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"When we are taught in whom to trust,
And how to spare, to spend, to give,
(Our prudence kind, our pity Just,)
Tis thus we rightly learn to live."—Ckabbe.

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The following narrative is published in the hope that its varied lessons, some directly preceptive, and others more unobtrusively evolved in the development of the tale, may be of practical utility. In reference to our accountableness for the use we make of our money-talent, there is perhaps a danger of forgetting that this is a responsibility which rests as well on the poor as on the rich, as well on those to whom "little" as on those to whom "much is given." It has often been said, and truly, that—as a rule—the lower classes put the wealthy to shame by their generosity. But it is no less true, that apart from just and fixed principles of right and wrong in the matter of expenditure, this very openhandedness may become a snare, liberality may degenerate into lavishness, what might have been a virtue may be transformed into a vice, and that which might have proved a blessing may be converted into a curse. There are some who need stirring up, and others who need holding back. The history of Ann Ellison and of her earnings may be instructive to both classes;


while—in addition to this, which is the prime teaching her experience is calculated to afford,— there are many useful hints worth the attention of the young, and especially of those in domestic service.

Much of the Scripture-reasoning that is introduced will be found drawn from the Old Testament,—that inspired repository of maxims and biographies which were recorded " for our admonition." It may be well to remind our young readers, that while the law of Moses has passed away as to its ceremonies, we may yet learn something from its principles. It is not any longer a fetter to keep us in the iron chains of a slavish obedience, but it may furnish us with many a link to render the golden chain of our gospel-holiness more complete. We may do well to look sometimes at the requirements of the law in the light cast upon them by the gospel, and at the privileges of the gospel in the light cast upon them by the law. "All scripture .... is profitable .... for instruction in righteousness," though it is the gospel-message alone which reveals to us the way of life.

September, 1859.

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