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Cromwell amongst a number of professors who have a name to religion, but I fear know very little of the virtue and power thereof.' I parted from them with sorrow of heart, and rode twenty-four miles to Kakiat, where I had a meeting at the house of Jonathan Seaman with a few Friends and others.

10th month 1st. Crossed the North river at Colwell's ferry to Peekskill, and had an appointed meeting that evening, which was held to a degree of satisfaction. Next day went to a meeting at Croton, where was a considerable number of goodly looking. Friends; and it was a favoured time to many present. Then went to Amawalk meeting; where my heart was enlarged in the love of the gospel, and I parted with Friends in much good-will, being thankful to the great Giver of every good gift. 4th. At Shappaqua preparative meeting. Here are a number of valuable Friends: my heart was enlarged in love toward them, and I had considerable to communicate for their solid consideration; and, through the favour of our heavenly Father, it proved a watering season to many present. Then went to North Castle and lodged at Isaiah Quinby's. 5th. Was at a meeting there, and in the flowings of gospel love, I had to call their attention to a more close search of heart, lest they should fall short of knowing what true silence was. Rode to Moses Townsend's, and had a meeting at Croton valley, where many hearts appeared tendered, and the shout of a king was amongst us.

7th, and first of the week, went to Salem meeting, wherein life was low with me, and I was under great discouragement for a time; but some expressions of the dear Master livingly revived: after going on awhile in testimony, many amongst them were bro

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ken down under the power of an endless life; wherein my heart was made to rejoice, and give the praise where it belongs. Next day, had a meeting at Peachpond. There is a considerable number of Friends here; but the meeting not having been held to reputation, is laid down. After meeting, went to Daniel Haviland's, and on the 9th was at an appointed meeting at the Valley. I had little to offer; the minds of the people seemed more on the servant than on the Master, without whom we can do nothing. Then went to Oblong preparative meeting,-a small company; and the life of religion appeared to be much wanting amongst them. Rode to New Milford in Connecticut, and was at their preparative meeting, where I

had to sound an alarm among them, for the people ! here are fat and full of this world's goods and of

themselves. I am led to believe the Lord will not only shake the heavens, but the earth also, in this highly favoured land.

12th. Held a meeting at the Branch, to good satisU faction. Friends appeared much in the plainness and

simplicity; which to me was gladdening, after seeing so many, up and down, whose dress and deportment give evidence that their minds are drawn after the fashions and customs of this world. O Lord, that thou wouldst arise in the power of thy might, and bring down the high-mindedness and pride that has got into our society. Next day held meeting at Apoquage; here the power of Truth was over all,

blessed time it was to many of us;-may the praise 0.42. be given to him to whom it belongs. 14th. At Ches

nut Ridge meeting; here my lot was in suffering silence; I left them with sorrow of heart, and rode to Enoch Dorland's at Beekman. Next day was at their

and a

meeting, where many of other societies came, and it proved an instructive time: Rode to Garret Burtis's and lodged. 16th. Was at the Branch meeting; here I met with Fry Willis and wife, and it was a blessed and refreshing season to many of us. Rode to James Congdon's at Oswego, and next day went to see Mary Griffin, an ancient Friend, near a hundred years of age. Although her mental faculties have failed, yet on religious subjects she remains green and lively. Her communication was comforting and strengthening to me. She has been a rare instance of dedication;—and though here on earth, yet her mind was in heaven. After this visit, I went to the monthly meeting at Oswego, and had good satisfaction therein. Then went in company with Daniel Haviland to an appointed meeting for people of other societies, held at the house of Pontus Wooley, where Daniel had nothing to offer, and the service devolved on James Hallock and myself.

18th. Rode to Nine Partners monthly meeting: it was a very trying time to me, being almost shut up as to heavenly good, experiencing the truth of that declaration, when he who has the key of David shuts, there is none can open. In the evening, we had a religious opportunity with the children and family at the Boarding-school. Many of their young and tender minds were reached and broken. Next day, in 19 company with Daniel Haviland and James Hallock, went to Creek monthly meeting, which was a.comforting time, wherein my heart was made to rejoice in God my saviour. Then went to Pleasant Valley?! to an appointed meeting: here my mind was enlarged in the love of my heavenly Father, and utterance was given to declare of his goodness, his love and

mercy to his creature man. Many I believe were refreshed and broken down. A young woman who in the time of the meeting appeared much affected, when I took her by the hand after meeting, was so melted into tears, that I said in my heart, Surely this is the Lord's work; may he carry it on until he comes to rule and reign in the hearts of thousands and tens of thousands, to the praise and glory of his great name.

In the afternoon, we crossed the North river at Poughkeepsie, and went home with James Hallock,

who had accompanied us several days acceptably.214+? Next day were at Marlborough meeting: here the

fresh descending of heavenly love was again felt; counsel and caution flowed freely, and the meeting ended in humble supplication. Then went to an appointed meeting at Platterkill, where I was deeply tried, and had nothing to offer by way of ministry. Lodged at Tristram Russell's; and 23d, had an open time of communication at the Valley meeting. I left them in great good-will, and next day was at Marlborough monthly meeting: my concern here seemed to be to call to more faithfulness to the cross of Christ, believing it to be the power of God unto salvation to all that believe in it:—but a fear has at times covered my mind, that too many of the professors of the blessed Truth are too little acquainted with it.Next day, we were at a meeting at Paltz, to a good degree of satisfaction. Dined with Gideon Mollineux, and then went to Rosendale Plains and lodged at Isaiah Tilson's. 26th. Attended a meeting there which was a time of favour, and renewal of strength was afforded. Then rode to Alexander Young's, and was at a meeting at Little Esopus, which was a laborious time in the beginning, but ended to a good degree of satisfaction. I left them in much peace of mind, crossed the North river at Crum Elbow, and on the first of the week, the 28th, was at Crum Elbow meeting: here, for want of patience and attention to the sure Guide, my testimony was not so satisfactory to myself as at some other times. O Lord, preserve me from right-hand and left-hand errors. It is thou only can keep us from falling, and present us faultless before the presence of thy glory with exceeding joy. Next day, at Stanford meeting was a time of renewed strength, to my comfort, after my miss at Crum Elbow. Holy Father, thou art learning me by thy chastisements, which are ministered in mercy,—that without thee, of myself I can do nothing that will redound to thy honour and glory. Be pleased to keep me on the sure foundation.Lodged at John Hull's, and then went to a meeting at Little Nine Partners. This meeting was appointed by Rufus Hall, and it was a comfortable time to many of us. Then went to a meeting at North East; a poor little company. Lodged at John Gurney's.

11th mo. 1st. Rode to Hudson, and next day was at an appointed meeting there: had a little to offer, but not to much satisfaction; and after I sat down I felt myself under much discouragement, and rea-" dy to call all in question. Dined at Thomas Comstock’s, a prince in our Israel. Then rode to Abraham Macy's at Klinekill, and had a precious time at it as meeting there; also had a pretty open time at meeting at New Britain. On the 5th, was at Hoosack meeting, to which a great number of other professors came. In some of these gatherings I was much tried, there was such a desire to hear words, as though they

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