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How many eggs does a hen that is well fèd lay in one year? Two hundred, which are very good for food, and are used in making custards, cake and puddings.

Is the hen very fond of her chickens? She is. If any creature comes near her little brood, she will fight them, even if it is

man or horse. And when it is cold, rainy, or dark, she covers them with her wings and feathers.

Of what should this animal's kind care of her chickens remind us?

Of our Saviour, who said, 0 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not.

What children will Jesus gather into his arms of love? All that will come to him; but if we will not come to Christ, we cannot have his protection.


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Do turkeys belong to the kind of birds which are called poultry? They do.

Do not some turkeys live in the woods? many of them live in the woods of North America, and the Indians are very fond of hunting them.

For what are they useful? Their flesh is excellent meat, and some of them will weigh twenty pounds.

How do the Indians catch them? They send a dog among them first, but with the help of their wings they outrun the dog, and when they become tired of running, they fly upon the trees, from which the Indians knock them down with long poles, and kill them.

Where were turkeys first found? In America.

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What can you tell me of the peacock? It is one of the most beautiful animals which God has made.

How is it beautiful? Its shape is elegant, and its feathers are brilliant. When does it appear in grandeur?

When it spreads its tail which is as large as an umbrella, and

its fuathers are pictured over with flowers, colored with blue, yellow, red and green; and shine with golden hues.

What is the peacock good for? Nothing but its beauty.

Is it disagreeable otherwise? Its voice is harsh and unpleasant.

Where are peacocks found? In India; they may be seen in flocks on the Islands of Java and Ceylon.

Are they carried to various parts of the earth? They are; king Solomon had them brought to him in his ships more than 3000 years ago.

What does the bible say of them? It says God gave the goodly wings to the peacock.


How large is the ostrich?" It is the largest of all birds, and as high as a man on horseback; its neck is one yard long.

Where is it found? In the sandy deserts of Asia and Africa.

What does it find to eat and drink in those barren deserts? It is said the ostrich never drinks and will eat anything, even stones, leather, glass and iron.

Are its feathers beautiful? They are, and men hunt and kill the ostrich to obtain their feathers.

What use is made of the feathers? They are used to decorate ladies' bonnets.

How large are its eggs? They are as large as a man's head; one will weigh twelve pounds.

Dó they take kind care of their young? They do, their young can neither walk or stand for several days after they are hatched, and the old ones watch and feed them.

Is the flesh of the ostrich good for food? It is not, but its oil is a useful medicine for the sick.

Are these birds fond of each other? They appear so, for they are found in companies. Travellers in the deserts have been frightened at first sight of them, supposing them to be a company of robbers.

Does the ostrich run swiftly? Yes; it can outrun the horse.

What does the bible say about this bird? God hath given wings and feathers to the ostrich, which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust. When she lifteth up herself on high, she scorneth the horse and his rider.


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What kind of bird is the vulture? It is a large strong bird, which resembles the eagle.

Where is it found? In Europe, Egypt, and South America.

What is its food? It eats animals, but will not touch a living animal, when it can find a dead one. ticularly fond of carrion.

Where are these birds useful? They are useful in warm countries, by eating dead carcasses, which, if left to putrify, would poison the air. They are found so useful at Grand Cairo, that the people are forbidden to kill them.

Is the vulture useful in any other way? It is useful by destroying the eggs of serpenis and crocodiles.

How does it find the eggs? Vultures sit watching in the trees while the crocodile is laying and biding her eggs in the sand, and as soon as she has left them, they fly down, with ferocious cries, uncover the eggs, and eat them.

Does the bible speak of the vulture? It says there is a path which the vulture's eye hath not seen,

What path is that? The path of wisdom.

Must we seek that path? We must, and search for it as for hidden treasures.


What can you tell me of the eagle? As the lion is Jord of the forest, the eagle is queen of the birds.

How large is the eagle? It is almost as large as a turkey. Its wings are much larger than those of the turkey, when spread, they extend eight feet in breadth.

How does it fly? It soars very high in the air, and builds its nest amongst the rocks of lofty mountains.

Is this bird very strong? It is; and will fly, holding geese and lambs in its sharp claws. Some eagles have carried off little children.

Where is the eagle found? In Europe.
How long does it live?

One hundred years. Can it live a long time without eating? It has been known to live several weeks without eating.

What does the bible say about the eagle? God says to Job, Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth upon the rock, upon

the crag of the rock and the strong place, from thence she seeketh her prey. Her eyes behold afar off, her young ones suck up blood. The eye that mocketh at his father and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it.


What can you tell me about the swan? It is a large beautiful bird of which there has been much said.

Can you tell me something that is said of it? It is said that the swan lives several hundred years, and it is known to have lived one hundred years.

What color is the swan? The tame swan is a beautiful white. The wild swan is partly brown.

Where do swans live? In cold countries, and they swim on the cold lakes of Lapland.

When does the swan appear most elegant? When swimming upon the water. It is sometimes kept on artificial ponds, and admired for its beauty. But its flesh is not as good for food, as that of the goose.


What can you say of the goose?

It is the most use ful bird that is found.

Our softest beds are made of its feathers, which grow

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very thickly upon it, and may be picked off' several times in the summer without hurting it, as they will soon grow again.

What other useful article do we obtain from the goose? Quills, of which pens are made..

Is its flesh good for food?

Is the goose fond of swimming? It is; and its young will swim as soon as hatched. The little ones are covered with a bright yellow down, and when swimming appear very prettily.

Wild geese are birds of passage Can you tell me why they are so called? When the cold weather comes, and the lakes on which they swim are covered with ice, they fly in large flocks, hundreds of miles to the south, where they live in a warm climate through the winter, but fly back early in the spring.


What is the duck? It is a bird which is in some respects like the goose, but more beautiful, and not as large.

Is it useful? Its feathers are used for beds, and its flesh is excellent meat.

Is there more than one kind? There is one kind which live in farmers' yards, the other kind are wild, and live about the northern lakes.

Are they fond of swimming on the water? They are; they swim upon the cold lakes, and when the lakes are frozen, they fly to the south as geese do,


What is the lark? It is a small bird which sings very charmingly.

When does the lark sing most? Early in the morning while flying high in the air.


What is the nightingale? It is a bird which sings

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