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LECTURE 1354-1362.
1354. The functions of the Chris-
tian ministry marked by simpli-

1355. The wisdom of providing for
God's service first of all.
1356. Princes and their subjects
dealt with alike in Scripture.
1357. What distinctions are allow-
able between men, and what not.
1358. The supreme importance of
all relating to Christ.

1359. The grace of the Gospel

compared to living waters.
1360. The excellency of our inhe-
ritance in the Gospel.

1361. The good things provided
for the Christian church.
1362. How much we lose for lack
of faith and devotion.

DANIEL 7-12.

7. 1. Daniel's vision of the four
beasts, and of the kingdom of

LECTURE 1377-1387.

1377. Of looking forward by faith
to the manifestation of Christ's

7. 15. The vision of the four beasts 1378. Of watching that we live as
is interpreted.

Christ's subjects.

8. 1. Daniel's vision of the ram and 1379. The miserable case of Ma-
hometan countries.

the he goat.
8. 15. The vision of the ram and he 1380. The application of this vision

goat is interpreted.

9. 1. Daniel pleadeth for the re-
demption of Israel.

9. 20. Gabriel informeth Daniel of
the seventy weeks.

10. 1. Daniel having mourned and
fasted seeth a vision.
11. 1. The prophetic history of the
kings of the north and the south.
11. 15. The prophetic history of
Syria and Egypt is continued.
11. 30. Of the king that shall do
according to his will.

12. 1. The resurrection of the
dead. The end of these wonders.

to Mahometanism.

1381. Of doing every thing for

the Lord's sake.

1382. The conclusions suggested
by prophecy fulfilled:
1383. That God can enable us to

enjoy the presence of angels.
1384. The comfort of knowing that
God rules over all.

1385. Of being prepared to risk

our lives for the truth's sake.
1386. That we must resolve to

honour the God of our fathers.
1387. Of waiting patiently for the
fulfilment of God's sure word.

HOSEA 1--10.

LECTURE 1388-1398.

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1. 1. The destruction of Edom is 1416. Of regarding all men as bre-


1. 17. The house of Jacob shall be 1417. Of kindling faith and love
delivered and restored.

in each other.

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LECTURE 1429-1431.

1429. The manifestation of God's
attributes in the day of judgment.

2. 1. The siege of Nineveh; its 1430. Of endeavouring to advance

spoiling, and desolation.

3. 1. The crimes and punishment
of Nineveh are declared.


1. 1. The prophet deploreth the
prosperity of evil doers.

2. 1. God's government of the

world is shewn to be just.

8. 1. A devotional hymn of prayer
and praise.


1. 1. Zephaniah proclaimeth God's
judgments against Judah.

in holiness continually.

1431. That the tidings of God's
judgment are glad tidings.

LECTURE 1432-1434.
1432. The wickedness of vanity,
the holiness of God.

1433. Of living by faith in things

1434. Of praying with resignation
and rejoicing in God's glory.

LECTURE 1435-1437.
1435. Of taking warning from the
judgments here set down.

2. 1. Exhortations in reference to 1436. Of seeking the Lord, on the

the judgments threatened.

approach of his day.

3. 1. Promises of good things to 1437. God's love for his redeemed;
come after tribulation.

their joy and glory.

1. 1. The Jews on being reproved
proceed with the temple.

1438. We gain by doing God's
work rather than our own.


1. 1. The corruptions of the temple
service are reproved.

2. 1. The priests are rebuked.
Divorces are denounced.

3. 1. Of the Messiah and his mes-
senger, and the coming judgment.
4. 1. The rising of the Sun of right-
eousness. The mission of Elijah.

LECTURE 1457-1460.
1457. The worship wherewith we
stand pledged to serve God.
1458. The divine sanction of the
marriage covenant.

1459. That neither God nor his
word is variable.
1460. The commandments and
promises of both Testaments.

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