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Lesson VI.

What are those great waters called that are not so targe as the ocean? Seas, lakes, sounds, straits, rivers, harbors.

What is a sea? It is like the ocean, but not as large.

What is a lake? It is a large extent of water surrounded by lạnd.

What is a sound? It is a part of the ocean, where the depth can be measured with a line.

What is a strait? A narrow passage of the ocean.

What is a harbor? It is water at the side of the ocean almost surrounded by land, where ships are secured from the wind and the waves.

Is a harbor very useful? It is. A harbor is the ship’s home. When people have been sailing over the stormy ocean day and night, for many months, they rejoice to get into a harbor.

Will good people find a place to rest when they have crossed this life's stormy ocean? Yes, heaven will be their resting place. " There remaineth a rest for the people of God.”

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Can you tell me what a continent is? It is one of the largest bodies of land which there are on the earth.

How many continents are there? Two; one is called the eastern, the other the western.

What countries are on the western continent? North and South America.

What is east of the American continent? The Atlantic Ocean.

What is next to the American continent on the west? The Pacific Ocean

What is south of the American continent? The Southern Ocean.

What is north of it? The Northern Ocean,

What is between North and South America? The gulf of Mexico.

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What joins these two countries? A neck of land called the isthmus of Darien.

What is there that strikes the beholder with astonishment in America? Lofty mountains, majestic rivers, and extensive lakes.

How long is North America? Four thousand five hundred miles.

How wide is it? Its average breadth is two thousand five hundred miles.

Lesson VIII.

We say the earth is divided into four quarters; what are these four quarters called? Europe, Asia, Af rica and America.

Which of these quarters are on the eastern continent? Europe, Asia and Africa.

Which quarter is the largest ? Asia is the largest and richest, and has the most people in it. What is Asia most remarkable for?

It is the country where God's people, the Israelites, once lived, and where God did many wonderful works to teach and save his people.

Who first lived in that country? Adam and Eve.

What other people lived there? Most of the people of which the bible tells us.

Who was the most glorious and excellent person that ever lived in that country? Jesus Christ lived there, and he was crucified there, and there he arose from the dead and from thence he ascended up into heaven.

What was the principal city of the Jews, who were once God's people? Jerusalem.

What was done to Jerusalem? God permitted it to be destroyed for the great wickedness of the Jews in crucifying the Saviour.

What people live there now? A people who know not God.

What goods are brought from Asia to this country? Spices, drugs, silk and cotton cloths.

Lesson IX.

Which is the next largest quarter of the earth? Africa.

For w is Africa remarkable? Wild beasts, and deserts of sand.

Name some of the wild beasts which are found there. Lions, tigers, elephants, hippopotami, crocodiles and serpents, with many other kinds.

How large is the great desert in Africa? 3000 miles long, and 1000 broad.

What weather do they have in Africa? It is the warmest part of the earth, being in the torrid zone.

What kind of people live there? Africa is the negroes' country, but the people who live in the north of Africa are not negroes.

Have the Africans the bible to teach them how to live, and to serve God? They have not; they are ignorant, and savage, and wicked, except in some parts where missionaries have gone to them, and carried the bible.

What rich promise has God made to the people of the earth? The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord: for they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

Lesson X.

Is Europe the least quarter of the earth? It is the least in size, but it is the greatest in many things.

What are some of those things? Learning, and the knowledge of all kinds of curious work. In the knowledge of God, and his holy word.

What are some of the curious works which are done The ma

there, which are not done in this country?
king of silk cloths, and ribbons, and China ware.

Are some of our best books made in Europe?



Are all the people better taught there than they are here? They are not. Many poor children there, are never taught to ad.

Which is the most interesting country in Europe? England.

What can you tell me of England ? It is the country from which our forefathers came.

What is the situation of England ? It is a part of the island of Great Britain, which is in the Atlantic Ocean, near the eastern continent.

Which way must we go on a voyage to England? East.

What ocean must we sail across ? The Atlantic. What is the distance there? 3000 miles.

What is the length and breadth of England ? It is 360 miles in length, and 300 in breadth.

What ar ; some of the things that you would see in that beautı ul country if you could look all over it? I should see rich meadows, and fields, covered with grass and corn, forests of trees, and the glittering water, laving in many rivers and canals, fruit yards of rich fruit, nice gardens of plants and flowers.

What other objects would please your sight? Parks of beautiful animals, sporting, and the snow-white swans, sailing on the artificial ponds.

What animals would you see feeding on the grassy hills? The stately horse, lowing herds of cattle, and bleating flocks of sheep, with little lambs, skipping from knoll to knoll in harmless play.

What are some of the buildings you would see? Churches, universities, seminaries, colleges, schoolhouses, factories and shops.

What are some of the dwelling houses? Elegant mansions, and many small cottages for the poor.

What are some of the carriages you would see? Pleasure coaches, drawn by beautiful horses, stage

coaches, and loaded teams, in all their streets and country roads, travelling over hill and dale.

What kind of people would you see? Many learned, many rich, many devout, many poor peasants, mechanics and miners, many teachers, a king and other rulers.

What magnificent city should you see? London, the finest city in the world.

What should you see in the ocean all about England? I should see hundreds of large ships, richly laden with goods; some sailing into the harbors, others sailing out, bound to far distant countries.

Has God made man lord of creation and given to him this vast earth with all its riches and beauties? The earth hath he given to the children of men. Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor. Thou hast put all things under his feet: all sheep and oxen, and the beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, and the fish of the sea.

Lesson XI.

What is a nation? People who live in th3 same part of the earth, and are under the same government.

Are the people who live in England one nation? They are.

Are the people who live in the United States another nation? They are.

You learn that the people of one nation live under the same government: what is government? It is the care of a people, and of their laws.

When parents make rules for their children, and correct them if they do not obey, what is it called? Family government.

When a teacher takes care of a school, makes rules for it, and corrects the disobedient, what is it called ? School government.

When rulers take care of a people, make laws for them, and punish the disobedient, what is it called? National government.

Are there many nations on the earth? There are.

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