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delivered within our walls, are calculated to sustain the reputation of the School, and the credit of the Professors.

If the patronage bestowed be considered as bearing a relation to the merits of our exertions, we begin to perceive grounds of solid satisfaction. Though our zeal and activity were never blunted by the alarming apprehension of pecuniary embarrassment, with which we were once assailed, it still operated in many respects as a repulsive power to the well wishers of the establishment, and gave an apparent sanction to the weak inventions of our enemies. From these we are now relieved, partly by the accession of new members, of whom a list is annexed, and partly by a donation from John Fuller, Esq., of Rose Hill, who has contributed the interest of the sum of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS to the general purposes of the INSTITUTION; and upon conditions couched in terms of unbounded liberality, has proffered the capital either towards the immediate extinction of our very small outstanding debt, or for the foundation of a sinking fund.

It is hoped that such an example of well directed bounty may prove generally useful to the interests of science, and that funds will not be wanting, wherever it shall be shewn that they are not frittered away in visionary schemes, but legitimately applied to the diffusion of knowledge; that they are not suffered to slide into the pocket of the sinecurist, but economically employed for the public good.

LIST of MEMBERS elected into the ROYAL INSTITUTION in the year 1817.

John Hambrough, Esq.

Thomas Hoblyn, Esq. F. R. S.

Thomas Jeans, Esq.

Samuel Parkes, Esq. F. L. S.

George Moore, Esq.

Frederick Hodgson, Esq.

John Dynelev, Esq.

Sir W. Burroughs, Bart. M. P.

Samuel P. Wright, Esq.

Anthony Bertolacci, Esq.

Major W. C. Holloway, Royal Engineers.

Lieutenant Colonel John Baillie, F. R. S.

Oliver Farrer, Esq.

Captain Thomas Coleby, Royal Engineers.

William Stewart Rose, Esq.

James Goding, Esq.

Charles Robinson, Esq.

Alexander Copland, Esq.

Augustus Bozzi Granville, M. D.

Robert Williams, Esq. M. P.

Lieutenant Colonel Ansley.

Jeremiah Olive, Esq.

Ashurst Majendie, Esq.

C. P. Mayer, Esq.

Thomas Roberts, Esq.

Jesse Watts Russell, Esq.





Allan, Esq. M. P. M. R. I.

Jan. 27. Collectanea ad Statum civilem et ecclesiasticum Geo.
Comitatus Dunelmensis, 4to.

A View of the Agricultural, Commercial, and Fi-
nancial Interests of Ceylon, 8vo. By Anthony
Bertolacci, Esq. M. R. I.

The Institutions of Physiology, by J. F. Blumen-
bach, 8vo.

Le Vray et Methodique Cours de la Physique reso-
lutive, par Annibal Barlet, 4to.
Transactions of the Geological Society, vol. iv.
part 1. 4to.

The 39th Report of the Society for Bettering the
Condition of the Poor.

Feb. 17. Essays on Hypochondriacal and other Nervous
Affections, by John Reid, M. D. 8vo.

G. Biagioli, Tesoretto della Lingua Toscana, 8vo.
Mar. 3. Curiosities of Literature, vol. 3. by J. D'Israeli, Esq.
Essays, Religious and Moral, by Isaac Hawkins
Browne, Esq. 8vo.

10. Two Sketches of France, Belgium and Spa, in two
Tours during 1771 and 1816, 8vo.

A Genealogical Chart of the Kings of England.
17. Outlines of Geology, by W. T. Brande, Professor
of Chem. R. I. &c.

Sketch of a Plan for a Reformation in the System of
Provincial Banking, 8vo.

The Author.

John Elliotson, M. D.

Edward Brooke, Esq.

The Geological Society.

The Society.
William Luxmore, Esq.

M. R. I.
The Author.
The Author.
General Thornton, M. P.

M. R. I.

The Author.

Mr. Richard Mitchell.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Horticultural Society.
Isaac Hawkins Browne,

The Author.

April 14. Cursory Remarks on a Bill for Regulating of Mad-
Houses, by G. Man Burrows, M. D. F. L. S. &c. The Author.
A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian Countries
of North America, since the connexion of the Earl
of Selkirk with the Hudson's Bay Company, 8vo.
27. Transactions of the Horticultural Society, 4to.
A Treatise on the Records of the Creation; by John
Bird Sumner, M A. 2 vol. 8vo.
Arguments in favour of the practicability of relieving
the able-bodied Poor, and finding employment
for them, by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. M. P.
Essai General d'Education Physique, Morale, et
Intellectuale, par M. A. Jullien, de Paris, 4to.
May 5. An Inquiry into several Questions of Political
Economy, applicable to the present state of Great
Britain, by Anthony Bertolacci, Esq. M. R. I.
12. Algebra, with Arithmetic and Mensuration, from the
Sanscrit of Brahmegupta and Bhiascara, 4to.
The Statutes of the Realm, volumes 2 and 3. folio.
Fœdera, new edition, vol. i. 2 parts.
Domesday Book, vol. iv. and Supplement.
Inquisitionum ad Capellam Domini Regis Retorna-
tarum, vol. 3, and Supplement, folio.

A New System of Commercial Arithmetic for
Monies, Weights, and Measures, by Thomas
Preston, 12mo.

The Author.

The Author.

Henry Thomas Colebrooke,
Esq. F. R. S. &c. &c.
His Majesty's Commis-
sioners of the Public

The Author.


May 26. Design for a bridge over the River Mersey, at
Runcorn, to connect the Counties of Chester and

June 16. M. De Pradt on the Colonies, and the present
American Revolutions, 8vo.

Herbarius; sive Aggregator practicus de Simplicibus,
cum figuris, 4to. e lit. antiqua.

July 7. The 34th Volume of the Transactions of the Society
of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

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Mr. Arthur Aikin's Address at the Distribution of
Rewards by the Society of Arts, &c.

Remarks on the Construction of Hot Houses, by J.
C. Loudon, F. L. S. 4to.

A New System of practical political Economy, with
Engravings of the Hydrostatic Ship.

Aug. 4. Philosophical Transactions for 1817, Part I.
A Parallel drawn between the two intended Chinese
Dictionaries, 4to.

The Colonial Journal, No. 5 and 6.

A Dissertation on the Structure of the Obstetric For-
ceps; with several new Forms, by R. Rawlins,
Surgeon, Oxford.

Remarks on Arsenic, considered as a Poison and a
Medicine, by John Marshall, Surgeon.

Septr. 15. Chemical Amusement; Instructive Experiments in
Chemistry, by Frederick Accum, 12mo.

An Essay on the nature of Heat, Light, and Electri-
city, by Charles Carpenter Bompass, Esq. 8vo.
Transactions of the Geological Society, Vol. IV.

Part 2.

The Principles of Diagnosis, by Dr. Marshall Hall,

19. Narrative of Mr. James Sadler's Aerial Voyage
across the Irish Channel, Oct. 1, 1812, and of
Mr. Windham Sadler's, July 22, 1817.
24. An Essay on the Chemical History and Medical
Treatment of Calculous Disorders, by Alexander
Marcet, M. D. F. R. S. M. R. I. &c. 8vo.
The Geneva Catechism, prepared by the Pastors of
Geneva, for the Swiss and French Protestant
Churches, 12mo.

Oct. 20. Valor Ecclesiasticus temp. Henr. VIII. Vol. 3, folio.
A Letter on the Measures of the Medical Officers of
the London Eye Infirmary, by Sir W. Adams.
Lusus Naturæ Londini, observatis, descriptus, Ta-
bula et Notis insuper illustratus, à B. De Sanctis,
M. D.

Nov. 3. A Letter to Professor Stewart, on the objects of ge-
neral Terms, and on the axiomatical Laws of
Vision, by John Fearne, Esq.

10. Six Letters on Singing, by the Revd. C. J. Smith,
A. M.

Observations on the Phenomena of Insanity, by
Thomas Forster, F. L. S.

Decr. 1.Observations on the origin of Decorative Architec-
ture, by Samuel Ware, Esq. F. S. A. M. R. I.
Archaeologia, Vol. XVIII. Part 2.
Philosophical Transactions, for 1817, Part 2.


Thomas Telford, Esq.
F. R. S. E.

The Publisher.

Earl Spencer, President of the R. I.

The Society of Arts, &c.

The Author.

The Author.
The Royal Society.

The Author and Editor.
The Editor.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Geological Society.

The Author.

Mr. John Sadler.

The Author.

The Revd. Dr. Abauzit.
His Majesty's Commission-
ers of the Public Records.
The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Author.

The Society of Antiquaries.
The Royal Society.


Transactions of the Horticultural Society, Vol. II.
Part 6.


The Horticultural Society.

5. An experimental Inquiry into the Laws of the Vital
Functions, by A. P. Wilson, M.D. F.R.S. E. 8vo. The Author.
Case of the Salt Duties; with Proofs and Illustra-
tions, by Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. M. R.I.
Observations on the Gaol or Typhus Fever, by Sir
G. O. Paul, Bart.

The European Magazine for 1817.

The Repository of Arts, Literature, &c. &c.

The Author.

The Author.

Mr. Asperne, the Publisher
Mr. Ackerman, the Publisher

A Collection of Swedish Minerals has been presented to the Institution by Professor Swiedenstiernha.

Mr. Dowson of Welbeck-street has presented and fixed one of his excellent Door Springs to the News-paper Room.

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