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till-some animal passes by, and then they jump upon it and kill it in a moinent.

Are leopards of any use to man? The Indians eat their flesh and sell their skins, which are so beautiful, that they have taken ten guineas for one.

How are men, who are accustomed to do evil like the leopard? The leopard cannot wash off his spots, for they are in his skin. So if a man is wicked a long time, his wickedness will cleave to him like his skin, and he will not leave it off.

Is it not best, to cease to do evil while you are young? It is the best time, to cease to do evil, and learn to do well.


How large is the wolf? As large as a great dog.

How does he appear? He has sparkling eyes, a pointed nose, large and sharp teeth, and is of a brown color.

Is the wolf strong? He is so strong that he can run swiftly with a sheep in his mouth.

Does the wolf catch the harmless sheep? They are so ravenous in killing sheep, that people cannot keep these useful animals, in those countries where there are wolves.

What is as dangerous to God's people as wolves are to sheep? False teachers.


What is this animal like? It is in some respects like the sheep.

Is it covered with wool like the sheep? No, it is covered with thick smooth hair, and has horns on its head.

What color is the goat? Some goats are black, others black and white.

Is it a harmless animal? It is quite harmless, and grows very fond of persons who take kind care of it, and will follow them about as the dog does.

For what is the goat useful? Its flesh, tallow, bair,


and skin are useful. And the milk of the goat is useful for sick people.

What kind of leather is made of goat's skin? Moroc

What is the young goat called?. It is called a kid; the kid's skin is made into fine leather, for ladies' gloves and shoes.

What is made of goats' horns? Good handles for knives and forks.

Which is the most useful animal, the goat or the sheep? The sheep.


What can you tell me of the fox? It is a very pretty looking animal.

How large is the fox? It is the size of a small dog.

For what is the fox useful? It is covered with a thick coat of fur, which is useful in making gentlemen's hats.

· Are foxes mischievous? They are; they come into farmers' yards in the night, to steal fowls and carry

them off to eat.

Is he sly and artful? Yes, and people say “cunning as a fox."

Do men hunt foxes? They do; and set dogs to catch them; but they run very swiftly and cannot easily be caught.

What kind of houses do they have? They dig deep holes in the ground and live in then.

Are these better houses than our Saviour had when he lived in the world? He had no house, but said to some who would follow him, the foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.


What can you tell me of the hare? It is a very neat pretty animal which feeds on grass and vegetables.

Will it hurt any one? No, it is so very harmless, that no other animal is afraid of it.

What can it do to prevent being caught by other animals, if they are not afraid of it? It can run so fast that no one can catch it till it is tired.

How does it run? It goes by jumping several feet at


How large is it? As large as a cat.

Is this animal useful to man? Its flesh is good for food, and it is covered with fur, which is useful in making gentlemens' hats.


What does the rabbit resemble? It resembles the hare.

Is it a harmless and useful animal? It is; it will not hurt any one; its flesh is good for meat, and its fur is beautiful.

What houses do they live in? They make their houses. under ground by digging out the earth, and there they live with their little ones, quite out of sight.

Do rabbits increase very fast? They increase so fast, that they would be troublesome, if other animals did not eat them.

What other animals eat the rabbit? Foxes and weasels,


What is the zebra? It is a beautiful animal, formed like the horse, but not as large. What color is the zebra? It is a pure white,

with black stripes around it, and the hair is smooth and beautiful.

Where do zebras live? In the wild forests of Africa.

Why do not people ride on the zebra? It is, so very wild that it cannot be caught and made to obey like the horse.

Which do yoụ like best, the zebra which is beautiful, or the horse which is useful? We like the horse best, because we like to ride.

Should not children try to be useful and do good, rather than to be fine, and do no good? We were made to be useful and to do good.


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What kind of animal is the ass? It resembles the horse but is much smaller.

For what is it useful? It is very patient and strong to labor.

Do people ride upon it? They do, in Arabia, and in Egypt and some other countries.

Is it better than the horse to travel over mountains? It is, and will carry persons with safety over steep rocky mountains, where horsez çannot go.

Was this the animal on which our Saviour rode when the children ran by his side and sung hosanna in the highest? It was.

Were his people commanded to rejoice when he should appear in this manner? They were. For the scripture says, Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Ziun. Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem. Behold thy king cometh unto thee. He is just and having salvation, lowly and riding upon ass,


upon a colt the foal of an ass.



What kind of animal is the musk? It is very much like the deer, but has no horns.

Where is it found? In the northern parts of China.

For what is it remarkable? It has a bag of perfume about the size of a hen's egg growing on the lower part of its body, which is called musk, and is a powerful medicine.

Has musk a very strong scent when first obtained? It has; they who procure it are obliged to cover their mouths and noses, for taking the scent will make the blood run from the nose and eyes.

You have learned how God has caused the animals and fruits of the earth to be food for us in health. Has he provided remedies for us in sickness? He has caused various animals, minerals, and vegetables, to supply medicines for the sick.


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What is a monkey? It is an animal in some respects resembling a child.

Where is it found?. In almost all warm countries.

Is it useful to man? It is a pleasing animal. It will imitate the actions of men. It will use the comb, and comb its own hair, or the hair of the cat. It will eat with a spoon, and take up a glass to drink.

Are there several kinds of this animal? There is the ape, the baboon, and the orang outang.

Which of these animals most resembles man? The orang outang.

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What kind of animal is the hippopotamus? It is a very large amphibious animal.

How large is it? It is almost as large as an elephant, but not as, tall; some have been found which were 17 feet long and 16 feet round the body.

Where do they live? In the bottom of the large rive ers of Africa.

How do they get their food? They come out of the water and eat grass, and vegetables, on the side of the river.

What can you tell me of its skin? It is thick, and of a dark brown color, without hair, except on the end of the tail.

For what is the skin useful? For making whips.

Is this animal of any other use?. Its flesh is excellent meat.

Are this kind of animals terrible in their appearance? They are, they have very wide mouths, and great teeth, with tusks two feet long.

What use is made of their teeth? They are used by dentists in making artificial teeth.

What does the bible say about this animal? Ho

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