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do thou bless our friends and bless all people. Let the wicked turn from their wickedness and do that which is right. Be thou' the guide of the righteous and make them happy forever. Let the people praise thee, O Lord, let all the people praise thee through Jesus Christ. Amen.


O LORD, be kind to us and make us good children. Keep us this day from everything that would do us harm. May we remember that thou art everywhere and seest us at all times. If we'love thee we shall be thy children and thou wilt be our Father, may we love to think of God, may we know more of thee, and love thee more because thou art good. Take care of us all our days; and when we die wilt thou receive us to heaven where Jesus is, and where all that are good will go and be happy with thee.

Bless dur fathers and mothers, and our brothers and sisters. Bless our teachers and all our dear friends. May all love God and be happy forever through Jesus Christ. Amen.


thou great and holy God, our heavenly Father. We kneel before thee to praise thy name and thank thee for thy care. Thou hast been merciful to us, and given us life and health. Thou hast given us kind friends and teachers and many other favors, but what is best of all thy gifts thou hast given thy Son to be our Saviour. We thank thee for the love thou hast shown us through Jesus Christ. Help us to learn of him and remember that as he has loved us, so we ought to love one another. Jesus spake of little children, and called them to come to him. O Lord, we would come to thee to be forgiven, for we have sinned, we have not loved and served thee as we ought to have done, our hearts are foolish and vain. Wilt thou be pleased to forgive and love us through Jesu's Christ. Teach us by thy Spirit, and lead us in the right way, and may we sin no more. May we live until we are prepared for heaven; and if thou dost give us many more days, may we live to serve thee, and do good in the world, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

O LORD, thou art very good. Teach us to love thee with all our hearts. Wilt thou forgive what we have done wrong to-day, and every other day. . We would thank thee for all thy favors and for thy' kindness to us the day past. Thou hast spared our lives and given us our food and clothes. All our good things come from God. May we remember that God only can keep us alive and make us happy. O Lord, take care of us this night. May we return to our parents and friends in safety, and when our lives are closed may we go to our Heavenly Father in peace, and be happy forever. Be pleased to take care of our parents and make them happy; may we ever love and obey them. Bless our kind teachers and all our friends. Wilt thou accept our prayer through Jesus Christ. Amen.


OFTEN, when I begin to pray,

And lift iny feeble cry,
Some thought of folly or of play,

Draws off my heart from thee.
O look with pity in thine eye,

Soften a heart so hard;
O do not slight my feeble cry,

My Saviour and my God.

When daily I kneel down to pray,

As I am taught to do,
God will not hear the things I say,

Unless I feel them too.

Yet foolish thoughts do often rise ;

And when I pray or sing,
My heart soon Ajes, with the fool's eyes,

To some far distant thing.

O let me never, never dare

To act a trifler's part,
Or think that God will hear a prayer,

That comes not from the heart.

Incline my heart to seek thy face,

Dear Saviour, God of love,
And fit me, by thy richest grace,

For purer praise above.



What are those sounds called by which you express your thoughts? Words.

Are no words used without sounds? Words, which are written, or printed, may express ideas without sound.

What are words called, when used to express ideas? Language?

What is called written language? That which is written or printed.

Do all the people on the earth use the same language? Almost every country has a language peculiar to itself, so that the people of one country cannot speak or understand the language of another country.

What is the language called which we use? English.

How many words are there in the English language? Seventy thousand.

Lesson II. -LETTERS.

Of what are written words composed? Letters. How many are the letters of the English language? Twenty-six. What are they called? The alphabet.

What are those letters called which have a sound of their own, and do not take the sound of another letter with them? Vowels.

Which are the vowels? They are a, e, i, o, u, w, y.


All the other letters will take the sound of another letter with them; what are these called? Consonants.

What letter is sounded with k, when it is spoken? A. What with b? What with q? u.

When two vowels are placed together in a word and make but one sound what are they called? A diphthong:

Which letters form the diphthong in the word voice? Which in the word round?

In these words we hear the sound of both the vowels. What is the diphthong called when both vowels are sounded? A proper diphthong.

Which letters form the diphthong in the word boat? Which in the word coat?

In these words but one of the vowels is sounded. What is the diphthong called when but one of the vowels is sounded? Improper diphthong.


What are words or parts of words called which are sounded with one impulse of voice, as man, pen, ham? Syllables.

What are words called which have but one syllable, as, box, pin, book? Monosyllables.

What are words called which have two syllables, as pencil, hammer? Dissyllables.

What are those called, which have three syllables, as, gingerbread, manual? Trisyllables.

What are those called, which have four or more syllables, as, conversation, hippopotamus? Polysyllables.

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To express ideas, it is necessary to place words together in a proper manner. Example. The boys have gone oui. You understand these words because they are placed in a proper manner; but misplace thein; -out boys the gone hare. Here are the same words, but they convey no idea, because they are not placed right.

There are rules which have been made to teach us how to place the various words which we use, so as best to convey our meaning. When you have learned from these rules the right method of placing words, you will have learned the grammar of the language.


When such words are placed together, as will tell us some one thing, as, Lucy sits still, what are they called? A simple sentence.

Sentences sometimes tell us more than one thing, as, Lucy sits still, but John plays, what is such a sentence called? A compound sentence.

What particular words are necessary in every sentence? The noun, which is the name of a person or thing, and a verb, which tells us what is done or doing.

What are two or more words called, which make but part of a sentence, and yet are so placed as to convey a meaning? Example, "as cunning as a fox.A phrase.

Lesson V.-CLASSES.

In learning to place words in such order as best to convey ideas, it will be necessary to know the various uses of words.

Of what use is the word bench? It is the name of our seat.

Of what use is the word apple? It is the name of a fruit.

Of what use is the word box? It is the name of what is used to secure various articles.

Of what use is the word Lucy? It is the name of a girl.

Can all the things in the world be designated by names? They can; there are many words which are used for


All words which are used for names of persons, places or things are comprehended in one class.

Will you tell me what this large class of words is called? It is called noun.

Why was this name given to the class? Because noun signifies name.

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