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LECTURE 1257-1270.


1. 1. Jeremiah bewaileth the cala-
mity of Jerusalem.

LECTURE 1271-1278.
1271. How we must mourn, in
order to be comforted.

1. 12. Jerusalem bewaileth her fall, 1272. Particulars which give evi-

confesseth and prayeth.

2. 1. Many particulars in the misery
of Jerusalem.

2. 13. The prophet seeketh to com-

fort Zion in her sorrow.
3. 1. The prophet in affliction ex-
presseth humility and hope.
3. 27. The mercifulness of God in
chastening his people.
4. 1. The grievous punishment of
Zion's iniquity; and its end.
5. 1. The people of God make their
complaint to Him with prayer.

dence of godly sorrow.

1273. Of standing in awe of the
terrors of the Lord.

1274. Contrition and supplication
sources of comfort.

1275. The right use to be made of

1276. Our sufferings made to work

for our good through Christ.
1277. The fulfilment of God's pro-
mises to his people.
1278. The advantage of medita-
ting on the terrors of eternity.


LECTURE 1279-1303.

EZEKIEL 18-30.

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EZEKIEL 31-44.

LECTURE 1329-1353.

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