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Bless, to make one happy
Blind, deprived of sight
Bloom, covered with flowers
Blossom, a flower
Boat, a small vessel to sail in
Boil, to set in motion by heat
Border, the edge
Bough, the branch of a tree
Bran, the coarse part of meal
Branch, the shoot of a tree from the trunk
Breeze, a gentle wind
Bridge, road over the water
Brilliant, shining
Brim, the edge of anything
Brine, water mixed with salt
Brook, a small stream of water
Buoy, to float, to bear up
Busile, a tumult, a hurry
Butler, a servant who provides drink for the table

Cabin, a small room in a ship
Calm, quiet, without motion
Candor, frankness
Cannibal, one who eats men
Captive, one made prisoner
Car, a chariot
Caravan, a company of traders travelling
Caress, an act of fondness
Castle, a fortified house, a fortress
Cavern, a hollow place in the ground
Cellar, a room in the ground
Centrifugal, flying from the centre
Centripetal, tending to the centre
Cessation, a stop, a rest
Chapter, part of a book
Charity, giving to the poor
Chasm, an opening
Chat, idle talk

Chimney, a place for the smoke to ascend
Chirology, talking by the motion of the band
Chum, a chamber companion
Churl, a cross, covetous man
Cider, juice of apples
Citron, a large kind of lemon
Clamber, to climb
Claw, the foot of an animal which has sharp nails
Clay, a kind of earth of which bricks are made
Clear, bright, without clouds
Celerity, swiftness
Cliff, a steep rock
Cloud, a collection of vapor
Clown, an ill-behaved man
Coffer, a chest for keeping money
Compare, to measure one thing by another
Compassion, pity
Complaisance, pleasing kindness
Complain, to murmur, to lament
Composed, calm, quiet
Concave, a hollow—an arch, or vault
Concord, peace, union
Condense, thick, crowded
Congeal, to freeze
Constellation, a number of stars near each other
Confine, to shut up
Convex, rising in a circular form
Contain, to hold
Countenance, form of the face
Country, a part of the earth
Cottage, a small house
Covet, to desire others' things
Cream, the oily part of milk
Creator, One who makes things from nothing
Crescent, growing larger
Crime, an act of wickedness
Cull, to pick out of many

half moon

milk and sugar


Current, a running stream
Custard, food made of eggs, milk and
Damp, some wet, water in the air
Dapple, marked with various colors, spotted
Darn, the morning after the light first appears till sun-
Daybreak, the first appearance of morning light
Deaf, not able to hear
Debt, what is due to another
Decay, wearing out
Decline, to lean downwards, to become less, to refuse
Decoy, to draw one into mischief
Defer, to put off; delay
Delicate, nice, pleasing to the sense
Delight, great joy
Delinquent, one who has committed a crime
Deluge, an overflow of water
Dentist, a doctor for the teeth
Depart, to go away
Depravity, wickedness
Deprive, to take away
Descend, to go downwards
Destroy, to spoil and waste
Detect, to find out a crime
Deter, to make one afraid to do a thing
Devour, to eat greedily
Dumb, not able to speak
Diameter, line across the middle of a circle
Diet, food
Dilate, to spread out, to grow large
Dilute, to make thin and weak, like water
Dim, not seeing clearly
Dine, to eat dinner
Dinner, food prepared for noon
Directly, in a straight course
Discord, quarrel
Dissemble, to hide the truth

Distance, length of way from one place to another
Diurnal, that which occurs every day
Down, soft feathers
Dream, thoughts in sleep
Dungeon, a dark prison, sometimes under ground

Earthquake, shaking of the ground
Echo, the return of a sound
Eddy, the whirling of water
Elegant, graceful, pleasing to good taste
Elucidate, to explain, to make clear
Elude, to escape
Emaciate, to lose flesh
Emancipate, to set free from prison, or slavery
Embark, to put into a ship
Emerge, to rise out of anything by which it was cover-

Emigrate, to move from one country to another
Eminent, high, lofty, distinguished
Emit, to send out
Entice, to draw by flattery
Enjoy, to be pleased with a thing
Enter, to go in
Equal, like another
Errand, something done or told by one sent
Erudition, learning
Escape, getting out of danger
Eternity, duration without beginning or end
Evaporate, to fly off in vapor
Evil, wicked
Exclaim, to cry out
Exist, to live
Expect, to wait for a thing
Extinct, put out, and destroyed
Extol, to praise very highly
Extreme, the greatest or highest, the farthermost part

Fault, a small crime

Figure, the form of a thing
Fissure, an opening where a thing is broken
Flame, the light of fire
Flavor, something that affects the taste
Fleece, the wool which is cut off from a sheep
Forlorn, lost, forsaken, destitute
Fact, that which is done
Fade, to lose color and beauty
Faith, belief
False, not true
Fang, a long tooth
Fault, wrong action
Felicity, happiness
Filth, dirt
Firmament, the sky
Flavor, scent of a thing
Flaw, a crack
Fluid, that which flows like water
Fog, water in the air, which appears like smoke
Foliage, green leaves
Food, victuals
Forgive, to love one who has hurt us, and not punish him
Fraud, deceit
Frenzy, madness

not salt
Freshet, the rising of rivers
Fuel, what supplies the fire
Funeral, burial of the dead
Furnace, a place to melt iron
Futurity, time to come

Fresh, new,

Gad, to run about for nothing
Galley, a vessel which sails by the help of oars
Garland, string of flowers
Garment, covering for the body
Garret, the highest room of a house
Gay, cheerful, merry
Gem, a precious stone

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