English Serfdom and American Slavery: Or, Ourselves--As Others See Us...

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H. Long & Brother, 1854 - Slavery - 259 pages

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Page 255 - Flag of the free heart's hope and home, By angel hands to valor given ! Thy stars have lit the welkin dome, And all thy hues were born in heaven. Forever float that standard sheet ! Where breathes the foe but falls before us, With Freedom's soil beneath our feet, And Freedom's banner streaming o'er us ! JOSEPH RODMAN DRAKE.
Page 195 - I did but prompt the age to quit their clogs By the known rules of ancient liberty, When straight a barbarous noise environs me Of owls and cuckoos, asses, apes, and dogs...
Page 138 - Broad are these streams — my steed obeys, Plunges, and bears me through the tide. Wide are these woods — I thread the maze Of giant stems, nor ask a guide. I hunt till day's last glimmer dies O'er woody vale and grassy height ; And kind the voice and glad the eyes That welcome my return at night SEVENTY-SIX.
Page 185 - BRIGHT flag at yonder tapering mast. Fling out your field of azure blue ; Let star and stripe be westward cast, And point as Freedom's eagle flew! Strain home ! O lithe and quivering spars ! Point home, my country's flag of stars ! The wind blows fair, the vessel feels The pressure of the rising breeze, And, swiftest of a thousand keels.
Page 112 - Existence may be borne, and the deep root Of life and sufferance make its firm abode In bare and desolated bosoms : mute The camel labours with the heaviest load, And the wolf dies in silence...
Page 23 - I do ! I thank God for it. I am relieved from the burden of maintaining them, and they, poor dear creatures, are relieved from the troubles of this mortal life.
Page 136 - He tried to speak, but his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, and...
Page 151 - Anything more than a worse ducking than the one you gave Lord Melville ?" " Yes, I have lost Surrey." "How?" " He went over the rapids.'' " Never mind, you shall have another." "There is no other Surrey." " There are as good fish in the sea as were ever taken out of it." " An adage that may possibly apply to the finny tribe, but not to horses." " Have it as you will. But where is your preserver? Ah, here he is," and the earl grasped Christie Kane by the hand.
Page 43 - Do I merit pangs like these, That have cleft my heart in twain ? Must I, to the very lees, Drain thy bitter chalice, Pain ! " — Morris. " Revenge is now the cud that I do chew.
Page 125 - I will try," and together they emerged from the bowels of the earth into the air. One victim of the disgraceful law authorizing imprisonment for debt, escaped the clutches of his persecutor, and walked the earth a freeman once more. CHAPTER XIV. " How hard we strove to save her, love Like ours alone can tell, And only those know what we lost Who've loved the lost as well.

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