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It jumps

Does it usually run on the ground? No. from one tree to another.

For what is it useful? Its flesh is delicious meat. and the lur with which it is covered is useful.


What is the lion styled? The lord of the forest.
How does he appear: Very bold, and majestic.

What does his roaring resemble? The sound of thunder; and all other animals are frightened when they hear him.

What color is he? A tawny yellow.
To what age does he live? 60 or 70 years.

Where is the lion found? In the hottest regions of Asia and Africa.

How large is he? About 4 feet in height and 8 in length.


What kind of animal is the bear? Very ferocious but r. t carnivorous.

What is his coler? Black, in this climate; in the cold climates he is white,

What places does he inhabit? He liyes among the most lonely wilds and rocks, in the darkest woods.

What is his peculiar manner of life? He becomes very fat in summer-in winter he crawls into his den, and remains several weeks without eating anything.

For what are bear's useful? For meat, tat and fur.

Why did God send bears from the woods to kill a number of children? Because they mocked a good old mall, and called him by iil names.

How should children treat aged people? With respect and kindness and listen to what they say.


What can you tell me of the deer? It is a very beautiful and harmless aniinal, and runs very swiftly.

For what is it useful? The skin makes a soft and strong leather, which is made into gloves and shoes; their tiesh makes delicious meat.

What is the meat called? Venison. Its horns are useful in making kuife-handles and other articles.

Butter and cheese are sometinies made of its milk. To what age does it live?

35 or 40 years. What does the deer use for food? It eats the stalks, leaves and moss of trees.

What are the other animals of the deer kind called? Fallow deer, reindeer, roebuck, moose; elk.

Where are these animals found? In alınost all parts of the earth where there are large forests for them to range.


For what is the dog useful? He is a faithful servant to man, and as he is permitted to accompany him, he feels proud, and above all other animals.-He is useful to defend his master's


and property Does the dog know more than most other animals? He does; he loves and obeys his master, and always does what he is bid.

T. I hope my dear children will not suffer the dog to surpass them in obedience.

I'll never hurt a little dog,

But stroke and pat his head;
I like to see the joy he shows,

I like to see him fed.

Poor little dogs are very good,

And very useful too,
For do you know that they will mind

What they are told to do?


What kind of animal is the beaver? It is amphibions.

For what is the beaver remarkable? For skill and industry.

In forming

In what does its conduct resemble man? societies to do a great work, Two or three hundred of them all work together in building their houses, and when they have finished them, each family keeps to its own house.

Where do they build their houses? By the water side, as they are very fond of bathing.

How do they build them? They make them very nice with three rooms, one above another.

Of what do they make their houses? Of sticks of wood. They plaster them with clay, and keep them very clean, the houses are round like an oven. Each beaver has a bed of moss to sleep on, and a store of food.

What is their food? The bark of trees and small sticks, which they pile up very nicely.

Do they ever quarrel? No, they live in peace and appear quite happy.

Does it make children unhappy to quarrel?. It does; It is better to work, and live in peace as the beaver does.

Do men sometimes disturb their peace, and kill them? They do, to get their skins, which have fur on them, which is useful in making hats; they also procure from the beaver a medicine called castoreum, which is found in bags of skin as large as an egg.

How large is the beaver? It is as large as a common sized dog, but very different in its form. Its teeth are remarkable for cutting. It will cut off large trees with its teeth to make dams across the water.

Who has taught the beaver to do these things? It is God, who made all creatures, and guides them by his wisdom.


What ill looking creature is this? It is a camel.

Is it naughty because it looks ugly? Ono, it is a very good animal.

What is it good for? It will obey its master and carry great loads of goods.

Of what other use is the camel? It gives milk which is good for food, and its hair is used to make clothing.

Where is this animal found? . In Asia and Africa.
How tall is the camel? Six or seven feet.
Where is it most useful? In the deserts of Arabia.

What is a desert? It is a large country of sand, where no grass or trees grow, and no streams of water

Can camels travel in the desert without drinking water? They can drink enough at one time to last thein several weeks.

How long does it take them to cross the desert? Sometimes they travel several months before they get



What do they do for drink then? Their masters sometimes go out of their way soine distance to find water.

Can' camels smell water before they see it? They will smell water a mile off, and travel very fast till they come to it.

Does one man go alone with his camel and carry goods across the desert? No, they are afraid to go alone, because of the robbers.

Who are these robbers? Wicked men in Arabia, who catch people in the deserts and take away their goods.

How many men travel together in these deserts? Sometimes 1000 men with their camels go together.

What is a company of men and camels called? A caravan.

How much can one camel carry? . A large camel will carry 1000 lbs.

How do men put so great a load upon their high backs? The camel kneels down so low, when his master bids him, that it is easy to put on the load. What will the camel do if they put too heavy a load

He will cry loudly, and will not rise till a part of it is taken off.

Do their masters drive them with a whip, as they do the horse? No, they do not whip them, they sing or

on him?

whistle to make them go, and the louder they sing, the faster they will go.

Will they stop when their masters stop singing? They will. If their masters begin to sing to them, they must continue singing till night, or they cannot make them go.

What did Joseph's brethren do, when they saw such a company of men and camels coming? They drew up Joseph out of the pit and sold him to the men, who were going to Egypt.


How does the tiger appear? He resembles the cat in form, but is much larger.

Will he permit you to stroke him as puss does? No, he is so ferocious and cruel, that people are afraid to be near him.

Does he kill persons? He does; he loves blood; he will kill and suck the blood of every creature he can catch.

How large is the tiger? As large as a lion, four feet high, and eight or ten feet long.

Is he a beautiful animal? He is very beautiful; his hair is so smooth it shines; his color is a bright yellow, striped with black.

Where is it found? In Africa and China; but more are found in India.


Where is this beautiful kind of animals found? Most of them are found in Africa, they are sometimes found in India, China and Arabia.

How large are they? They are the size of a large dog.

What is their color? A bright yellow with black spots,

Are they as agreeable as they are beautiful? No, they are very fierce and cruel, and kill other animals.

How do they catch animals? They hide and watch

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