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anything. They told him to look into their sacks, and it any one of them had taken the cup, he should die.

What did they do, when they found the silver cup in Benjamin's sack? They were in great trouble, and rent their clothes, and all went back to Joseph's house, and bowed down before him.

What did Judah say? He said, what shall we say? how shall we speak? God bath found out our wickedness; and he told Joseph they would all be his servants.

What did Joseph say? He said he would punish none but Benjamin; the one who stole the cup, should be his servant, and the rest might go home.

Teacher. Then Judah came near to Joseph, and said, O my lord, let me speak to thee, and let not my lord be angry with me, for thou art even as Pharaoh. My lord asked us it we had a father, or a brother, and we said, we have a father, an old man, and he has a child of his cid age, a little son, and his brother is dead, and he is left alone, and his father loves him. And thou saidist, bring him down that I may see him; and we said, the lad cannot leave his father, for if he should leave his sather, his father would die; and thou saidst, except your youngest brother be with you, you shall see my face no

Aird when our father said to us, go again and buy us. a liille food, we said, we cannot go down. If our youngest brother be with us, then will we go down, for we inay not see his face, except our youngest brother be And our father said to us, you know

my wife, wliom I loved, bare me two sons, and one went out from me, and I said surely he is torn in pieces, and I have not seen him since; and if you take this one that is left, and do not bring him back, I shall die of sorrow.

Now if we go back, and the lad is not with us, when our father sees the lad is not with us, he will die. When we came, I said to my father, I will take care of the lad, and bring him back. If I do not bring him back, I will bear the blame forever. Now I pray thee let me be thy servant instead of the lad, and let the lad go back with his brothers; for how can i go to my father, if the lad be nut with me, and see iny father die of sorrow? How did


with lis.

Joseph feel when his brother told him this? He could not refrain from crying before them, and then he told them, I am Joseph your brother; and said, doth my father yet live? and he wept aloud.

But his brethren could not answer, him, for they were troubled at the sight of Joseph their brother, because they had treated him só cruelly.

Did Joseph speak kindly to them now? He did; he said to them, come near to me. I am Joseph your brother, whom you sold into Egypt, do not be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here, for God sent me here to save your lives, for there are yet five years of famnine to come; and I have laid up corn to keep you and

your children alive, or you would have died of hunger.

What did he tell them to do? He told them, make baste and go to my father, and say to him, thus saith your son Joseph; the Lord hath made me ruler over all Egypt; come down now and live with me.

Did Joseph invite them all, to come to Egypt, to live by him? He said, come, and you shall have the best of the land, and shall live near me, you


your children children's children. Did he tell them again that he was certainly their brother? He said, your eyes see, that it is Joseph your brother, that speaks to you; and you shall tell my father all you have seen: and he fell upon his brother Benjamin's neck and wept, and Benjamin wept upon his neck, and he kissed all his brethren,

Did Joseph remember their cruelty to him any more? No; he forgave them and loved them, and told them he would take care of them, lest they come to poverty.

Must you forgive and love your brothers and sisters, when they hurt you? We must; for Jesús says, If our brethren offend us until seventy times seven, we must forgive them.

and your


What did Pharaoh say, when he heard of Joseph's brethren and father? lle told Joseph to send for thema to come and live in Egypt.

How was Jacob affected when his sons came home and told him that Joseph was yet alive, and that he was governor over all the land of Egypt? His heart fainted, and he could not believe them.

What did he say when he saw the wagons which Joseph sent to carry him? He said, it is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive; I will go and see him before I die.

When Jacob set out to go into Egypt, and had gone as far as Beersheba, what did he do? He worshipped God.

Did God speak to him? God spake to him in the visions of the night, and said, Jacob, Jacob; when Jacob answered, he said to him, I am God; fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation. I will go down with thee into Egypt, and I will surely bring thee, up again, and Joseph shall put his hand upon

thine eyes.

yet alive.

How many were there of Jacob's family that went down with him into Egyyt? Sixty-six.

When you count Jacob and Joseph with his two sons, how many were there of Jacob's family in Egypt? Seventy.

Did Joseph go to meet his father when he was coming into Egypt? Joseph went up in his chariot to meet his father, and he came to him, and fell on his neck, and wept on his neck a good while.

What did his father say? Now let me die; I want no more; since I have seen your face, and see that you are

Did Joseph bring his father to see the king? He brought his father in and set him before Pharaoh; and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.

What did Pharaoh ask Jacob? He said to him, How old art thou? and Jacob told him, one hundred and thirty years; few and evil have the days of the



my life been.

Why did he call his days few? Because his forefathers lived much longer.

Did Jacob's children and children's children live long in Egypt? They did; and became a great people. Were they treated' kindly after Joseph

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raoh were dead, and they had a king, that knew not Joseph? No; they were made to work very hard; and the king commanded that their children should be killed.

When those persons who were commanded did not obey the king, to kill the children, what other command did he give the people? He commanded them to cast all their infant sons into the river.

Was that very cruel and wicked? It was; and God punished that wicked king afterwards.

How did God punish him? He caused him to be drowned in the mighty deep.


What did one woman do with her little son, to keep him from being cast into the river? She hid him three months in the house.

What did she do when she could no longer hide him? She made a little ark and put her babe in it, and hid it among the flags by the side of the river.

Whom did she set to watch the babe? His sister.

Did any one find it? Yes, the king's daughter came down to the river to wash, and she saw the ark, and sent her maid to fetch it; and when she had opened it, she saw the child, and it wèpt.

What did Pharaoh's daughter do? She pitied it, and said it was one of the Hebrews' children.

What did the babe's sister who was watching it, say to Pharaoh's daughter? She asked if she might go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse it for her; and Pharaoh's daughter said, go; and she went and called her mother.

What did Pharaoh's daughter say to the child's mother? She said, take this child away and nurse it for me, and I will pay you; and the mother took the babe and nursed it, and the child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son, and she called his name Moses.

When Moses grew up and became a man, did he worship the heathen gods! No; he feared and loved the true God, and chose to suffer with God's people, rather than to live in wickedness in the king's house.

Did God hear the crying and prayers of his people, when the king of Egypt oppressed them? Yes; God heard their cries, he saw their affliction, and brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm.

Whom did God send to bring his people out of Egypt? Moses.

Where was Moses then? In the land of Midian. Why did he go away from Pharaoh's house? Because Pharaoh was going to kill him.

What had Moses done, that made Pharaoh wish to kill him? He went out and saw how cruelly his brethren, the Hebrews, were treated by the Egyptians; and when he saw an Egyptian smiting one of the Hebrews, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand, but when he found that Pharaoh knew what he had done, and was going to kill him for it, he fled.

Where did Moses flee? He fled to the land of Midian and sat down by a well.

Whom did he see there? Seven daughters of the priest of Midian come to the well to draw water for their father's sheep.

What did Moses do for them when the shepherds troubled them, and drove away their sheep? He helped them, and watered their sheep.

What did the priest say to his daughters, when they returned home? How is it that you have come so soon to-day? and they told their father how Moses helped them, and watered their sheep for them.

What did he say then? He said, where is he? why have you left the man in the field ? Call him that he may eat with us.

Did Moses go when they called him, and live with the priest? He did; and became his shepherd, and took care of his sheep, and married one of his daughters.

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