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ter of Business in the Day, must needs not a Ele disturb either her Mind, her Sleep, or

Reft : how to answer the Exigencies of he + Husband and Children, on the one Hand;

d to satisfy the Necessities of her Servants, On the other. But the industrious Wife in these sacred Proverbs, will eafily conquer all

luch Difficulties, and make them only her Pa. int al fti me or Diversion. The greatest Cares and office Troubles of Marrimony do no more break her

Rest, discompose her Mind, or rufile her good Humour, than her Children's Play. Things or pacifying Rattles.

I. AS for her Husband and Children, the in thinks it not only a Duty incumbent, but na

tural Reason, to take the most diligent Care of her own Flesh and Blood. Can any Thing be dearer than he that is wonderfully made one with her by a mystical Union in Marriage ? Their Hearts are the same; and they differ only in Perfon. Their Affections are mutual, and no other personal Differences or Passions ever happen between this happy Couple. They are no more Two in any other Respect, but only in Number. They are still the very self fame Lovers and Promoters of each other's Felici-, ty. In the next Place, her Bowels always eara for her Children's Good. The Blessing of her Womb, and the Fruit of her Body, is as dear to her as her own Life. Their Welfare must be her continual Study, as well as Prayer and Devotion. She will never let them want for any Thing that is convenient and necesary, cither for their Well-Being or Well-Doing ;. their good Education and Instruction; or their Health, Food and Raiinent. The Hen couchog her Chickens under her Wings for Fear


of the Kitę; or the Hawk, is byt a faint Ema bleme of her greater Care, Tenderness and Protection of her little Ones in her safe Bosom : by keeping them constantly out of Harm's Way, and preserying them from all Misfortunes, or the very Shadow of a Mischief; and sometimes by rifquing her own Life too for their Deliverance (as it may happen) from a sudden Fire, a threatning Sword; an impending Fall, a surprizing Accident of drowning, or any other imminent Danger of Death,

HER Vigilancy and Forecast in the Mapagement of her Domestick Affairs, are eminent Tokens and signal Proofs of her Excellency. She is ever upon the Watch in the Night, and her Guard in the Day ; how to please her Husband or oblige her Childreq; and to make a suitable Provision 'betimes in the Morning, at Noon, or at Night, for their usual Suste nance. She knows they must be fed as well as taught, and have good Bread, Butter, Cheese, Nourishment, &c. at Home, as well as good Education, commendable Learning, and neces. fary Discipline at School. And she negle&ts no proper Time neither, of giving them their Meat in due Season, as also of doing it with the greatest Dexterity and Dispatch; to the best Advantage of their Healths, the Strengthning of their Bodies, and the Improvement of their Minds; so that her indearing Spouse cannot but be well-pleas'd' with her vigilant Be. haviour, and “The reciprocally as well satisfy'd with his Approbation for her Pains. Thus they constantly breakfast, dine and sup together every Day of their Lives, and have a continua! Feast of Love, Comfort


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tentment. Happy Pair! What a mutual joy must this be in a loving Family so well ggvernd,

II. AS to her Servants, she thinks it an Obligation of Conscience, as well as common Respect, that they should be particularly taken Care of both by their Masters and Mistresses, according to their respective Sexes or Provinces. But by her vigilant and watchful Eye, she will ease her Husband of that Burden in a great Measure among her Domesticks. He may Le a-bed, study his Philosophy, or take his pleasure A broad ; she will manage those familiar Matters her self at Home, with his Leave, and make it her whole Business to look after their Work; to see that it be done carefully, with that Decency, Exactness and Fidelity, as it ought to be perform’d, or the Nature of the Thing requires in the Performance. She never fails of feeding them well, and giving them a sufficient Portion of Meat at their proper Meals; and may therefore reasonably expect a grateful, agreeable, or equal Return for it, by their laborious Handy-Works. She rightly thinks, that a good portion of Viętuals may very well require a suitable Proportion of Work well done for her Favours. Her Goodness towards their Persons, commonly puts them upon welldeserving their Wages, and calling her the best of Mistresses. But, and if she cloaths their Backs too, as well as fills their Bellies, which she often does, by her bountiful Hand; why then they are still the more oblig'd to do her the most faithful and singular Services. Infomuch that in both Respects of the relative Duties, the owes either to her Husband and Children, or to her domestick Servants ; ber


elaborate Performances in the End appear extraordinary, her Vigilancy wonderful, and her Oeconomy incomparable. Her Houshold is happy. The Men rival her Carefulness, and the Maids rejoyce in her Commands.

VERSE XVI. * SHE considereth a Field, and bøyeth it:

with the Fruit of her Hands, soe plantetb a Vineyard.

FEE the wonderful Blessing of her

industrious Indeavours! What great
Effects and Advantages her æcono-
mical Carefulness produces! It im-

mediately makes her not only a just Gainer, but a most considerable Purchaser. Every Thing prospers that she takes in Hand, and hugely contributes to the Augmentation of her good Fortune, as well as Felicity. She is in the fairest Way of getting a moft plentiful Estate, by her frugal Alliduity. By this Means, she will be always increasing her growing Stock, and multiplying her numerous Acquisitions. Whatever she has by Virtue of her considerate Diligence, is wellgot; and will either last the longer, or thrive the better. She weighs the Matter well in her Mind, how to lay-out her superfluous Money wisely, which she has sav'd by the Sweat of her?


e t i and wir confiderahatever yomon her nus

Brow, and the diligent Gains of her own laborious Hands. She knows, it is Labour and Mo. ney only that buys Land. Upon this Consideration, the casts her curious Eye upon a Piece of Ground, a Field or an Estate to be fold; ponders the Nature of the Soil, the Situation and other Conveniencies of it with mature Deliberation : and then purchases it out of Hand, to make a suitable Addition to her own extensive Improvements. Her prudent Oeconomy, sedate Temper, and critical Watchfulness, intitle her to make the best Bargain, and accom-' plish the most beneficial Purchase upon Earth. After that, when she finds her self in full Por- ; session, as safe and sure as the Law can confirm or secure it ; then by the Fruit and Frugality of her own Hands, she plants a fine no... ble Vineyard there, which produces the richest Grapes, and affords the most generous Wines for her private Table, or a more publick Be. nefit. She likewise adorns it with fruitful Orchards and pleasant Gardens ; stocks it with several kinds of Fish and Fowl, wild as well as tame, fit for Food ; and replenishes it with Poultry, Cattle, and Corn of all sorts; proper for the Use of her Family, the Service of her Houshold, or the better Entertainment of her Neighbours and Friends: through an honest Ambition of maintaining the Honour of her great Hospitality, and supporting the Generosity of her good House-keeping...

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