A Leader's Guide to Unlocking Gen Z: Insider Strategies to Empower Your Team

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Black Balsam Press, Aug 31, 2021 - 348 pages
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Hannah Grady Williams-a 23-year-old Gen Z'r herself-gives leaders a rare glimpse into Gen Z's worldview and provides practical tools they can implement immediately. After graduating from college at 18, Hannah set out to consult firms, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including the likes of Chick-fil-A franchises, 9Round Fitness, and rapid-growth firms like Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy. You've read articles about the next generation at work. You know Gen Z is more diverse, entrepreneurially driven, and technologically savvy than any other generation. But why should you care? And more importantly: What's the first step your organization should take to embrace and lead Gen Z effectively? This isn't your traditional textbook report. It's your no-BS guide to connect with Gen Z in the workplace, simplifying how leaders and recruiters can adapt their strategies to attract, retain, engage, and lead the next generation of employees, with actionable, step-by-step assessments and exercises. When companies hire Gen Zers, they are no longer hiring just an employee-they are hiring a brand. Gen Z brings digital consumer expectations to the workplace, demands innovation and efficiency, and shares some surprisingly "old-fashioned" habits with their Gen X and baby boomer colleagues. Yes, there are some stark differences from their millennial predecessors, and you'll want to hear them straight from the voice of Gen Z. In A Leader's Guide to Unlocking Gen Z, Hannah Grady Williams answers these questions: Who is Gen Z . . . and why do you need to know?What is the "NarcisStory" and why must leaders understand it to effectively recruit, retain, and communicate with Gen Z?What do HR executives, recruiters, business owners, and forward-thinking managers need to do to remain relevant? What are simple steps leaders and companies can take with Gen Z to unlock their potential? Gen Z is rewriting how we do business, and these are decisive times. Companies who adapt now will have the competitive edge, and A Leader's Guide to Unlocking Gen Z is the key to unlocking the potential of this high-performing and rapidly emerging generation.

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About the author (2021)

Hannah Grady Williams was only 12-years-old and in middle school when her dad took her to work at his start-up one day per week. Usually they would visit properties, collect rent, and file paperwork-but one afternoon was different. "Hey Hannah, the phone is ringing. There's a guy on the other line with a house for sale and you're going to close the deal." Hannah took the phone and fumbled through the call, but sure enough, within weeks, they owned the property. Before long, Hannah was devouring business books. She enrolled in college at age 14 and graduated with a degree in international business by 18. Her efforts to hone her skills during her school years resulted in numerous accolades, including North Carolina Public Speaker of the Year. Hannah was invited onto the board of the Honduras Fountain of Life to provide a Gen Z perspective on Central American missions. Over the last decade, Hannah has consulted Fortune 500 companies and boutique luxury brands and has had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest leaders across the globe including Chick-fil-A franchises, Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, and 9Round. Her young introduction to the world of real estate led her to continue investing as an adult. She still finds time to explore her diverse passions including cooking and enjoying cuisine in her hometown, foodie city of Asheville, NC; backpacking with her husband; and hosting jam sessions with her musician friends. If she had a magic wand, she'd take the world back to 50s style fashion. Now, with the help of her recently published book A Leader's Guide to Unlocking Gen Z., Hannah is on a mission to help companies connect with her generation. In a time when the world is increasingly divided, Hannah has made it her mission to foster #RadicalEmpathy in the workplace-helping people of all generations gain a voice. Her work provides a bridge of connection between different generations and helps businesses positively engage Gen Z, the newest members of the workforce.

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