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behold evil; the great and terrible avenger of guilt. We approach thee as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom thou art a God of grace, mercy and peace. We implore the forgiveness of our manifold iniquities. Forgive the sins of our infancy, and the transgressions of our riper years. Forgive the blindness of our minds--the hardness of our hearts -the sensuality of our affections--the stubbornness of our wills. We have stifled the convictions of judgment--we have slighted the remonstrances of friendship-we have shut our ears to the admonitions of conscience-we have quenched the spirit of grace-we have sacrificed to idols-we have abused thy mercies we have betrayed thy cause we have crucified the Son of God afresh, and put him to open shame. Wherewithal shall we come before thee, O Lord! and bow ourselves before the most High? We have sinned, and what shall we do unto thee? O thou preserver of men! Behold, we are vile, what shall we answer thee? We will declare our iniquity-we will be sorry for our sin-we will cry mightily unto God, if it may be that he will have mercy upon us. O Lord God! remember we beseech thee, the grace thy covenant. Remember the blood of the sacrifice sprinkled on thy mercy seat. O Holy Father! have mercy upon us. O Saviour Christ! have mercy upon us. O! Divine Spirit, our sanctifier and comforter! have mercy upon us. O! Lamb of God that takest away the sin of the world, grant us thy peace!

Almighty God! the Father of lights, from whom cometh down every good and every perfect gift, we intreat thee to work the work of faith in us with power. What is dark in us, do thou illumine-what is corrupt, do thou purify-what is carnal, do thou spiritualize-what is disobedient and refractory, do thou subdue. Being dead to the world, may we be alive to Christ-Having been buried with him in baptism, may we arise to newness of life. May we experience in our souls the power of his resurrection raising us from the death of sin to the life of righteousness; and from the

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dust of this world, to a holy, spiritual, divine, and heavenly life. Raise our affections to those seats of eternal repose whither Christ hath gone as the fore-runner of all the faithful. O! that time, and the concerns of time may be as nothing to us when compared with eternity and its awful realities. Give us grace to look up to Heaven with so realizing and triumphant a faith that we may look down upon earth with indifference. Discerning the vanity and uncertainty of all temporal things, may we hold ourselves in readiness to depart; that when earthly supports fail, we may be received into everlasting habitations.

Almighty and most gracious Father! who hast created all men, and hast commanded that for all men supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made by the church-mercifully hear us in the behalf of our brethren. We pray for the sick and afflicted—the poor and needy→ the tempted and disconsolate-the prisoner and strangerthe widow and fatherless. Be thou a present help to such in all time of trouble. We pray for our friends--make them the objects of thy providential care, and enrich them with the blessings of thy heavenly grace. Forgive our enemies -turn their hearts-and command a blessing for them, even life forever more. Let thy kind providence protect our country. Preserve the publick peace. Be gracious to the President and all other constituted authorities. Guide and govern the deliberations of the great national legislature to the advancement of thy glory, and the true interests of the people. Propagate the gospel in all parts of these United States. We fervently beseech thee, O Father! to hasten the accomplisment of thy promises to the church. Fill the earth with thy glory. Bring in the fulness of the nations. Redeem Israel. May the commotions of the world issue in the peace of the church, and the revolutions of earthly kingdoms in the advancement of that spiritual empire which shall never be moved.

We implore thee, O Lord! to bless all whom thou hast

vested with the office of the holy ministry-granting them grace faithfully to preach the truth as it is in Jesus-and zealously to labour for the salvation of souls.

We beseech thee to hear us, gracious Lord! in these our requests to pardon our sins-to accept our services-and answer us in peace; for Jesus Christ's sake.

And now let endless glory be ascribed to God the Father to his only begotten Son-and to the Eternal Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son. AMEN.




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