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At the end several hundred questions are proposed, for the use of candidates for holy orders, and students in Divinity. And it is to be hoped that these questions, by whomsoever they may be read, may be the humble means of inducing men to study that Holy Volume which God, as one of his richest acts of mercy, has given to his fallen, but redeemed creatures in Christ Jesus.

The Author is persuaded, that the critical and unbiassed study of the Sacred Volume will give to every student the victory over the objections which infidels presume to make against it, and that such a study will lead him into all truth, and make him wise unto salvation. Therefore, as those who are in a course of preparation for holy orders, should of all persons be the most ready to give a reason of the hope that is in them, and be able to vindicate the word of God, explain its history, interpret its doctrines, and enforce its validity, its practice, and precepts, he has appended these questions, that thus the study and references which they will occasion, may ground them in the faith, and make them a light to those about to be committed to their charge.

The Author has now only to send forth his work, with the sincere but humble prayer, that the blessing of God may rest upon it, that it may be an instrument in his hands, to show men the truth of the Christian religion, and by his Divine grace to bring them to that path of life that leadeth unto glory.

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