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the prediction ought to be considered in its general relation to the whole scheme of prophecy; or else show, by their unacquaintedness with the subject, their own incompetency for the office they have assumed. Far, indeed, is the writer from intimating that all persons who object to the proposed interpretation of any particular prediction, should be required to suggest some more probable application, or to assign to the prediction in question, its exact and appropriate place in the prophetical system. But thus far he thinks it may be reasonably expected from them, that in undertaking to advance objections of this nature, they should possess such a general knowledge, and take such a comprehensive view of the whole subject of prophecy, as will prevent them from clogging the interpretation of it by their objections, with greater and more obvious difficulties than those, to which they themselves profess to ex. cept. It would be easy to show that several of the exceptions which have been taken to the proposed application of prophecy in this work have been of this description : and it is principally with the view of obviating such objections that the alterations in the present edition have been framed.

In this Edition a more detailed and comprehensive exposition is given of those prophecies which bear on the present Times. It is attempted to show that the designation of the particular Crisis in which the Church of Christ is now placed, rests not exclusively on the testimony of the alleged fulfilment of the prophecy (Dan. xi. 36-45) in the person and career of Napoleon, but on other Scriptural proofs, in themselves totally indedependent of this testimony; but, at the same time, so intimately connected with it, as to encumber the rejection of it with difficulties of no ordinary magnitude. If the statements made in the following pages be adequately proved, it will be incumbent on those who would set aside the proposed application of the prophecy in question, not merely to ground their objection on some apparent difficulty in

the interpretation itself; but to show, either that the other proofs adduced do not bear testimony to the present Crisis, or that the prediction of the Wilful King is totally unconnected with them, and does not occupy that position as to time and place, which they mark out and assign to it. It is by a comparison of the difficulties on the one side with those on the other side, that the decision must. be formed. If, after a connected and unprejudiced consideration of the whole subject, the arguments in favour of Napoleon, being the King predicted by Daniel, are found to be so strongly supported by the concurrent testimony of prophecy and history, of the predictions of Scripture, and the Signs of the Times, that this conclusion cannot be set aside without violently resisting such testimony; - in this case, any minor difficulties, which may present themselves in the actual interpretation of the prophecy, must so far give way as not to be considered as overthrowing the conclusion in question. It must, in such a case, be

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reasonably presumed, while the conclusion itself is thus apparently established, that these smaller obstacles will, in due time, disappear; and that the objections, which, if viewed by themselves, now involve the exposition in some seeming ambiguity, will, at length, be satisfactorily removed. At any rate, such a state of things should preclude the adoption of a rash and hasty decision; and should induce those persons, who, at present, may find themselves embarrassed by the difficulties in question, to suspend their judgment, till time, consideration, and farther discussion shall have shed additional light upon the subject. As for the Writer himself, the more closely and frequently he investigates the points under review, the deeper becomes the impression on his own mind, which he is anxious to fix and strengthen in the minds of others; that by the fulfilment of this remarkable

prophecy of the Wilful King, in the

person, exploits, and end of the late Emperor of the French, the Almighty is graciously intending to vouchsafe to his humble

and believing people, a clear indication of the Crisis in which they are now placed, and of the peculiar duties to which they are consequently called. May they have grace to discern His intention, and to hear and obey His call !

Hamstall Ridware,
Feb. 10th, 1826.

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