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scientious behaviour in every station and character, to be a dutiful and respectful son, a discreet and tender husband, an affectionate and pious parent, an honest and obedient subject;-if you wish to possess a heart swelling with love to God, a tongue ready to speak his praises and defend his cause, hands prepared to do his work, and feet to "walk in the way "of his commandments;"-if you wish to bear prosperity without high-mindedness, adversity without a murmur, to manifest calm resignation under affliction, patient acquiescence in all the divine dispensations, to honour God through life, and to glorify him in death; to have the sting of the last great enemy deprived of its poison, and to quit the present life with a soul panting after immortality, and anxious to join the glorious assembly who "surround the throne of God "and of the Lamb;"-if such as these be your desires, then, "forsake not the fountain of living waters," walk not by the light "of sparks of your "own kindling," confide not in that strength which is "perfect weakness;" but throw yourself in imagination and in soul at the foot of the cross, implore with the deepest humility, yet with the unceasing ardour of Jacob, when he “wrestled with God and prevailed,” a sincere and active faith in the merits and mediation of a "crucified" Redeemer, daily and copious supplies of the purifying and invigorating influences of the Spirit, and an ability so to persevere unto the end of your course, that you may "adorn the doctrine of "God your Saviour in all things."

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That these blessings may be yours: that you may

here live long to enjoy and to impart much happiness; and at length, full of years and full of holiness, be called to partake of the "rest which remaineth for the "people of God," is the fervent prayer of

Your affectionate Friend.




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