Transactions of the ... Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, Volume 47

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American Institute of Homoeopathy., 1894 - Homeopathy

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Report on Medical Legislation by F H Orme M D
Appointment of a Member of the Committee on Medical Legislation
Discussion on Medical Education
Notice of Two Amendments to the Constitution
Discussion on the Proposed Amendment to the ByLaws
Subscriptions to the Habnemann Monument Fund
Report of the Committee on Organization Registration and Statistics
Proposed Amendment to ByLaws Negatived
Resolution in Relation to Improvement of HealthOffice Records
Resolution Relating to Homeopathic Chairs in State Universities Adopted
Resolution Recommending a Reorganization of Homeopathic Faculty of Michi
Report of the Treasurer and Auditing Committee
Resolution Relating to Applicants for Membership Presented and Referred
Register of Members in Attendance
Visitors in Attendance
The Danger to Homeopathy by H C Allen M D
And Therapeutics by T C Duncan M D
Spigelia by T H Hudson M D
The Indicated Remedy in Surgical Practice by Howard Crutcher M D
An Introduction to the Study of Natrum Muriaticum by Samuel
The Picture as Seen from Different Standpoints by George Royal M D
Sectional TopicHow to Teach and How to Learn Materia Medica
Report of the Section in Clinical Medicine and Pathology
Scarlet Fever by W H Hanchett M D
Multiple Stethoscope for Teachers of Physical Diagnosis by Thomas
PseudoMembranous LaryngitisIts Medicinal and Mechanical Treat
Know About Hahnemanns Organon by T P Wilson M D
Allopathic and Homæopathic Treatment of Pneumonia by C Wessel

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Page 281 - MAY I join the choir invisible Of those immortal dead who live again In minds made better by their presence : live In pulses stirred to generosity, In deeds of daring rectitude, in scorn For miserable aims that end with self. In thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars, And with their mild persistence urge man's search To vaster issues.
Page 281 - This is life to come, Which martyred men have made more glorious For us who strive to follow. May I reach That purest heaven, be to other souls The cup of strength in some great agony, Enkindle generous ardor, feed pure love, Beget the smiles that have no cruelty, Be the sweet presence of a good diffused, And in diffusion ever more intense. So shall I join the choir invisible Whose music is the gladness of the world.
Page 149 - ... county, shall show, or send by registered mail to the clerk of such other county, his certificate of registration. If such certificate clearly shows that the original registration was of an authority issued under seal by the regents, or if the certificate itself is indorsed by the regents as entitled to registration, the clerk shall thereupon register the applicant in the latter county, on receipt of a fee of twenty-five cents, and shall stamp or indorse on such certificate the date and his name...
Page 142 - Has studied medicine not less than four full school years of at least nine months each, including four satisfactory courses of at least six months each in four different calendar years in a medical school registered as maintaining at the time a satisfactory standard.
Page 148 - A practising physician having registered a lawful authority to practice medicine in one county, and removing such practice or part thereof to another county, or regularly engaging in practice or opening an office in another county, shall show or send by registered mail to the clerk of such other county, his certificate of registration. If such certificate clearly shows that the original registration was of an authority issued under seal by the regents, or if the certificate itself is indorsed by...
Page 332 - ... the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure.
Page 147 - University under seal and shall be signed by each acting medical examiner of the board selected and by the officer of the University who approved the credential which admitted the candidate to examination, and shall state that the licensee has given satisfactory evidence of fitness as to age, character, preliminary and...
Page 227 - It is derogatory to the dignity of the profession to resort to public advertisements, or private cards, or handbills, inviting the attention of individuals affected with particular diseases...
Page 150 - The degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine shall not be conferred in this State before the candidate has filed with the institution conferring it the certificate of the regents that before beginning the first annual medical course counted toward the degree unless matriculated conditionally as hereinafter specified...
Page 153 - Applicants examined and licensed by other state examining boards registered by the regents as maintaining standards not lower than those provided by this article and applicants who matriculated in a New York state medical school before June 5, 1890, and...

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