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ten and cast into the dungeon. and faithfulness.

38. 1. Jeremiah, again cast into a 1245. Cruel treatment of prisoners

dungeon, is drawn out.

an unchristian practice.

38. 14. Zedekiah conferreth secretly 1246. That the fearful and unbe-

with Jeremiah.

lieving are the same.

39. i. Jerusalem is taken. The 1247. The equitable sentence

treatment of Zedekiah and Jere- which awaits all hereafter.


40. 1. Jeremiah repaireth to the new 1248. The providence of God over-

governor Gedaliah.

ruling the evil and the good.

41. 1. Ishmael slayeth Gedaliah, 1249. The abject condition to

but is put to flight by Johanan. which men are brought by sin.

42. 1. Jeremiah prayeth to God to 1250. The connexion of dissem-

direct the people.

bling and self deceit.

42. 13. The people are reproved for 1251. The infatuation of those who

dissembling in their hearts. choose a worldly life.

43. 1. Jeremiah is carried down to 1252. That we ought to bear wit-

Egypt, and prophesieth there. ness for Christ amongst the


44. 1. The remnant reproved for 1253. That repentance is not sure

their idolatry in Egypt.

to follow on affliction.

44. 15. The shameless avowal of 1254. The sure fulfilment of the

idolatry is severely rebuked. words of the Lord.

45. 1. Baruch being dejected is in- 1255. Against immoderate grief,

structed and consoled.

and worldly ambition.

46. 1. A great defeat of the host of 1256. That we ought to shrink

Egypt is foretold.

from sharing the lot of the world-

ly minded.


LECTURE 1257—1270.

46. 13. The conquest of Egypt by 1257. The comfort of viewing af-

Nebuchadrezzar is foretold. fliction as sent for our good.

47. 1. The desolation of the Philis- 1258. How far the scourge of war

tines by the sword is foretold. is of God's appointment.

48. 1. The desolation of the Moab- 1259. Of sincerity in our religious

ites is foretold.


48. 26. The desolation of Moab is 1260. God's mercy extends to

further foretold.

Gentiles as well as Jews.

49. 1. The desolation of Ammon and 1261. The worst of sinners need

of Edom.

not wholly despair.

49. 20. The judgments of Damascus, 1262. To God the future is no less

Kedar, Hazon, and Elam.

manifest than the past.

50. 1. The fall of Babylon. The 1263. Of examining what manner

redemption of God's people. of spirit we are of.

50. 17. The Babylonians must be 1264. The great advantage of be-

punished. The Israelites shall ing in covenant with God.

be pardoned.

50.33. The Redeemer of the Israel- 1265. The fulfilment of this pro-

ites. The fall of Babylon. phecy in the Babylon of these


51. 1. Babylon shall be destroyed in 1266. The great value of God's

revenge for Israel.

people in his sight.

51. 25. Several particulars in the 1267. We ought to reckon more

overthrow of Babylon.

than we do on God's righteous


51. 45. The prophecies against Ba- 1268. The duty of coming out

bylon are committed to Seraiah. from the Babylon of the Gospel.

52. 1. Zedekiah's rebellion. The 1269. The peril of wilfully doing

spoiling of God's house.

evil in the sight of the Lord.

52.24. The people are taken captive. 1270. Of cherishing a good hope

Jehoiakim is set free.

of God's mercy through Christ.


LECTURE 1271–1278.
1. 1. Jeremiah bewaileth the cala- 1271. How we must mourn, in
mity of Jerusalem.

order to be comforted.
1. 12. Jerusalem bewaileth her fall, 1272. Particulars which give evi-
confesseth and prayeth.

dence of godly sorrow.
2. 1. Many particulars in the misery 1273. Of standing in awe of the
of Jerusalem.

terrors of the Lord.
2. 13. The prophet seeketh to com- 1274. Contrition and supplication
fort Zion in her sorrow.

sources of comfort.
3. 1. The prophet in affliction ex- 1275. The right use to be made of

presseth humility and hope. adversity.
3. 27. The mercifulness of God in 1276. Our sufferings made to work
chastening his people.

for our good through Christ.
4. 1. The grievous punishment of 1277. The fulfilment of God's pro-

Zion's iniquity; and its end. mises to his people.
5. 1. The people of God make their 1278. The advantage of medita-

complaint to Him with prayer. ting on the terrors of eternity.


LECTURE 1279—1303.

1. 1. The word of the Lord com- 1279. Our guilt, and need of Christ

eth to Ezekiel.

to save us.

1. 4. The vision of the likeness of 1280. The works of creation re-

four living creatures.

garded as divine emblems.

1. 15. The vision of the four wheels, 1281. The reverence inspired by

and of the throne.

the glory of the Lord.

2. 1. Ezekiel is commissioned to 1282. The divine authority of God's

warn Israel in God's name.

word and ministers.

3. 1. Ezekiel in his vision eateth 1283. God is glorified by the faith-

the roll; and is encouraged. ful ministry of his word.

3. 15. Ezekiel is made a watchman 1284. The privilege of having the

unto the house of Israel.

Gospel ministered unto us.

4. 1. Ezekiel is made to typify 1285. The loathsome nature and

the siege of Jerusalem.

effects of sin.

5. 1. The hair of Ezekiel's head is 1286. The responsibility of our na-

made a symbol of destruction. tional and religious privileges.

6. 1. Israel is to be punished at 1287. The justice of God's judg-

the places of idolatry.

ments against sinners.

7. 1. The destruction of all through- 1288. The misery of being without

out the land is foretold.

hope of God's mercy.

7. 16. The universal destruction is 1289. That the means of grace

further foretold.

must be used in good time.

8. 1. The visions of idol worship 1290. The objects of idolatry con-

in the temple.

trasted with the true God.

9. 1. The vision of six men slaying, 1291. God puts an eternal differ-

and one who marked for life. ence between the good and evil.

10, 1. The vision of the cherubim 1292. The holiness and happiness

and coals of fire.

of heaven.

11. 1. The presumptuous princes 1293. The goodness of God in the

of Israel are warned.

ascension of Christ.

12. 1. The typical removal of Eze- 1294. The convictions arising from

kiel and his goods.

prophecy fulfilled.

12. 17. Ezekiel's taking his meals 1295. That the judgments of God

with trembling, as a sign.

are sure to be fulfilled.

13. 1. False prophets and false 1296. The danger of encouraging

prophetesses are denounced. sinners in their sins.

14. 1. That no intercession for 1297. God will cause good to arise

idolatrous Israel will avail.

from his sore judgments.

15. 1. Jerusalem is likened to an 1298. Points of resemblance be-

unfruitful vine tree.

tween the church and a vine.

16. 1. The abominations of Jeru- 1299. The hatefulness and loath-

salem described as adulteries, someness of sin in God's people.

16. 23. The excesses of Jerusalem 1300. Of abhorring all idolatry in

in the foul practice of idolatry. the Christian church.

16. 44. Jerusalem is pronounced 1301. The encouragement to re-

worse than Sodom and Samaria. pentance afforded by God's mercy.

17. 1. The parable of two eagles, 1302. The gain of humbly submit-

the cedar and the vine.

ting to God's will.

17. 11. The application of the fore- 1303. Whilst men violate their

going parable.

oaths, God fulfils his word.



EZEKIEL 18–30.

LECTURE 1304-1328.

18. 1. The Lord declareth by the 1304. That the soul which sins is

prophet his rule of judgment. sentenced to death.

18. 19. The Lord she weth the equity 1305. The assurance of pardon to

of his dealings.

penitent sinners.

19. 1. A lamentation over Jeru- 1306. All man's miseries are the

salem and her princes.

consequence of sin.

20. 1. The Lord will not be con- 1307. That God has redeemed us

sulted by the elders of Israel. for the honour of his name.

20. 15. The elders of Israel are 1308. Of renouncing the sins of

further reproved.

our forefathers.

20. 33. A promise of restoration for 1309. That it is profitable to look

captive Israel.

for the restoration of the Jews.

21. i. The sword of the Lord is 1310. Sin hardens the heart against

prepared against Jerusalem.

the terrors of the Lord.

21. 18. The slaughter of the Jews 1311. That the crown of David

and of the Ammonites foretold. was reserved for Christ.

22. 1. The sins of Jerusalem, and 1312. Of the crying sins prevalent

their punishment.

in our own land.

22. 17. The house of Israel for its 1313. Praise due to God that for

sins must be treated as dross. us an atonement has been made.

23. 1. Samaria and Jerusalem de- 1314. The abhorrence we ought to

scribed as Aholah and Aholibah. feel towards idolatry.

23. 22. The plagues as well as sin 1315. The prevalence of idolatry

of Aholibah.

in Christendom.

23. 36. The idolatries of the Israel- 1316. The sin of Christians who

ites exposed and denounced. idolize the world,

24. 1. The parable of the caldron 1317. That God will surely punish

on the fire.

as He threatens.

24. 15. The death of Ezekiel's wife; 1318. The subdued grief of devout

his behaviour, and its meaning. Christians, in the cause of God.

25. 1. Prophecies against Ammon, 1319. The sin of rejoicing in harm

Moab, Edom, and Philistia. befalling others.

26. 1. A prophecy of the destruc- 1320. Against hoping to gain by

tion of Tyre.

the losses of our neighbours.

27. 1. The riches of Tyre from 1321. The peril of being proud of

various sources described.

our natural advantages.

27. 26. The thorough ruin of Tyre 1322. How to prevent national

is described.


28. 1. The prince of Tyrus is so- 1323. The power and goodness of

lemnly denounced.

Godshewnin the fallof the mighty.

28. 20. The judgment of Zidon. 1324. God's goodness in restoring

The restoration of Israel.

us, a motive to renewed holiness.

29. 1. The judgment of Pharaoh 1325. The dispersed Egyptians an

and of the Egyptians.

evidence of God's word.

29. 13. The sentence of Egypt. 1326. God's goodness in choosing

The restoration of Israel,

us, and hisjustice in rewarding us.

30. 1. The allies and the cities of 1327. Reflexions on the remaining

Egypt are severally threatened.

ruins of ancient Egypt.

30. 20. Babylon is appointed to 1328. God in his providence over-

overthrow Egypt.

rules all for good.

Ezekiel 31–44.

Lecture 1329_1353.

31. 1. The fall of Assyria is a 1329. They who exalt themselves

warning to Egypt.

will be brought low.

32. 1. A lamentation for Pharaoh 1330. God's goodness does not

king of Egypt.

fail with man's enjoyment of it.

32. 17. Egypt must be destroyed 1331. How far earthly power is an

like the nations before it.

image of divine might.

33. 1. Ezekiel is instructed in his 1332. Sinners encouraged to re-

duty as a watchman.

pent,the righteous urged to watch.

33. 21. Ezekiel reneweth his pro- 1333. How many hear God's word

phesying to the Israelites.

without doing it.

34. 1. The shepherds of Israel are 1334. The goodness of God as the

denounced for their rapacity. Shepherd of mankind.

34. 17. The sins of the flock denounc- 1335. How the kingdom of Christ

ed. Peace and plenty promised. is realized amongst us.

35. 1. The judgment of Mount 1336. The peril of being at enmity

Seir for hatred towards Israel. with God.

36. 1. The mountains and valleys 1337. That a future renewal of this

of Israel are comforted.

earth is probable.

36. 16. The causes of the rejection 1338. That it is well to call our

and restoration of Israel.

past sins to remembrance.

37. 1. The vision of the valley of 1339. The comfort of knowing that

dry bones that revived.

God will open our graves.

37. 15. The stick of Joseph shall be 1340. That we are admitted to the

united to that of Judah.

privileges here set forth.

38. 1. The prophecy against Gog. 1341. God's superintending provi-


38. 14. The sentence passed upon 1342. The glory of God, and the


privilege of his people.

39. 1. The slaughter and burial of 1343. That upon the whole good

Gog's people.

results from evil.

39. 17. God shall be glorified in the 1344. Of living to the praise of

deliverance of Israel.

Him who has redeemed us.

40. 1. The vision of a man mea- 1345. What we may learn from

suring with line and staff.

the hard places of Scripture.

40. 6. The east, north, and south 1346. That each must do his own

gates are measured.

part in the edifying of the church.

40. 32. The tables, chambers, and 1347. The joy of believing in the

porch of the house.

atonement of Christ.

41. 1. Of the side chambers and 1348. The extent and union of the

other portions of the house. Christian church.

41. 13. Of the ornaments of the 1349. The use and abuse of em-

house; and the altar of wood. blematic images.

42. 1. The chambers for the priests, 1350. The simplicity inculcated in

and the outer court.

Christian devotion.

43. 1. The glory of God is seen to 1351. That God sometimes pro-

come into the temple.

mises and appointsconditionally.

43. 12. The law of the house. The 1352. The holiness which becomes

ordinances of the altar.


44. 1. Of the east gate, and of the 1353. Outward ordinances and in-

Levites that went astray.

ward piety.

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