History of the French revolution, and of the wars resulting from that memorable event. 11 vols. [in 12. Wanting the title-leaves of vol.4,5,8].

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Page 242 - One might imagine all the states of Europe and Asia had sent a building, by way of representative, to Moscow; and under this impression the eye is presented with deputies from all countries holding congress : timber huts from regions beyond the Arctic ; plastered palaces from Sweden and Denmark, not whitewashed since their arrival; painted walls from the Tyrol ; mosques from Constantinople ; Tartar temples...
Page 171 - Against this course of conduct, the real cause of the present War, the Prince Regent solemnly protests. Whilst contending against France, in defence not only of the liberties of Great Britain, but of the World, His Royal Highness was entitled to look for a far different result. From their common origin, from their common...
Page 242 - ... gate. Having passed, you look about, and wonder what is become of the city , or where you are ; and are ready to ask once more, How far is it to Moscow ? They will tell you,
Page 6 - My Lords and Gentlemen, — I receive the communication which the two houses have directed you to make to me, of their joint resolutions, on the subject of providing for ' the exercise of the royal authority, during his majesty's illness,' with those sentiments of regard which I must ever entertain for th united desires of the two houses.
Page 453 - ... new landholders, the means of rendering those cares almost superfluous. He engages, however, to interdict all proceedings by the tribunals, contrary to such settlements, —to encourage voluntary arrangements, and, on the part of himself and his family, to set the example of all those sacrifices which may contribute to the repose of France, and the sincere union of all Frenchmen. " The king has guarantied to the army the...
Page 298 - I went by, and lo, he was gone : I sought him, but his place could no where be found.
Page 151 - ... deed, or sign, under the penalty of being sent out of the world by the first brother who shall meet me, and my name and character blotted out of existence, and never to be remembered but with contempt and abhorrence; and I further...
Page 74 - ... and infirm, of the temples dedicated to the worship of the Most High $ the innocent blood of so many peaceful citizens of both sexes, and of all ages, with which those heaps of ruins are still tinged ; the insults of every kind heaped upon those whom the Vandals did not deprive of life— insults many times more cruel than death itself ; the universal devastation of the...
Page 9 - An Act for the more effectual preserving the King's Person and Government, by disabling Papists from sitting in either House of Parliament.
Page 7 - In undertaking the trust proposed to me, I am well aware of the difficulties of the situation in which I shall be placed, but I shall rely with confidence upon the constitutional advice of an enlightened parliament, and the zealous support of a generous and loyal people. I will use all the means left to me to merit both.

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