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islands have no other bread.

They also make their cloth of the bark.

There is a tree called caoutehouc, belonging to this class, from which India rubber is taken; how is it taken from the tree? It issues from the bark by incision, in a milky liquid which hardens in the air.

For what is it used? It is made into shoes, which are useful to keep the feet dry, as the water cannot penetrate it.

Class 22.- The misletoe belongs to the 22d class, called dioecia; how does this grow? It grows

from the bark of other trees, and will not grow in the ground.

Class 23.-The figtree belongs to the 23d class, which is called polygamia,—where is this found ? In the south of Europe, in the Indies, and southern states.

For what is it useful? For its fruit, which is very delicious and wholesome.


When the picture of an animal is presented to children, it will not fail to excite their curiosity and enlist their attention to whatever may be said respecting it. The questions on the peculiar properties, and use, of various animals should be asked, while the picture of the animal is before them.

Has God made many kinds of animals? He has made various beasts to range the field, and numerous kinds of fowls to fly in the air, fishes and monsters which swim and play in the deep waters, and myriads of insects which are animated with the genial rays of the sun.

What animals are called quadrupeds ? Every kind, that walk on four feet are quadrupeds.

How many species of quadrupeds are there! Nearly four hundred have been noticed.

What are bipeds? Animals which walk on two feet.
What animals walk on two feet? Birds.
What animals have no feet? Fishes and serpents.

What animals are called aquatic? Such as inhabit the water.

What animals are called amphibious? Those which can live in water or on the land, as they choose; such animals usually have webbed feet which they can spread open like a fan; these help them to swiin.

What are the animals called which fly in the air? Volatiles.

What are those animals called which catch and eat other animals? Predacious.

What are those animals called which are fierce, and will kill men and other animals? Ferocious.

What are those which are easily caught, and used; and will not hurt any one? Tame and harmless,

What are those called, which feed on grain and vegetables? Granivorous.

What are those called which feed on flesh? Carnivorous.

What are those called which swallow their food and raiseat again to chew it? Ruminant.

What are the claws of ferocious birds called? Talons.

What are those birds called which fly off to warm countries when the cold season approaches, and return when the warm season arrives?

What are called poultry? Those which live in farmers’ yards.

What does God say in his word about his knowledge of the animals? Every beast of the field is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills; I know all the fowls of the mountains.

Birds of passage.


What kind of animal is the elephant? Granivorous.

How Jarge is the elephant? It is the largest land animal that is known.

What is the height of the elephant? Twelve or fifteen feet.

Is it the strongest animal? It is. Onė elephant will draw as much as six horses.

Can this large animal run? It can outrun the horse.

What does it know? It knows more than any other animal

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For what is it most valued? The ivory which is made of its teeth.

How large are its teeth? One will weigh four pounds and a half.

What is the use of its trunk? It is used as an arm and hand.

How long does the elephant live?. More than 100 years.

In what country is it found? In Africa and Asia.


What kind of animal is the buffalo? It resembles the COW. Is it harmless as the cow? It is


formidable when wild, and will kill men and other animals with its horns; but it is easily tamed. For what is it useful? It is used for labor like th

and is very strong. Is its flesh good for food? In Italy the people use its flesh for meat, and make butter and cheese of its milk.

Is its skin useful? It is very useful, as it makes the strongest leather, and is also used with the hair on, blankets.




Is the cow a useful animal? Yes; every part of the cow is useful.

For what is the cow's milk useful? To make butter and cheese.

But when the cow is killed is it of any use? It is of very great use.

What is its flesh called? Beef-which we often eat for food; and minced pies are made of it.

For what is the skin useful? Leather is made of it.

For what is leather used? Boots and shoes are made of it, bridles and other harness for horses.

For what are the bones useful? Handles for brushes, such as tooth-brushes and nail-brushes are made of them. Are the horns of any use? Of the horns they make salt-spoons, combs, buttons and many other things.

Is the blood of any use? Yes; it is used to purify sugar.-Candles are made of the tallow.-The feet af ford an excellent oil called neat's foot.-Glue is made of the cartilages and gristles.-From one of its diseases man has obtained great benefit, viz. the kine pox.-Its hair, mixed with lime, is used in plastering.–From the general utility of the cow, the Egyptians were led to worship it.

Was not this sinful? It was;-they should have loved and worshipped God who made the cow for our use.


Is the horse a beautiful animal? He is very beautiful.

What is his disposition? Generous, kind, and obedient.

Should we then be kind and pitiful to the horse? We should.. It is wicked to abuse him.

Is the horse useful? Very useful both for business and for pleasure.

Where does the horse enjoy his native freedom? In some parts of Africa, Arabia and South America, they may be seen in droves of 5 or 600, feeding together. One stands at the outside to give notice of approaching danger.—When danger appears, he gives the alarm by a loud snort, when the whole herd run off very swiftly.

To what age does the horse live? From 20 to. 25 years.

How are people and children sometimes hurt by the horse? By a blow from its heels. It will kick with great violence so as to kill a person in a moment..

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What is that with which the sheep is clothed? Woo).

For what is wool useful? Our warm clothes are made of it.

Is the flesh of the sheep good for food? It is, and is called mutton.

Is the skin useful? Yes; parchment, gloves and morocco are made of it. The entrails are made into strings for musical instruments, Milk and butter are sometimes produced from the sheep.

What is its disposition? Mild and harmless.

A lamb was chosen for sacrifice, to be a type of Christ;-being an animal best fitted to denote the purity, gentleness, harmlessless and patience of the Redeemer.

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What kind of animal is the cat? A small carnivorous animal.

For what is a cat useful? To destroy rats and mice.

When can a cat see best? In twilight, which is the time it catches its prey.

Is the cat prone to fight? It is. What time does it choose for fighting? The night. What does it fight with? With its claws and teeth. Will cats hurt you if you treat them kindly? They will not.

I like the pussy, her coat is so warm,
And if I don't hurt her she'll do me no harm;
So I 'll not pull her tail, nor drive her away,
But pussy and I very gently will play;
She shall sit by my side, and I'll give her some food,
And she will love me, if I'm gentle and good.


What is the squirrel? A very pretty animal, not so big as a cat, and quite harmless.

Where does it live? In woods, and makes its nest in hollow trees.

What is its food? Fruits and nuts.
Does it lay in a store for winter? It does.

What should this teach us? To prepare for a future state.

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