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8 For my brethren and companions fakes : I will with thee prosperity.

9 Yea, because of the house of the Lord our God: I will seek to do thee good.

Psalm cxxiii. Ad te levavi oculos.
INTO thee lift I up mine eyes : O thou that dwellest

in the heavens.
2 Behold, even as the eyes of servants look unto the hand
of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hard

a of her mistress : even so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until he have mercy upon us.

3 Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us :

3 for we are utterly despised.

4 Our soul is filled with the scornful reproof of the wealthy: and with the despitefulness of the proud.

Psalm cxxiv. Nisi quia Dominus.
F the Lord himself had not been on our fide, now may

Ifrael say : if the Lord himself had not been on our fide, when men rose up against us ;

2 They had swallowed us up quick : when they were so wrathfully displeased at us.

3 Yea, the waters had drowned us : and the strearn had gone over our Soul.

4 The deep waters of the proud : had gone even over our soul.

5 But praised be the Lord: who hath not given us over for a prey unto cheir teeth.

6 Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the fnare of the fowler: the snare is broken, and we are deliver d.

7 Our help ftandeth in the Name of the Lord: who hath made heaven and earch.

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PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS, Psalm cxxiv.) This psalm is still better suited to the Christian than to the Jewish charch. What is here said, engages us to refle&t upon the different conditions the church of Christ has been in; and to consider, that notwithftanding the attempts which Satan and the world have made against it, ever since its birth, it still sublifts. From whence we may conclude,



Psalm cxxv. Qui confidunt.
HEY that put their trust in the Lord, shall be even

as the mount Sion : which may not be removed, but ftandeth fast for ever.

2 The hills stand about Jerusalem : even so standeth the Lord round about his people, from this time forth for ever



• 3 For the rod of the ungodly cometh not into the lot of the righteous : left the righteous put their hand unto wickedness.


4 Do well, O Lord : unto those that are good and true of heart.

5 As for such as turn back unto their own wickedness : the Lord shall lead them forth with the evil-doers, but



peace shall be


Psalm cxxvi. In convertendo.
HEN the Lord turned again the captivity of Sion :

then were we like unto them that dream. 2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter: and our

' tongue with joy.

3 Then said they among the heathen : The Lord hath done great things for them.

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PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. that God will always be its strength and support, and will never permit it to be destroyed. Thus it is with all true believers, since it is impoffible God should forsake them, or cease to love them and take care of them.

Psalm cxxv.) This psalm represents to us in a few words the happy condition of those who fear God and put their trust in him. The pfalmift teaches us, that nothing can move them ; that God is always ready for their defence; that if he suffers them to be afflicted, he has regard to their weakness; and that he softens and shortens their troubles. He like vise affures us, that God always does good to the righteous, and to those that are upright in heart; whereas those who wander out of the right way, fall at lait into destruction. This meditation furnishes believers with powerful motives to be ever calm and serene, to put their whole confidence in od, and to be more strie attached to their duty.



4 Yea; the Lord hath donė great things for us already : whereof we rejoice.

5 Turn our captivity, O Lord: as the rivers in the south. 6 They that low in tears : Ihall reap in joy.

7 He that now goeth on his way weeping, and beareth forth good - seed : shall doubtless come again with joy; and and bring his sheaves with him.

Psalm cxxvii. Nifi Dominus.

Encephede bir debuild the house : their labour is but

lost that build it. 2 Except the Lord keep the city : the watchman waketh but in vain.

3 It is but lost labour that ye haste to rise up early, and so late take rest, and eat the bread of carefulness : for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

4 Lo, children and the fruit of the womb : are an heritage and gift that cometh of the Lord.

5 Like as the arrows in the hand of the giant : even fa are the young children. .

6 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of themi : they shall not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Psalm cxxvi.] This psalm engages us to refect on the wonderful things which God has done in all times for his people, by delivering them, contrary to all appearance, from the power of their enemies. It assures us, moreover, that if the church, or the righteous, are in affliction and in tears, God gives them at last occasion to rejoice ; and in general, when men have been tried and humbled by affliction, he makes gladness succeed to forrow; so that, as the Jews here exprels ir, “ they that low in tears, fhall reap in joy."

Psalm cxxvii.) Here we learn, 1. That it is not so much the care which men take, as the blessing of God, that makes itates, cities, and families fubfift; and therefore, that inagiftrates, and heads of families, ought to labout to bring this blessing upon them. 2. That God gives children ; and that we ought to esteem them a particular blefling ; lince, if we bring them up in virtue and godliness, chey will be the joy and glory of their parents, not only in this world, but in that which is to come,


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Psalm cxxviii. Beati omnés.
Leffed are all they that fear the Lord : and walk in his

ways, 2 For thou shalt eat the labours of thine hands : 0 well is thee, and happy shalt thou be.

3 Thy wife shall be as the fruitful vine : upon the walls of thine house.

4 Thy children like the olive-branches : round about thy table.

5 Lo, thus shall the man be blefled: that feareth the Lord.

6 The Lord from out of Sion shall so bless thee : that thou shalt see Jerusalem in prosperity all thy life long.

7 Yea, that thou shalt see thy childrens children : and peace upon Ifrael.

Plalm cxxix. Sæpe expugnaverunt.. ANY a time have they fought against me from mỹ youth up: may

Israel now say. 2 Yea, many a time have they vexed me from my youth up: but they have not prevailed against me.

3 The plowers plowed upon my back : and made long furrows.

4 But the righteous Lord: hath hewn the snares of the ungodly in pieces.

5 Let them be confounded and turned backward : as many as have evil will at Sion.

6 Let them be even as the grafs growing upon the housetops : which withereth afore it be plucked up.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Pfalm cxxviii.] This psalm aflures us, that God blesses the labour and the families of those that fear him and walk in his ways. Though the temporal blessings which were formerly promised to the Jews, are not the chief things which Christians ought to aspire after; yet they are to be considered as a reward of piety, and to be received with thankfulness. Godliness has the promise of the life that now is. God always blefies those families where piety prevails, and does particularly shower down upon them Spiritual blesings; and at lait exalts them who live in innocence to the supreme happiness which he has prepared for them in heaver.



O Lord,


Whereof the mower filleth not his hand : neither he that bindeth up the sheaves his bofom.

8 So that they who go by fay not so much as, The Lord prosper you :.we wish you good luck in the Name of the Lord. Psalm cxxx.

De profundis.
UT of the deep have I called unto thee, O Lord :

Lord, hear my voice. 2 O let thine ears consider well : the voice of my complaint.

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is done amiss : O Lord, who may abide it?

4 For there is mercy with thee: therefore shalt thou be feared.

5 I look for the Lord, my soul doth wait for him : in his word is my trust.

6 My soul feeth unto the Lord, before the morning watch, I say, before the morning watch.

7 O Israel, trust in the Lord ; for with the Lord there is mercy : and with him is plenteous redemption.

8 And he shall redeem Ifrael : from all his sins.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Psalm cxxix.) What is said in, this psalm engages us to consider, that the church has been often assaulted, both under the Old Testament and under the New; but that God has always preserved it, and that its enemies have never been able to destroy it. This ought to confirm us in our belief, that the church and all its true members will for ever fubfift; and that all those who set themselves against them, shall have nothing but shame and confufion for their portion.

Pfalm cxxx.] The pfalmift here gives us three lessons of instruction. 1. That if God Thould examine us in the rigour of his justice, none would be found righteous before him: wherefore we ought all to have recourse to his- mercy, and say, with the deepeft humility, “if thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is done amiss, O Lord, who may abide it?" 2. That if God is inclined to pardon men, it is to engage them to fear him; and that without this fear there is no pardon to be expected from him. This is express in these words ; “ There is mercy with thee, that thou mayest be feared.” 3. That God has always been, and will be, the defender of his church, and of crue believers.


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