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What does the bible say about God's supplying the earth with water? He sendeth springs into the valleys, which run among the hills. They give drink to every beast of the field; the wild asses quench their thirst; by them shall the fowls of the heaven make their nests, which sing among the branches.

Lesson XV.

What is a mountain? A part of the earth where the great rocks are piled up, with land and trees upon them, as high as the clouds.

What are the principal mountains in the United States? The Alleghany, which are several hundred miles in length.

What other mountains are there in the United States? Ozark, Cumberland, Catskill, Green and White Mountains.

Why are the Green Mountains called green? They are covered with evergreen trees, so that the mountains appear green, in both summer and winter.

Why are the White Mountains called white? When they are covered with snow, they can be seen at a great distance, appearing very white.

Are there many more mountains and bills? The land is almost covered with mountains and hills.

What are the mountains and hills covered with? Trees, stones and grass.

For what are trees useful? Timber and boards to build houses are made of trees; also the wood which is burned in the houses to keep us warm.

Are rocks and stones useful? They are very useful in making cellars and wells, and they are used in building houses.

For what is
What is its color?

What live in the forests of the mountains ? Wild animals.

What does the bible say about the wild animals inhabiting the forests of the mountains? The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats. The range of the

grass useful?

mountains are his pasture, he searcheth after every green thing As for the stork, the fir tree is her house. The eagle mounts up and makes her nest on high, she abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place.

Lesson XVI.

What are literary institutions? Schools where youth are instructed.

What are these schools called? Universities, seminaries, colleges, academies, and schools.

What is a university? A school where divinity, law, medicine and the sciences are taught.

What is a seminary? A school to fit people to be useful.

What are academies? Places of learning to fit youth for higher schools.

How many colleges are there in the United States? Fifty-two. (See Appendix.]

What is a theological seminary? A school to prepare men for the ministry.

How many theological seminaries are there in the United States? Thirteen.

What is a common school? It is a school where children are taught to read and write, and many other useful things.

Are there many academies and schools in the United States? There are a great many in most of the states and towns.

What is an infant school? It is a school where little children are taught to be good, that they may be happy.

What does the bible tell us about learning? It says, Take fast hold of instruction, let her not go, keep her, for she is thy life.

What will children én, if they are not taught? A child left to himself, will bring his parents to shame.

How will he bring his parents to shame? If a child is not taught, he will become so foolish and wicked as to give his parents much shame and sorrow,

Lesson XVII.

What is the boundary of a country? It is that, which is next to it.

What countries are · north of the United States? Russian and British America.

What is on the east side of the United States? The Atlantic Ocean, and a river called St. Croix.

What is south? The Gulf of Mexico and Spanish America.

What is on the west side? The Pacific Ocean.

What people lived in this country some hundred years ago? Indians; this was the Indians' country.

What are the people called, who live here now? English

Why are this people called English? Because our forefathers came from England.

Why did they leave England? Because their rulers required them to do what they thought was wicked.

Why did they come to this, country? They came here to find a place where they might worship God as his word directs, without any one to make them afraid.

Have we reason to think that their conduct pleased God? We have; for God blessed them, and they have now become a great people, to serve the Lord.

How long is it since they first came from England to this country?

Two hundred and ten years.
What year did they come? December 22, 1620.

But little more than 200 years since, there was nothing in this country but wild woods, lakes, rivers and mountains, wild beasts, and Indians more wild. No towns, no churches, no schools, no houses, and no food but such as acimals eat. Now it is full of people who have good houses to live in, schools for their children, and churches for the worship of God, villages, towns, cities, and provisions in plenty for food and clothing of the richest kind.

What has made such a change? The blessing of God


A few hundred years ago, America was not known to the white people; all who lived here were Indians.

Who first foundAmerica ? Christopher Columbus.

Who was he? He was the son of a wool-comber, who lived in Genoa, à part of Italy.

When he was a child what did he think he should like to be? A sailor.

How old was he when he began to be a sailor? Fourteen years.

What was he fond of studying? Navigation and geography.

What is navigation? It is the art of managing a ship on the ocean.

Did he get much knowledge in these studies? He did, for those who like to learn will learn rapidly.

What did he learn by studying geography? The shape and bigness of the earth, and the extent of land and water, as far as it was then known.

What did his knowledge of the earth lead him to think? He thought there must be another continent on the opposite side of the earth; and felt a great desire to go in search of it.

T. But how could he go? he had no ship of his own, and had not money enough to buy one; for it takes thousands of dollars to purchase a ship.

Who did he first apply to for help? The rulers of his own country, Genoa.

Did they help him? No, they thought him very foolish to think of going in search of another continent.

To whom did he next. go for help? To the king of Portugal, who was disposed to favor him, but some artful men prevented it.

Whom did he next ask for help? He went to the king and

queen of Spain; they did not at first grant his request, but after sometime, Isabella, the queen, was persuaded to assist him. What did she do for him? She furnished him with

three ships and ninety men to go with him, and victuals enough to feed them a year.

At what time did he sail? On the 3d of August, 1492. Many people came together to see him go, and all joined in prayer to God for him.

After they had sailed many days on the stormy ocean, without seeing any land, or knowing what was before them, how did the men who were with Columbus feel? They were afraid, and thought they should all perish in the unknown seas.

What did they do? They tried to make Columbus go back; and said if he would not, they would throw him into the ocean and go back without him.

What did Columbus do? He spoke kindly to them and made them willing to go a little farther. What did Columbus see soon after this?

He thought he saw a distant light.

What did Columbus do then? After singing an evenang hymn, he sat down to watch for land, and did not sleep that night.

What did they see in the morning? The next morning, which was the 11th of October, 1492, after sailing ten weeks on the unknown trackless ocean, they saw land.

How did they express their joy, at the sight of land? The men from all the ships sang together loud songs

of praises to God; and while they sang they wept for joy.

Should we always praise God when we are happy? We should; for it is he alone who gives joy and glad

What was the land they first saw? A beautiful island, covered with green grass and trees.

Were there any men on the island? There were Indians there, who came running to look at the ships; for they never saw anything like them before.

Were they not afraid when they saw those great ships coming to them on the ocean? They were very much afraid; and when they saw the men coming to them from the ships, they ran away; but one ventured to come back, and when the others saw he was not hurt, they all returned,


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