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Vse si

Thogh manyperiso it is nothing to God

he is perfe&.127

Vse 6. Gods commands are for our good, he is perfe&t. Ibid.

Vse 7...

Togiee God the konour of his perfe&tion, 129
Fourefognes of exalting Gods perfe&tion. Ibid.
The creatures of them
selises can doè nothing for us in


three refpe&ts.

The Eighth ATTRIBVTI. God without all causes.

140. Reason 1. Else some thing should be before him. Ibid.

Reason 2 That which hath a part receiveth it from the mbole,141

Reason. 3. Allosher things have a possibillitie not to be. 142.

Vse i.

Godwill s not things because they are juft, but they are juft because he wills them.

143 Vse. 2. God may do all things for himselfe & his own glory.144 Webbould do nothing for our oron ends but for God.146 Eight fignes to know whether a man make God or himfelfe his end.


Vse 3:

The fourth ATTRIBVTI,

Do&rine. God is eternall.


Five things required
in Aternity.

157 Reasons tohy God must be Eternall.

158 Foure differences between the Eternity of God, and the duration of the Creatures.

159 Consec. 1. God porefethull things together.

159 Consec, 2. Eternity makesh things infinitely good or evil. 167

vre i. Tominde more things Eternall.

161 Motives to consider Eternity.

167 Vse z. Not to be offended with Gods delaying, he hath time enough to performe his promises, being eternall. 168

. To consider Gods love and enmity are eternall, 171 To comfort us agains mutability of things below. 172 God is Lord of time.


Vse 3:

Vfe 4.

Vse si


The fourth ATTRIBUTE.
Fours properties of a spirit.

Vse 1.
Gods eye chieflyox our fpirits, therefore they must bee

kept fit for communion with him. How to fit our spirits

for communion with God. Disedions for cleansing the spirito

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Vse z.

Vfe 2.

Gods government chiefly on the spirits of men,
Proved by three Demonftrations.

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Vse 3.


To worship God in spirit.

32 which confists in three things.

33 What neceffity of the gestures of the body is Gods

service. How to conceive of God in prayer.

44 The Simplicity of GOD. Gods fimplicity proved by sixe reasons.

Consec. I.
To see what a flable foundation faith hath.

Consec. z.
God cannot be hindred in his workes.

52 Confec. 3. The Attributes of God are equal.

53 Tolabour to be content in a simple condition.

54 Vse z. Tolabour for singleneffe of heart.

59 Two things in simplicity Togoe to God rather than to the creature.


Vse 1.


The fifth A TTRIBVTE.
Gods immutability.
Five reasons of Gods immutability.
Trro objedtiens against Godsimmutability:

Confec. I.
How to underftand severall places of Scripture. 78.

a 3


72 73 76

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