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Isa, xi. 6.

SER M. softning their Aversions. The Wolf he

made to devell with the Lamb, and the Leopard to lye down with the Kid; that is, the most Opposite Tempers were brought to conspire peaceably in this Great Event, the most Divided Intereits were reconcil'd in it: and even They, who were prepar'd to Prophesy against it; were yet, by an Over-ruling Influence, determind to pronounce a Blessing; and forcd, as

they look d on, to take up their Parable, Numb. and say ; God hath not bebeld Iniquity in

Jacob, neither bati be seen Perverseness in Ifrael; the Lord bis God is with him, and the flout of a King is among them. God hath brought them out of Egypt ; ke bath, as it were, the ftrength of an Unicorn, Surely, there is no Inchantment against Jacob, neither is there any Divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob, and of Ifrael, What bath God wrought

xxiii. 21,

22, 22.

Since the Work, therefore, was His, let us give Him the Praise offit! even as we do, by this Solemn Appearance : falling low on our Knees before his Foot


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Pral. cxy, 1.

ftool, and saying, Not unto Us, O Lord, SER M.
not unto Us, nor unto our Forefathers, but
unto Thy Name give Glory ; for thy Mercy,
and for thy Truth's sake! For thy Mercy's
Sake, which induc'd thee to give so happy
a Turn to the Affairs of so Undeserving
a People ; and for thy Truth's Sake, which
thou intendest to secure and to re-establishi
by the Means of it.

Let us piously ascribe this, and all other our Deliverances to God, and all our Calamities to our Selves; acknowledging the One to be as properly the Consequence of our Sins, as the Other is the Result of his Unmerited Favour and Goodness. And let us from such surprizing Events as these, which have confessedly something Divine in them, learn to lift up our Thoughts above Material Causes, and to instruct our selves in all the Amazing Lessons of God's Governing Providence; by which he holds the Balance of Nations, and inclines it which way he pleases ; so that all the In- Dan, iv, babitants of the Earth are reputed as no 39: thing to him, and be doth according to his Will in the Army of Heaven, and among Vol. ! T


SER M. the Inhabitants of the Earth, and none can

stay bis Hand, or say unto bim, What does thou?


And this he now performs by the Administration of the Man Christ Jesus ; to whom, immediately upon his Resurrection, he

gave all Power, in Heaven, and in Earth : and whom, upon his Afcent into Heaven, (the Holy Subject also of this Day's Solemnity) he instated in the full Possession and Exercise of that Pow

er ; declaring him King of Kings, and Rev.v. Lord of Lords. And, indeed, Worthy is 12, 13. the Lamb that was slain, to receive Pove

and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and Blessing. Therefore, Blessing and Honour, and Glogy


and Power, be unto him that fittetb upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever!


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The Duty of Publick Intercession and

Thanksgiving for Princes.

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St. Margaret's Westminster,
On Wednesday, March 8. 1704.

The Day of Her MAJESTY's Happy

Accession to the THRONE.

Í TIM. ij. I, 2, 3.
I Exhort, That, first of all, Supplications,
Prayers, Intercessions and giving of Thanks
be made for all Men ; for Kings, and all
that are in Authority; that we may lead a
Quiet and Peaceable Life, in all Godliness
and Honesty : For this is Good and Accep-
table in the fight of God, our Saviour.

HERE was nothing by which the SER M.

Enemies of Christianity endea vour’d, and hop'd so much to retard the T 2




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SERM. Progress of it, as by representing to Prin

ces, and Rulers, that the Propagation of this Doctrine tended to subvert their Government; that the Spreaders of it, whereever they came, exceedingly troubled Cities, and turn'd the World upside down. It be. hov'd the Apostles, therefore, to guard against this Objection, with all imaginable Care. As they knew, that the great Work, in which they were employ'd, was not, as yet, to be promoted, or countenanc'd by the Powers of this World ; fo they resolv'd to give them no just Ground, or Colour to obstruct it: and wisely, there

fore, took all Occasions to declare their Jude viii. Abhorrence of Such as defpis’d Dominion,

and Spake evil of Dignities ; frequently press’d upon their new Converts the Duties of paying Honour, and Fear, and Tribute to the Higher Powers, (as being the Ordinance of God] and of submitting themselves to them, not only for Wrath, but also for Conscience sake. And, for this Reason, it may be presum'd that St. Paul introduceth his Instructions to Timotby, the new Bishop of Ephesus, by Exhorting bim, that, in order to a due Discharge


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