he that hath no monand the wicked-Saints and finnersey, &c.—Seek ye the Lord while believers and unbelievers---chil. he may be found, call ye upon dren of God and children of the him while he is near. Let the devil.

wicked forfake his way, and the Thought. I have indeed often unrighteous man his thoughts ; noticed this, and viewed it as a and let him return unto the Lord, Vol. III, No. 3.


and he will have mercy upon him; | mouth of Christ himself, and faw
and to our God, for he will abun- many of his mighty works will,
dantly pardoa.-As I live faith in the day of judgment, be con-
the Lord God, I have no pleaf- demned to a more intolerable pun-
ure in the death of the wicked ; ifhment than the people of Sodom.
but that the wicked turn from F. Who of all the numerous
his way and live.--As Mofes lift- hearers of the gospel will be
ed up the serpent in the wilder- saved?
nefs, even so must the son of man T. They only who repent-
be lifted up ; that whosoever be who believe on the Lord Jesus
lieveth in him should not perish, Chrift—who receive the love of
but have eternal life. For God the truth, and obey the gospel
so loved the world, that he gave according to the plain and de-
his only begotten fon, that who- cisive language of inspiration,
foever believeth in him should not « Without holiness no man shall
perih, but have everlasting life. see the Lord.
For God fent not his son into the F. It appears then, that you
world to condemn the world ; have no reason to think you shall
but that the world through him be saved, unless you become a
might be saved.--God was in true penitent, a fincere believer,
Christ, reconciling the world unto a cordial friend to Jesus Christ, a
himself, not imputing their tref- subject of real holiness.
passes unto them.-As tho' God T. True ; I have not the least
did beseech you by us ; we pray reason to expect salvation upon
you in Christ's stead, be ye recon- any other fuppofition.
ciled to God. For he hath made F. But do you expect, that
hiin to be fin for us who knew no



your own ac. un; that we might be made the cord, or by your own exertions, righteousness of God in him. repent and believe, to the saving This is a faithful saying, and wor


foul ? thy of all acceptation, thai Chrift 7. Some appear to think they Jesus came into the world to save can and will repent and turn to finners ; of whom I am chief. God, when they find it indispen. -God our faviour, who will have sibly necessary, to escape impendall men to be saved, and to come ing destruction. And I once saw Junto the knowledge of the truth.” no reafon why I might not expect,

F. These and such like palla- by my earneft endeavors and more ges of sacred writ show, that fin- vigorous and pesevering exertions, ners may be saved, and indisputa- to accomplish such a reformation bly imply, that some will be fa- and clange, as would issue in fal. ved. But do you, fir, confider | vation; but alas, I have hitherto these and fimilar declarations as failed, totally failed, and am conjinplying or amounting to a prom- ftrained to confels, that from all jie of saivation to finners as such ? past and prefent experience of my Ordo you infer from them, that own heart, I fee no reason to think all mankind will be saved, or even I fall ever of myself come to reall under the light of the gospel ? pentance, or exercise the leaft de

T. By no means. The ferip- gree of true love to God, or gostures molt clearly and decidedly pel-holiness, but abundant reason teach the contrary,

Even some to conclude that I shall not, withwho heard the gospel from the out being firit moved to it and

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