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AN ENGLISH GREEK AND GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON, for the Use of Colleges and Schools; to which is prefixed, a short Grammar of the Greek Language. By the Rev. J. A. GILES, LL.D. 8vo. 21s. "This is a worthy companion to Riddle's Latin Dictionary, containing all the informa tion necessary to a student; and, what is of equal importance, no more. The author is generally successful in developing the structure and composition of the Greek language; avoiding the quibbling derivations which disfigure the older Lexicons, and especially that of Schrevelius, he points out the genuine radicals so far as they can be discovered with cer tainty."-Athenæum.

A GREEK AND ENGLISH LEXICON TO THE NEW TESTAMENT, especially designed for Colleges and Schools; but also adapted to the Use of Students in Divinity, and Theological Readers in general. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. F.S.A.; Editor of "The Greek Testament, with English Notes," &c. 1 vol. foolscap Svo. 9s. cloth. THE NEW ETON GREEK GRAMMAR; or, the Eton Greek Grammar in English: in which the Syntax and Prosody are translated in parallel columns, and the ANALOGY of the GREEK and LATIN LANGUAGES is explained. With many important Additions to the Text, and Philosophical as well as Practical Notes. By CLEMENT MOODY, Magdalene Hall, Oxford; Editor of the New Eton Latin Grammar. 12mo. price 4s, cloth. COMPLETE LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. One very thick vol. 8vo. 21s. cloth lettered. By the sime Author,


8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth.

*** The above may be bound together in one Volume. AN ABRIDGMENT OF MR. RIDDLE'S LATINENGLISH and ENGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY, for Schools. 12s. bd. The ENG. LATIN, 5s. 6d. and LATIN-ENG. 78. may be had separately. THE GREEK TESTAMENT, with copious English Notes, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. F.S.A. THIRD EDITION, greatly enlarged and very considerably improved. In two volumes, 8vo. with a Map of Palestine, 27. cloth, lettered. By the same Editor,

COLLEGE & SCHOOL GREEK TESTAMENT, with English Notes. Second Edition, with Additions, and a new Map of Palestine, adapted to the Gospel History. One thick volume, 12mo. price 10s. 6d. cloth lettered.




OF INSTRUCTIONS IN THE GERMAN LANGUAGE; in which attention is particularly directed to Peculiarities in Grammatical Forms and Construction. Exemplified by selections from the best Authors. By D. BOILEAU, Author of "The Nature and Genius of the German Language;" "Key to the German Language and Conversation," etc. etc. New Edition, carefully revised and corrected. 1 vol. 12mo. 7s. cloth.

"Those who wish to acquire the German language with a small expenditure of time and thought, and in a pleasant, attractive way, should furnish themselves with a copy of the Linguist."-St. James's Chronicle.

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London: Printed by Manning and Mason, Ivy-Lane, Paternoster Row.

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