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Ground still, in Hopes of better Times, and happy Olims, for what is to come as well as past : Ör else the witty Poets and wise Philosophers knew nothing of the Vicissitude of humane Affairs,

II. IN its direful Circumstances, lies the greatest Hardship of Poverty. It sometimes afflicts like a judicial Fatality, a Famine or a Plague; having no Corn in Egypi perhaps ; no Money in the Land of the Living ; no Sustenance in a poor Family; nothing to provide for an ordinary Livelihood, nor to pro

cure a common Maintenance of a Meal's Meat 1 or the meanest Necessaries of Life, it may be,

to stop the Mouths of a wife and Children a-starving at Home, for Want of due Succour and their daily Bread. These are very hard Lines in Truth! And would it not make

a Man look about him for better Fortune, or I fly to divine Providence for its never-failing

Relief? Would it not move him to be industrious, and take Pains to the last Degree of his Power or his Prayers ? Would it not almost quite discomfit him from his Labour, and render him uneasy, dissatisfy’d, or discourag'd even to Death, in his greatest Efforts and Endeavours of getting his Living honestly ? Would it not cause his Tongue to cleave to the Roof of his Mouth, to be confin'd from the Li

berty of Drinking what is necessary for the 3 Consolation of his Mind, the Comfort of his - Heart, and the Sustentation of his Body? What

can be a more distracting Affiliation to an ine digent Person, a Gentleman or a Scholar, than

not to be able to purchase those fatisfaétory Emoluments; which are requisite as much for the very Being, as Well-Being, both of himself

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and his comfortless Family in Want? How must he be disturb'd in his Thoughts, as well as cramp'd in his Desires; who has not Money to go to Market for Provision, nor so much as to command a Draught of Small- Beer, except he can have Credit given for it? Can any Thing more perplex or torment a generous Mind, than to be incapacitated to buy his daily Food, or Bread it self; and to be deprived of procuring an honest Livelihood, without making a Trade of begging it in Publick ? Such a Man, so miserably deftitute, may stay at Home, and be ftarv'd with Hunger, or die of unquenchable Thirst; unless he will make his Case known disgracefully, expose himself as a forlorn Object of humane Compassion, and undergo the vileft Contempt or scorn of the World. 'Tis imposible to express, to what sad Shifrs and sordid Extremities Poverty reduces fome unreliev'd People: And they only can tell them, who are forced to live upon the Alms. Besket. Nothing but the Consolation of Philosophy, or the Comforts of Divinity, can help them to retrieve their great Indigencies ; so much vnregarded by 0thers, and unlamented in the Pride of their Barbarity. But then they must make it their chief Business to cling the closer to God, for Redress of such Grievances ; who can command more Charity from the Brutes, from the Ra. vens, upon a true Faith and Trust, like Elijah's, in his infinite Goodness, than to let them pe. rish for Want of some miraculous Sustenance

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III. IN the regretting Consequences of it, Poverty is very irksome, grievous, and disagreeable to most people. It is almost intole


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rable to some sort of murmuring, melancho. ly or discontented Tempers. They think it deprives them of all the Benefits of good Company, and discards them, in a Manner, out of humane Society. They are apt to grieve too immoderately at their misfortunes, and seclude themselves from better Injoyments by a dishonourable Despair. Despair, upon Poverty, has been the fad Occasion of doing worse Things too; and made fome Men scandalonfly destroy themselves by their own unnatural Hands: as if Sword or Pistol; Hanging, Drowning, or cutting of Throats, could free them from Misfortunes by the perdition of their Bodies, and secure the Salvation of their souls, by an unrepented Crime of Cowardice, Dishonour and Damnation : not to call Self-Murder, in particular, the sin against the Holy Ghost, without any Forgiveness. 'Tis next Door to it, not to stint the divine Mercy. I acknowledge an honest money.less Traveller may well fing upon the Road before a Roober, as suveral wittily expresses it; because he has nothing to lose : But how many wicked Desperado's are driven, thro' Grief of Heart upon their Necessities, to the Temptation of going upon the High Way themselves, and violently risquing their own dear Lives, as well as taking of other People's Purses for their dishonest Support ? 'Tis only acting their own Tragedies in Reality, upon a fatal Exit! However, such an idle, indolent, mean-spirited Fellow, as falls into Poverty through his own Inaction, Negligence or Prodigality ; that lyes in the Mire, and will not so much as call upon God Almighty to help him, nor exercise the Faculties given him of Understanding and ludustry, nor exert

his own power and Strength, like Hercules's foolish Carter in Distress : such an unađive Person, I say, may well be unpity'd ; if not die also unregarded. At least he can be reckon'd fit for no better Conversation, than that of Beggars, or to list himself at worse Places than Mumper’s. Hall; among Rake-Shams, Sharpers, Pick-Pockets, Spend-Thrifts and Profligates, And if Necessity does not at last force him to ty-up a Leg, or counterfeit the Cripple, and play the Cheat for Relief; yet he will always have this severe Reflection in his Mind, that he has unqualify'd himself for any nobler Entertainment among Gentlemen, Scholars, or other worthy Persons of good Repute, Character and Credit, through the oppressive Indigencies of his own creating, and the miserable Exigences of his mis-spent Fortune. But what dismal and deplorable Effects does Poverty sometimes produce, even in more industrious Breasts? What Regrets, what Resentments, what afflicting Afcer-Thoughts does it often raise in a generous Soul; to find himself the Object of Scorn, and the Subject of Derision, for Want of Money or better Cloaths perhaps, to make a finer Figure, and a more splendid Appearance in the World! And besides, what aggravates the Misfortune to the highest Degree of Misery and Dejection, is this; that yulgar People will always be falsely judging of their Betters, of their very Persons, both in Point of Understanding and Merit, by their Outside, their Apparel or their Pockets: as if the Brain did not lie some Stories higher in the Head ; and Learning, much deeper than the Skin. But then again, if he happens also to be involv'd in Debt, and insolvent withal,

this is the utmost Addition of Sorrow, over
and above all his other Distresses of Want,
and Extremities of Affliction. It magnifies his
Tribulation, and multiplies his Woes. With
what Heaviness of Heart will he be oppress’d,
if not quite overwhelm’d by that relenting
Consideration, and despond almost to Despair
for fear of a Jayl, or dying in Prison upon
a Disability of satisfying his cruel Creditors;

a Prison, which rarely ever yet paid off any · Debts, as the old Proverb has it, with Honour and Justice, save only by Mortality: And then . there's an End of his Poverty, Misfortunes and Miseries all at once! Death soon discharges the Obligation due to Nature. 'Tis in full of all Demands here below. The Business is quickly done, without any other Acquittance, Release, or Act of Parliament, to help his ln., solvency. .

HUNGER and Thirst, it is true, are Two presling Calamities of Life .in Extremi. ty. But they cannot be so terrifying to right Reason; when there is not an absolute impossibility of having Necessaries, or procuring: Relief. The one is soon fatisfy'd ; and the other quickly quench'd with Moderation : le that Poverty or Want, in these Two Respects, may be justly despis'd for Virtue's Sake, and disdain'd with Honour. True Hunger is the best Seasoning it self, and may be well enough gratify'd without any favoury Sauces or lushi-" ous Dainties. It sweetens the most ordinary: Entertainment, and gives a good Relish to the meanest Fare. True Thirst likewise makes the smallest Liquor as agreeable to the Guít, as the strongest, or most potent Mixtures. It renders it the most pleasing to sober Guests,

Statify'd wing it felfour, Truetue's Sake, pects,

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