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known for their inviolable Affection and Vira tue; Persons of inexpressible Valour, Courage, or Fortitude! They will never cease to love, till they cease to live. And nothing but not to be can part them, or make them unbappy. To be brief, in fine, Honour and Chastity are her Cloathing, according to the holy Text, and the inseparable Embellishments of her excellent Mind; healthful and beautiful Children, the Blessings of her faithful, as well as fruitful Matrimony; Charity and Prayer, the seraphick Ideà's of her deyoted Soul: wrapt-up in Ejaculations of Piety, and always pointing towards Heaven, as well as her Husband's Happiness, like the loving Needle to the North, without any Variation.

IH. HEREBY, in fine, the good Humour, Gaiety, and Pleasantness of her Temper, make her the most amiable, as well as agreeable Lady of all Woman-kind, in Conversation. She may well hug her own Virtue, and worthily rejoyce in her own Honour and Innocency. The Foy of her Heart sits fluttering on her Forehead. in lovely Smiles. The Serenity of her Countenance, argues the inward Satisfactions of her noble Mind. The Pleasantry of her Discourse, upon any deserving Subject, discovers the Loves Peace, and Sedateness of her calm Thoughts. She can never be put out of Humour by any rufiling, and unruly Passions. No little private Petts, Piques or Prejudices, can give her any uneasy. Resentments of meditating Revenge ; nor disturb the settled Repose of her great forgiving Soul. No surly Frowns of Fortune can disquiet the sweet Composure of her natural Temper, in Patience and Contentment. No fly Invectives can disorder the establish'd Government, either of her Thought, or her Tongue, with Discretion. She laughs at all publick Inë juries, Affronts, Indigoities, Slanders, or Defamations of her Virtue, with a becoming sort of Pride in her prudent Behaviour ; by over. Jooking them, as not worth her Notice, with a modest Negligence or Indifferency. 'Tis be.. low the Dignity of her Indowments, in Point of Prudence, Good-Breeding, or Distinction, to refent those petulant Provocations, which have not the Power to pall her Joy, or incommode her Tranquillity. Nothing can fow'r her sweet Difpofition, or make her ill Company, but Vice, among those who have the Honour to converse with her, in common Civility and private Chat. In her own Nature, she is all Life, Spirit and Alacrity ; always joyful in her Looks, pleafant in her Meditations, and diverting in her Difcourfe : never discompos'd upon any Occasion,ei. ther of Calumny, Calamity, or Misfortune. Falsehood flies, Detraction vanishes, and all threatPning Clouds disperse at the Mirth of her chear. ful Conscience. The Sky clears-up, and there is no Gloominess at all left, to overcast the Serenity of her Mind, to darken the Gleams of her joyful Heart, or to deform the Glories of her gladfome, Aspect. In short, Thinking, or Talking, she appears still perfectly Debonnair in her Deportment: Insomuch that she might properly be styled Belle Humeur her self in Perfon, as well as Perfection. In Time to come, she will undoubtedly meet with better Fortune, and have more Reason ftill, to rejoyce in the unspotted Reputation of her virtuous Life: And heartily rem joyce too in the Strength of her Salvation.


VERSE XXVI. SHE openeth her Mouth with Wisdom, and in her Tongue, is the Law of Kindness.

S US DD to all her other fore-mention'd

A Accomplishments, this singular Grace
S of good conversation : that, she is
WTO neither too sullen or filent; nor too
free or flippant, forward or talkative. But
when it comes to her Turn to speak ; and ei-
ther her Duty, good Manners, or Occasion re-
quires it: her Discourse is not about vain fri.
volous Things, but serious Matters of the great-
est Moment. She is then open-hearteche, but not
verbose in, her Tongue. That is as far from
trifling, as faultering in her Speech. She does
not love to talk of Shadows, but Substances, not
of Chimera's, but Realities. Let the Subje& be
what it will, either of divine or humane Af
fairs, she discourses pertinently, argues closely,
and reasons judicioully: still exprelling her Wis.
dom, and Sedateness, rather than discovering
any predominant Palion, Prejudice, or Prepof-
session. This is manifestly shewn, not only in
the constant Softness of her charming Voice,
and Sweetness of her unprovoking Language,
but also in the wise Instru&tions she gives of
Virtue, and the folemn Exhortations she lays
down of doing Good, loving Justice, exercising
Mercy, cultivating Friendship, and living peacea
ably in the World : which she inculcates every

X 2


where by her inimitable Example, as the now blest Lefon of humane Life. Wisdom is always in her Month, proceeding from the Abundance of her gracious Heart ; and she never opens her Lips, without Expressions of Love and Good: nefs.. "Her Tongue is the very Key of Virtue, or Instrument of Kindness, which opens the Way to her Husband's Felicity. It locks-up all the Cabinet-Secrets of their mutual Love, and fecures all the Fewels, Treasures, or Satisfactions of their conjugal Fidelity. She speaks nothing but what is kind, good. natur'd, and comfortable to all people that have the Happiness to be conversant with her, or the Honour to serve her in any way of Dealing. She makes the Prudence of her discreet Mind, the unalterable Law of her Mouth; so that nothing but Blesings fall from her beauteous and affable Lips, or 'drop like balmy Dero from her mel. lifluous Tongue. Indeed she does not only shew her self incomparably wise in 'her Words, but also io her Ałtions. She abhors all the courtly Dilimulations, and vulgar Hypocrisies of the World: when the mouth and the Mind never go together, but are as different as Fire and Water, and is distant as the East is from the West, or the opposite Poles, between Expression and Sentiment. But the proves always as benevolent, or bountiful in her Deeds, as she is courteous, or complaisant in her Speech. Her Language abounds with prudent Sayings, pious Sentences, or the most folemn Laws of Grace' and good Will. Out of her religious Mouth proceeds nothing but Piety and Purity; Veracity and Consolation, or Compassion and Charity for her distressed Friends, oppressed Neighbours,, and injur’d Country-men. In short, The

never fails to speak the Truth of her genea rous Soul, and to be as good as her Word in the Performance of her. Promises. To say no more, her Word it self is a Law in Abstract: That is, a Compendium of her more voluminous Honour, Justice and Mercy, as well as Kindness and Affection at large. :


ISDOM was the great Blessing of so. V lomon himself, and no less than the Gift of Heaven. By the Influence of it, a virtuous Woman makes her self, at least, the most amiable Mistress of her Spouse's Heart intirely, with a sort of religious Admiration, not far from adoring such a living Image of Beauty. This must needs render them the happiest Pair : and though not possess'd of Crowns or Scepters here perhaps, yet they injoy a Heaven upon Earth, in Peace and Love, Patience and Contentment; for their better Consolation in the Study of Virtue, Religion, and Philosophy. Thus she becomes a perfect Volume of Grace and Goodness, both in Body and Mind ; bound-up with the truest Laws of Kindness, Favour and Fidelity : not unlike a Book of Wisdom, good Faith, and Sincerity, of the best Edition; whereby we may learn the most lively Oracles of Truth, next after the Word of God, and from whence we may copy the most divine Things, or devouteft Excellencies after her glorious Example, as the faithfullest Original, copious, as well as gracious, and the fairest Impression of Virtue. Bus the Three great Topicks of Prudence, Speakın), and Friendship, being couch'd under this com


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