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—And this is that which frets their reverences so much; and will, to the end of time, furnish us with new volumes of sermons.—

— However disgusting to the eye the straight line may appear, yet any digression from it, which, after a little curve, reverts into it; becomes a pleasing form ; — and should digressions intersect the straight line on the other side also, the whole united, takes nearly the figure of Mercury's Ca-.. duceus, which is indisputably the true serpentine, and the finest model to write by;—and besides, being perfectly antique, you had better 'go to bed, be you who you will, than open your mouth against it.—

—Having said thus much in support of an author's privilege, and at the fame time, in favor of occasional B 3 digressions, digreffions, not only in my own work,*— but in any work, — or in every work, — I beseech the reader, should he chance to see me set off on a sudden,, thaf he would not halloo after me, but that he will conclude, I am in pursuit of something for his service,— and consider that every writer knows,, or should know, his way home, and: is bound to take care of his ownneck.—

—And now, Courteous Reader, let us set forward once more together. —If thou really hast a claim to the appellation I have given thee, thou art just the person I am looking for,, whenever I set pen to paper :—but if, on the contrary, thou hast refined away thy power of being pleased ;— if thou canst sacrifice thy feelings to rules,—and be out of humour at


every little thing that may happen amiss—e'en let us separate the first sliort turning we come to; for I would not travel with thee, though thou ihouldst defray my expences to the world's end.—

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T WISH, from my heart, I had given 'it the gentleman, thought I!—as a person who sat next to me at LangFord's, was chaffering for a book, which he wished for, in a lot of several I had just bought, — for whilst he was pestering me about proportioning the purchase money, I inattentively missed another lot that soon followed, which was a very scarce Spanish romance, I had long been in quest of, and had come purposely to buy; which was snapped up by a book-fancier, merely on account of its scarcity, for he knew not a word of the language it was wrote in.—

I am at this instant almost in the fame situation -, for while I have been

capitulating capitulating with the reader,—Or as the law would term it, settling articles of agreement with him, here is the devil and all to do in Margate;—half a dozen men tied up in sacks, and hopping for a pig—three jack-asses running for a Cheshire cheese, and a smock-race on the sands,—and all the world there,—whilst the prize, decorated with ribbands, is carried in procession on a pole, like a popish relique.—Every circumstance of life is proportionate ;—the Golden Pippin on Mount Ida did not more agitate the three Celestial competitors, than this little object did our three terrestrial ones here.—Happy Ihe who conquers! —as the lass with a shift to her back,. stands a far better chance for preferment, than she who has none.—And fee the victrix has it flipped over her


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