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and specially unto them that are of the hou hold of faith. Gal, vi. 10.

12. Godliness is great riches, if a man be content with that he hath: for we brought nothing into the world, neither niay we carry any thing out.

1 Tin, vi. 6, 7. 13. Charge them who are rich in this world, that they be ready to give, and glad to distribute, laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may attain eternal life. Tin, vi. 17, 18, 19.

14. God is not unrighteous, that he will forget your works, and labour that proceedeth of love, which love ye have shewed for his Name's fake, who have ministered unto the saints, and yet do minister. Hebr. vi. 10.

15. To do good, and to distribute forget not ; for with such facrifices God is well pleased. Hebr. xiii. 16.

16. Whoso hath this world's good, and leeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his compassion from him, how dwellech the love of God in him? 1 S. John iii. 17.

PA RA PHRASE. dere practice of our holy religion, ought to recommend them more krongly to our esteem and regard.

1ź. If we are in all things resigned to the will of God, and fatisfied with the ficuation in which providence hath placed us, we are then sus ficiently rich: for since we brought nothing with us into the world, and can take nothing with us beyond the grave, what availeth it, to be overanxious about the perithing concerns of this life?

13. Admonith those to whom the providence of God hath been liberal, that they be always ready to afilt those to whom the blessings and comforts of life have been dealt out with a more sparing hand : which is the mo effe&tual method of laying up for themselves treasures in heaven, and making a good foundation against the time to come.

14. The God of mercy and benevolence will never forget the charitable works of those whose love for him induces them to allist their poor brethren, God ettecms what is done unto them as done unto bimself

15. Be conitant and uniform in the practice of generosity, considering bot only the pleasure that must always arise in the benevolent mind, from the indulgence of this noble disposition, but also, that with such facrifices God' is well pleased.

16. As benevolence is the test of sincerity in religion, whatever person in afiyent circumitances fhuiteth up his compaffion to the distresses of his fellow creatures, and denies that affiftance which his circumstances will permit, we may fairly pronounce thas man defticute of all true religion,

i7. Give alms of thy goods, and never turn thy face from any poor man, and then the face of the Lord shall not be turned away from thee. Tob. iv.9.

18. Be mercitul after thy power. If thou hast much, give plenteously. If thou haft little, do thy ciligence gladly to give of that little : for so gathereft thou thyleli a good reward in the day of necessity. Ver. 8, 9.

19. He that hath picy upon the poor, lendeth unto the Lord : and look, what he layeth out, it shall be paid hiin again. Prov. xix. 15.

20. Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy: the Lord Thall deliver him in the time of trouble. Psal. xli. 1. WbilA chefe Sentences are in reading, the Deacons, Church-wardens, or orber for person appointed for that purpose, shall receive ibe Alms for ibe Peor, and ocher devotions of the People, in a decent Bafon, to be provided by the Parijs for that purposes and reverenily bring it to the Priest, who Mall

bumbly present and place it upon the holy Table. And when there is a Communion, the Prieft hall then place upon the Table so much Bread and Wine, as be Müll think sufficient. After which done, the

Prief jball say, Let us pray for the whole state of Christ's Church militane

here in earth.

PA RA P H R AS É. hance the love of God (which implies also the love of man) dwelleth not in him. Jobn iii. 17:

19. Give generouly of thy pofleligtis to the poor and needy ; never turn away thy face from the poor, but alli At him to the utmost of thy power, and beltow thy kindness in such a manner, as to give the receiver as little para as polible; then the Lord will reincmber, and amply requite thy generohty.

18. Let thy gifts be proportioned to thy circumtances; if thou en'oyet a great abundance of the blessings of lif., let thy abundant liberality teftify thy gratitude ; if on the contrary thou postesteit but little, ftili, out of that litile do as much as thou canit, to afliit those who are still poorer than thyselt; lo shale thou lay up for thyself treasures in heaven where pain and grief and poverty ihall have an end.

19. He who takech compassion on the poor and alliketh him, lendeth his money to the Lord, who will amply repay him again in riches more durable than any this world can afford, (Prov. xix. 17.).

20. The man who charitably atliftech the sick and the poor, fi all be delivered in the time of trouble by the God of all grace, mre, and pompalton, (Pfal. xli. b)



"A ;

tle haft taught us to make prayers and supplications, and to give thanks for all men ; We humbly beleech thee

If ibere be no most 'mercifully [* to accept our Alms and Alms or Oblations, Oblations, and] to receive chese our prayers, then shall the words which we offer unto thy Divine Majesty, Aims and bla. beseeching thee to inspire continually the tions) be left out universal Church with the spirit of truth, unsaid.

unity, and concord : and grant that all they that do confess thy holy Name, may agree in the truth of thy holy Word, and live in unity and godly love. We beleech thee alfo to save and defend all Chriftian Kings, Princes, and Governors; and especially thy servant GEORGE our King, that under him we may be godly and quietly governed : and grant unto his whole Council, and



On the Prayer for the State of Christ's Cburcb. 1. O omnipotent and everlasting God, who, by thy apostle St Paul, halt exhorted us to make fupplications, prayers, interceffions, and giving of thanks for all men; fi Tim. ii. :) We therefore in conformity to this thy divine command do most humbly offer up our petitions to thee, O God, in behalf of thy holy church, which is composed of all the faithful believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, wherever they are dispersed throughout the world, and however distinguished by various appellations among men; most humbly intreating thee to inspire them with the spirit of trath, yon xiv. 17.) which may be their protection and defence against all crrors and mistakes in important articles of belief; give them grace to live quiet and sober lives, that the peace of the church may not be dirturbed, by unwarrantable separations, and grant that those who continue members of thy true charch, may be uniform in their worship and communion one with another, and that they may live in unity and the bond of peace, rendering mutually to each other every service in their power.

2. In the next piace, we offer op our homble prayers for Kings, and all that are in authority over as, bat more particularly for thy faithful fervant GEORGE our only rightful king and sovereign : Grant, O Lord, that under his care, and through his condott, we may live quiet and peaceable lives : we pray fikewise for thy blessing upon all his councellors, and upon all who execute justice throughout the kingdom ; grant, O Lord, that they may adminifter justice with an impartial hand, and to be po respecters of persons, may they be in all respects punithers of vice and encouragers of virtue, always preserving and maintaining thy holy religion established among it us.

20 all that are put in authority under him, that they may truly and indifferently minister justice, to the punishinent of wickedness and vice, and to the maintenance of thy true Religion and Virtue. 3. Give grace, Q heavenly Father, to all Bishops and Curates, that they may both by their life and doctrine set forth thy true and lively Word, and rightly and duly administer thy holy Sacraments: and to all thy people give thy heavenly grace ; and especially to this congregatiou here present, that with meek heart and due reverence they may hear and receive thy holy Word, truly serving thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of their life. 4. And we most humbly beseech thee of thy goodness, O Lord, to comfort and succour all them who in this transitory life are in trouble, forrow, need, sickness, or any other adversity. 5. And we also bless thy holy Name, for all thy fervanes departed this life in thy faith and fear, befeeching thee to give us grace so to follow their good examples, that with them we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom. Grant this

, O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

PA RA PHRASE 3. We pray likewise, O Lord, that thou wouldest extend thy grace to all the ministers of thy holy gospel, whether they are bishops or inferior ministers, that by the conformity of their lives and doctrines, they may at once explain thy holy will, and enforce the observance of it. Rightly and duly administering thy holy sacraments ; and give grace, O Lord, to all thy people, especially to all those who are present at this time, that with all proper reverence and humility, they inay hcar and receive thy holy word, and improving daily in all spiritual knowledge and virtue, may serve thee in fincerity and truth all the days of their life.

4. Furthermore we extend our prayers in behalf of all the fors of affiction, humbly beseeching thee, who are the God of all comfort, to give them confolation under all their misfortunes, and, finally, to deliver them out of all their troubles and adversities.

s. We also offer up our moft hearty thanksgivings to thy heavenly majesty, for the multitude of good examples which thou haft set before us, in the lives of the holy martyrs and confessors, and other persons emisent for piety and godliness, beseeching thee to grant us thy grace, that by treading in their steps, we may hereafter enjoy, together with them, a crown of glory which fadeth not away; and this, O molt gracious God, we beg for the sake of thy Son, our Saviour, Mediator, and Advocate.




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Wben the Minister giveth warning for the celebration of the boly Communion

(wbich be shall always do upon the Sunday, or some boly-day, immeniately preceeding) after the Sermon or Homily ended, be shall read this Exbortation following.

1 God's affistance, to administer to all luch as shall be religiously and devoutly disposed, the most comfortable Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, to be by them received in remembrance of his meritorious Cross and Passion, whereby alone we obtain remission of our fins, and are made partakers of the kingdom of heaven. Wherefore it is our duty to render most humble and hearty thanks to Almighty God our heavenly Father, for that he hath given his Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, not only to die for us, but also to be our spiritual food and sustenance in that holy Sacrament, Which being so divine and comfortable a thing to them who receive iț worthily, and so dangerous to them that will presume to receive it unworthily; my duty is to exhort you, in the mean teason, to consider tắe dignity of that holy mystery, and the great peril of the unworthy receiving thereof, and so to search and examine your own confciences (and that not lightly, and after tie manner of diffemblers with God; but so) that ye may come holy and clean to such a heavenly Feast, in the marrjag-garment required by God in holy Scripture, and be received as worthy partakers of that holy Table.

The way and means thereto is : First, to examine your lives and conversations by the rule of God's commandments; and whereinsoever ye jhall perceive yourfelves to have offended, either by will, word,' or 'deed, there to bewail

your own sinfulness, and to confess yourselves to Almighty God, with full purpofe of amendment of life. And if ye shall perceive your offences to be such as are not only against God, but also against your neighbours, then ye shall reconcile yourselves unto them, being ready to make resticution and satisfaction according to the uttermost of your powers, for all injuries and wrongs done by you to any other; and being likewise ready to forgive others that have offended you, as ye would have forgiveness of your offences

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