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Hanwood, heart open to conviction, he goes on SIR,

January 17, 1819. inquiring, and of course improving L

OOKING the other day into both in knowledge and in virtue, to searches," I met with a note at the spirit

of candour and meekness study foot of p. 216, which appears to me the Bible, most," as the Doctor lato include a confession that the Au- ments that they have done, and fore. thor probably was not aware of when sees that they will do, “ leave their he inserted it. I will give you the articles and confessions of faith, and note entire, as I think many of your following its plain, obvious and rareaders may deem it worthy of their tional doctrines, discard and remove attention.

by degrees from the true faith, all the “In a nation like ours, overflowing absurdities, corruptions and contrawith knowledge, men are not always dictions which in the dark ages of ig. in circumstances to perceive the value norance and superstition were heaped of a scriptural litargy. When Chris- around it,-and to which habit, intians are well tunght, they think they terest, and deeply-rooted prejudice, want something better. But the young cause the great body of Christians still and the ignorant, who form great pertinaciously to adhere. portion of the community, are edified I felt very much interested in the by a little plain instruction frequently latter part of Dr. Buchanan's volume, repeated. A small church or sect may and particularly in bis chapter “Con do for a while without a form ; but cerning the Jews.” The calculations a national liturgy is that which pre- from prophecy, which he there brings serves a relic of the true faith among into one view, are certainly very rethe people in a large empire, when markable, and deserve our most serithe priests leave their articles and ous attention. their confessions of faith. Woe to the “ Daniel,” he says, “ foretells that declining church which hath no gos- the Christian Church shall be oppel liturgy! Witness the Presbyte- pressed by persecuting powers for * * rians in the West of England, and time, times, and the dividing of a time. some other sects, who are said to have The same period he assigns for the become Arians and Socinians to a man. accomplishment of the indignation The Puritans of a former age did not against the holy people Israel. • One live long enough to see the use of au said, How long shall it be to the end evangelical formulary."

of these 'wonders? And I heard the Is it possible more unequivocally man clothed in linen, which was upon to acknowledge that it is the Common the waters of the river, when he held Prayer Book, and not the Bible

, which up his right hand and his left hand causes men to adhere to what Dr. B. unto heaven, and swore by Him that terms the true faith? The Presbyte- liveth for ever, that it shall be for a rians of the West had the Bible in time, times, and a half; and wheu he their hands, and probably no body of shall have accomplished to scatter the men ever studied it more diligently; power of the holy people, all these but for want of a human formulary, things shall be fuilled." Dan. xii. 7; rendered so dear and venerable by “ The same form of words is used long habit, as to be scarcely, if at by John in the Revelation, to express all, of less authority with them than the duration of the Papal and Mahothe Scriptures themselves, that Bible medan powers. Oppressed by them, taught them to perceive the errors the Church of Christ was to remain into which they had been led, and desolate in the wilderness, 'for a time, enabling them to break the strong times, and half of a time.' Rev. xii. 14; fetters with which early prejudices Every one who is erudite in sacred had mavacled their minds, made them prophecy, will understand that this Unitarians to u man.

great period of Daniel and Joho com. It is well observed, that “when mences at the same era, namely, the Christians are well taught, they think rise of the persecuting powers, and they want something better.” A well- that its duration is 1260 years." taught Christian never supposes him- Dr. B. thus proceeds: “ Here then selt or his church infallible; but with are three great events hastening to the Scriptures for his guide, and a their period; the extinction of Papal

Mrs. Mary Hughes on a Passage in Buchanan's Researches." 289 dominion; the subversion of the Ma- a Christian, who thinks that these homedao power; and the accom- prophecies are dubious? If it be true plishment of the Divine indignation that God hath at any time revealed against the holy people,' on the re- himself to man, they are most certain ! turn of the people of Israel • to seek The inattention of men in general to the Lord their God, and David their the fulfilment of the Divine predica king. Our blessed Saviour hath not tions, does not proceed so commonly left an event of this importance with- from principles of infidelity, as from out notice. • The Jews,' saith he, ignorance of facts—pure iguorance of shall be led away captive into all historical facts. There are men of nations, and Jerusalem shall be trod- liberal education in England, who are den down of the Gentiles, until the more ignorant of the history of the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.' world, ancient and modern, in conLuke xxi. 24. What these times of nexion with the revelation of God, than the Gentiles are, our Lord has ex- some Hindoos and Arabians, whom plained in his subsequent revelation we know in the East, and who have to John: • The court which is with not been Christians more than a few out the temple is given unto the Gen- years. Our Saviour reprehended this tiles; and the holy city shall they negligence of the word spoken from tread under foot forty and two months; heaven' in these words, · Ye can dis, or in prophetical language, at a day cern the face of the sky and of the for a year, 1260 years.' Rev. xi. 2.* earth; but how is it that ye cannot

“ The Apostle hath also recorded discern this time.?' this event: I would not brethren “ But the grand prophecy of the that ye should be ignorant of this Apostle Paul on this subject, is that mystery, that blindness in part is which respects the consequence of the happened to Israel, until the fulness conversion of the Jews. of the Gentiles be come in; and so all ceiving of the Jews,' saith he,' what Israel shall be saved. Rom. xi. 25. shall it be to the world, but life from

« The fulness of time for the con- the dead ?' Rom. xi. 15. Dispersed version of the Geutiles will be come as the Jews are in all countries, they in, when the Mahomedan and Papal form a body of preachers ready preobstructions are removed. Such pared, and they need only say, · Beevents as the fall of the Pope in the hold the Scriptures of God are in our West, and of Mahomed in the East, possession,' read our history there, as both of whom persecuted the Jews to foretold 3,000 years ago, and read the death, will probably be the means of events in the annals of nations. We awakening the Jews to consider the are witnesses to the world, and the evidences of that religion which pre- world to us. Let the whole race of dicted the rise and fall of both.

mankind unite and examine the fact. “ It is very well known in the All ye inhabitants of the world, and East," says Dr. B., “at what time dwellers on the earth, see ye, when Mahomed appeared. Let the Maho- the Lord lifteth up an ensign on the medan then be informed, that he is mountains: and when he bloweth a to count from the Hegira, (the flight of trumpet, hear ye.' Isa. xviii. 3." Mahomed from Mecca, in 622,) and Surely these statements and calcuthen expect the fulfilment of a re- lations from the most striking parts markable prophecy, made by Cbrist, of the prophetical writings, appear whom the Koran acknowledges to be plainly to announce the speedy fall of a true Prophet.' Let him be in the “ beast" and the false prophet," formed explicitly, that the reign of and the bringing in of God's ancient Mahomedanism will then have an people to the Christian fold! And end.

the present state of the world seems " Is there any man, calling himself strongly corroborative of these hopes

• The re

• A day for a year;

=1260 years.
42 months = 42 X 30 = 1260 days

1260 years.
A day for a year; 1260 years
A time, times, and half a time = a year,

two years, and half of a year=forty-two =1260 years.

months = 1860 days..... VOL. XIV.

2 R

and expectations. The translation of can it be thought improbable, that the Bible into almost all the lan- in the progress of another hundred guages of the earth, and the diffusion years the whole Heathen world will of it among its various inhabitants, follow ; and when that period is which is now carrying on with in- completed, that the earth will be creasing rapidity, is also the most filled with the knowledge of the Lord, rational and probable means of con- even as the waters cover the sea"! verting the Heathen, and of restoring and “ they shall not teach every man the professors of a corrupted Chris. his neighbour, saying, "know the tianity to its genuine doctrines and Lord, for all shall know him, from practice. But it is Unitarian Chris- the least to the greatest" ! tianity, and that only, which can do I am tempted to go one step farthis. Both the Jew and the Maho. ther. The next century will, accordmedan must continue to believe that ing to our reckonings, conclude the “the Lord their God is onc Lord,” that 6,000 years of the world, and the " the Lord is One and his name One! seventh has been always considered

Let the professors, then, of this pure and looked to as the promised Millefaith rouse themselves, and prepare for nium, the reign of Christ upon earth, the great work which is given them which is to be completed before the to do. Our numbers are increasing, general resurrection. "The dead in and our zeal, I trust, still more ra- Christ shall rise first." | Thess. iv. 16. pidly rising to meet the glorious era They “ who are Christ's, will be which approaches. Light has most made alive at his coming." I Cor. unexpectedly burst forth from that xv. 29. Those " who have not wor. cloud of dark bigotry, superstition shiped the beast, neither his image. and uncharitableness, which so lately neither have received his mark upon enveloped the University of Geneva ; their foreheads or in their hands," will it is spreading from thence, and from “ live and reign with Christ a thouthe neighbouring serninary of the sand years. But the rest of the dead excellent Fellenberg ; from whence live not again until the thousand years other teachers and Christian philan- are finished. This is the first resurthropists like himself will, I trust, go rection. Blessed and holy is he that forth into the world, and even princes, bath part in the first resurrection." filled with a glorious enthusiasm for I shall be highly gratified, Mr. the benefit of their fellow-men, their Editor, if any of your learned and Christian brethren, will carry the pure ingenious Correspondents will give to flame of genuine gospel truth into the public through the medium of their respective territories !

your interesting Miscellany, their senLittle as to the eye of reason is the timents upon the subject of this paper. difference between sleeping in the

MARY HUGHRS. grave for ages, for

what was said of Brett's Nar. appear but as a moment, and with eternity before us when we awake, great Council of Jews, (p. 136, it there ean be no regret for the time should be added, that the tract is repassed over in a state of insensibility; printed as an Appendix to the Bishop yet there is something peculiarly ani- of Clogher's (Clayton) Dissertation or mating and delightful in the idea Prophecy, 8vo. London, 1749. The that “ the time is at hand," which Bishop received the Narrative as auwas celebrated in songs of grateful thentic. Like some of our Corretriumph in ages long gone by, and the spondents, the Bishop interpreted distant view of which filled the hearts prophecy and particularly the book of those whom God empowered to of Revelation, of passing events. He foresee future events, with rapturous fixes the year of our era 2,000 for the joy and thankfulness. Should these coming of Christ. Before that period. heart-enlivening expectations be re. Popery is to be overthrown, and the alized, the Jews and Mahomedans fall of the spiritual Babylon to be will be joined to Christ in the course succeeded by the conversion of the of the present century; and with so Jews and the preparation of the Genvast an accession of strength, both in tiles for the reception of the visible point of evidence, yumbers and zeal, appearance and manifestation of the

more and definite time, as either will Toreline of the Proceedings of

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Certificate of a Marriage in 1659.

291 Messiah, who is to reign upon earth a the days of Cromwell.) without the thousand years. After this Satan is interpositiou of the clergy. to be let loose, and there is to be the With this belief I am happy in wit. insurrection of Gog and Magog, and nessing the efforts which the Unita. their destruction by fire, when the rians of the day are now making on day of judgment will close the scene. this subject, and sincerely hope they

may be effectual. I am glad to see it Isle of Wight, taken up as a matter of conscience. SIR,

April 11, 1819. It is certainly most important in this I Hunter

tion in your Repository, a certifi- pecially to the Unitarian. Him it cate of a marriage in December 1653, behoves to think well on this point differing in some respects from that before he acts, and not to give a communicated by your correspondent sanction by his actions to a practice W. Hincks, in your last Number, which bis conscience condemns. Let (p. 158,) as it states that the ceremony him be consistent. We are to recolwas performed not only before, but by Ject that it is only by the determined a justice of the peace, and that the conduct of individuals that any thing benns were published three several affecting a society generally can ever market-days in the market-place: thus be expected to be accomplished, and making marriage what it should be, that it therefore becomes the duty of simply a civil compact, and giving a every one professing his attachment publicity to the ceremony wbich was to the interests of religious liberty, to rendered the less disputable under the use his utmost endeavours to diffuse Commonwealth by means of a register its blessings as extensively as his appointed to be kept in every parish. means will permit. In relation to The following extract is taken from the present subject, the married may the register of St. Mary's, White- do much by an expression of opinion, chapel:

but the greater support may be ex* Julius Woud, of Nightingale-lane, in pected from the unmarried in protestthis parish, mariner, and Martha Waygdon, ing without fear (as many have done) of tie same, widdow,

were published in the at the altar, against this oppression market-place, at Leaden-hall, three severall

on the consciences of their fellowmerket.days, in three severall weeks, (viz.) worshipers. on the 16th day, on the 19th day, and on

J. C. the 26th day of December, 1653; and the P. S. In the Morning Chronicle of wid Julius Wood and Martha Waggdon Thursday, April 9, 1819, I was sorry were married by me, Richard Loton, Esq., to notice the refusal of the Editor to and justice of peace in the County of Mid- publish the copy of a Protest against dlesex, on the 26th day of December, 1653. the Church Ceromony of Marriage, Edward Callis and Tobias Harborough, presented by Mr. Fearon (author of

Travels in America) to the ClergyIn regard to this subject I would just map at West Ham, Essex, at the time observe, that whatever change we may of his marriage. (See pp. 272, 273.) wish to see made in the Marriage Ser. This refusal on the ground" that the vice as performed by the clergy of this parties might have been satisfied to Opuntry, the publicity of the ceremony have kept their scruples to themshould be most strictly preserved, as selves," savours too much of worldly by an adherence to this part of the policy in the Editor of a paper otherestablished form, we shall, I conceive, wise deservedly looked upon as an be more likely to effect any alteration impartial and independent journalist. which it may be thought desirable to be made. In commou with many of

York, your readers I consider marriage a SIR,

April 14, 1819. religious duty, the observance of THowed's Sermin on Instantaneous

THE able Review of Mr. Wellbewhich ought not to depend vecessa. rily on the performance of any reli- Conversion, (pp. 184-167,) will, I gious ceremony, but whiclı, for certain hope, excite additional interest to the political reasons it is indispensably subject, and induce such of your reanecessary should be publicly solem- ders as may not already have seen the nized by the civil magistrate, (as it discourse itself, to read it with atten

witnesses present.”

from which weak and sceptical per- " free-will,” which your Corresponsons draw impotent conclusions dent appears to adopt, enable us satisagainst the wisdom, justice and good- factorily to account for, or justify the ness of the Deity, it is strictly appro- common notion of future punishment priate. Of these things we are very to our own minds; for though this incompetent judges. The ways of will sufficiently account for the admisProvidence are dark and intricate." sion of natural and moral evil, in a In this respect, “He giveth vot ac- partial and limited degree, (which, count of any of his matters: his way indeed, seems unavoidable in such a is ju the sea, and his path in the great creature as man, placed in his present waters; and his footsteps are pot circumstances, and endowed with va seen"! He regulates not his conduct luntary powers, liable to neglect and by the fancies of foolisha creatures, for abuse, as well as capable of improve “though a man labour to seek it out, ment and cultivation;) yet not for yet he shall not find it; yea, further, that which is final and irreversible. though a wise man think to kuow it, Doubtless, as Dr. Hartley observes, yet shall not he be able to find it." there is a sense, (though not as we But if the objection relates to the conceive, in the sense of the Necessa. great wkole, the ultimate issue of the rian, because, • what proves too Divine plans and operations relative much proves nothing,") in which, to moral agents, it is nothing to the “ the cause of the cause, is the cause purpose, or blowing hot and cold of the thing caused;" and though no with the same breath. The revolu- moral evil, as such, proceeds from the tions of infinite ages can effect no Deity, and though both reason and change in his nature and perfections, Scripture oblige us to draw a broad who is “ without variableness or line of distinction betwcen Divine shadow of turning." It is an univer- permission and Divine appointment; sally acknowledged and received yet, to give a rational being a power, principle, by all divines and theolo- which, though intended for his eternal gians whose sentiments and works good, should, from his own perverseare deserving notice, that the moral ness, produce, or issue in his eternal attributes of the Deity, though dis- evil, seems to be utterly inconsistent tinct in their origin and exercise, are with all our ideas of the Divine perthe grand archetypes and exemplars fections. It is true, “ fore-knowledge of similar excellencies and perfections had no influence on their fault, which in created natures; and were there had no less proved certain, unfore any doubt of this glorious truth from known;" yet, having been fore-known the suggestions of natural light, reve- by the Almighty, it would have been lation hath fully illustrated and con- far more consistent with his goodness, firmed it. The argument from the as we must conceive, to have withlesser to the greater is continually held their existence altogether, and employed by patriarchs, prophets created those beings only, whom he and apostles, and especially by the knew would duly improve their facol

apostle and high-priest of our pro- ties, than by giving the former a short fession, Jesus Christ;" and the pater. and fatal foretaste of happiness here, nal character of the Deity exhibited afterwards to consign them over to in the brightest and most alluring remediless misery, or remediless decolours, so that “he that runs may struction. We need only revert to read." If you entertain a suspicion the passages formerly quoted from that benevolence in the great Father those eminent writers who have esof the universe contains in itself any poused the system of free-will, togething strictly contrary to benevolence ther with that of eternal punishments, in inferior agents, you may be led not to perceive how strangely they were only to doubt bis gooduess, bat also embarrassed in striving to reconcile his power and wisdom, his holiness their consciences with their profession, and justice, his truth and faithful- their reason with their faith. “ lf, ness: and what is this, but to furnish therefore, God bas given men freeweapons for the Atheist and unbe- will in such a measure, as that they liever, and to "build a house upon may bring upon themselves fuite the sand"!

suffering thereby, in the present state, Nor will the system of a rational or in any future intermediate one, we

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