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and are a confefs'd part of Your Character.

When we compare the Good which You have done, MY LORD, with that which You have receiv'd, it brings to mind the Appofite Paffage of the Prophet: The Liberal devifeth Liberal things, and by Liberal things fhall he be eftablish'd. Your LORDSHIP, is an Illuftrious Inftance of this Truth; for the Bleffings You have fo plentifully fcatter'd on those beneath You, have been multiply'd on Your own Head from above; and You have reap'd the Benefits


Benefits of a moft generous and firm Friendship, in like manner as You fow'd them. You have given, my Lord, and it hath been given unto You; good Measure, preffed down, Shaken together, and running over for with the Same Meafure, which You meted withal, bath it been (and may it ever be) measured to you again.

Your Happiness, Mr LORD, is now as compleat as all the Profperous Circumftances of Life can make it ; and Your Private Domeftick Felicities (a Cafe rarely b known)

known) are no ways inferiour to thofe of a more Publick and Splendid Nature. For You are happy in the beft of Ladies, as She is in the Tendereft of Husbands; You have the best of Brothers, and the beft of Children; thofe Arrows in the Hand of the Mighty Man, which are both his Ornament, and Defence: God be thanked, Your Quiver is full of them! And He amongst them, who is to inherit Your Ample Fortunes, doth, by his Early Love of Learning, and most Vertuous Difpofition, promife, that he will


one day do Honour even to that Honourable Stock from which he fprings.

With fuch a Variety of Bleffings hath God furrounded You! and, that nothing may be wanting, he hath blefs'd You likewife with an Heart and Skill to use them. May You, thro' his Goodnefs, enjoy an uninterrupted Continuance of them; and fuch a Length of Days, as will give You Room to improve them to the utmost, for His Glory, and the Pulick Benefit.

This, MY LORD, is the Unanimous Wifh of all that

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have been Oblig'd by You, of All that Honour You, that is, of All that truly Know You; but of none more than Him, who now offers thefe Sermons to Your Lordship, and with that Sincerity which becomes a Preacher of Divine Truth, profeffes himself to be, by all the Tyes of Efteem, and Duty, Gratitude, and Inclination,


moft Devoted,

and ever Faithful Servant,


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