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ceit. Better is a little with Righteoufnefs, than great Revenues without Right.

Prov. xiv. 20. The Poor is hated even of his own Neighbour: But the Rich hath many Friends. Ecclefiaftic. xxii. 23. Be faithful to thy Neighbour in his Poverty, that thou may't rejoice in his Profperity. Abide ftedfaft unto him in the Time of his Trouble, that thou may'ft be Heir with him in his Heritage: For a mean Eftate is not always to be contemned; nor the Rich that is foolish, to be had in Admiration.

Prov. x. 15. The rich Man's Wealth is his ftrong City: The Deftruction of the Poor is their Poverty.

Prov. xviii. 23. The Poor ufeth Intreaties, but the Rich anfwereth roughly.

Prov. xix. 7. All the Brethren of the Poor do hate him: How much more do his Friends go far from him? He purfueth them with Words, yet they are wanting to him.

Prov. xxii. 7. The Rich ruleth over the Poor, and the Borrower is Servant to, the Lender.

Prov. xxix. 2.2. Better is the Life of a poor Man in a mean Cottage, than delicate Fare in another Man's House.

Prov. xxx. 14. Better is the Poor, being found and ftrong of Conflitution, than a rich Man that is afflicted in his Body. There is no Riches above a found Body, and no Joy above the Joy of the Heart.

Ecclefiaftic. x. 31. He that is honoured in Poverty, how much more in Riches; and he that is difhonourable in Riches, how much more in Poverty.

Prov. xi. 21. Marvel not at the Works of Sinners, but truft in the Lord, and abide in thy Labour; for it is an easy thing in the Sight of the Lord, on the fudden to make a poor Man rich.


If Riches in this World your Portion be,
You should give thanks to God continually:
If you are poor, and Men do you despise,
Wait ftill on God, who all his Servants tries.
The Rich, the Poor, the greatest and the small,
Our mighty God, it's he that made them all.


Texts on Faith.

Phefians ii. 8, 9. For by Grace are ye faved through Faith, and that not of your felves, it is the Gift of God: Not of Works left any Man fhould boast.

Acts xv. 11. But we believe that through the Grace of the Lord Jefus Chrift, we shall be faved, › even as they:

Titus iii. 45. But after that the Kindness and Love of God our Saviour toward Man appear'd, not by Works of Righteousness, which we have done, but according to his Mercy, he faved us ; by the washing of Regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghoft, which he fhed on us abundantly, through Jefus Chrift, our Saviour: That being juftified by his Grace, we fhould be made Heirs, according to the Hope of eternal Life:

Gal. v. 5, 6. For we thro' the Spirit, wait for the Hope of Righteoufnefs by Faith. For in Chrift Jefus, neither Circumcifion availeth any thing, nor Uncircumcifion, but Faith that worketh by Love.

Gal. iii. 22,-26. But the Scripture hath concluded all under in, that the Promife by Faith of Jefus Chrift might be given to them that believe. But before Faith came, we were kept under the Law, fhut up unto the Faith which should afterwards be revealed. Wherefore the Law was our School mafter to bring us unto Chrift, that we might be juftified by Faith. But after that Faith is come, we are no longer under a School-matter. For ye are all the Children of God by Faith in Christ Jesus.


Rom. v. 1,5. Therefore being juftified by Faith, we have Peace with God, through our Lord Jefus Chrift. By whom alfo we have access by Faith into this Grace wherein we ftand, and rejoice in the Hope of the Glory of God. And not only fo, but we glory in Tribulations alfo, knowing that Tribulation worketh Patience; and Patience, Experience; and Experience, Hope : And Hope maketh not afhamed, because the Love of God is fhed abroad in our Hearts, by the Holy Ghoft which is given to us.

Ifaiab xxxii. 17, 18. And the Work of Righteousness shall be Peace, and the Effect of Righteousness, Quietness and Affurance for ever. And my People fhall dwell in a peaceable Habitation, and in fure Dwellings, and in quiet Resting-places.

Rom. iii. 19, &c. Now we know that what things foever the Law faith, it faith to them who are under the Law: That every Mouth may be ftopped, and all the World may become guilty before God. Therefore by the Deeds of the Law, there fhall no Flesh be juftified in his Sight: For by the Law is the Knowledge of Sin. But now the Righteoufnefs of God without the Law is manifefted, being witneffed by the Law and the Prophets; even the Righteoufnefs of God which is by Faith of Jefus Chrift unto all, and upon all them that believe; for there is no Difference: For all have finned, and come short of the Glory of God; being juftified freely by his Grace, through the Redemption that is in Jefus Chrift: Whom God hath fet forth to be a Propitiation, through Faith in his Blood, to declare his Righteoufnefs for the Remiffion of Sins that are paft, through the Forbearance of God; to declare, I fay, at this Time his Righteoufnefs: That he might be just, and the Juftifier of him which believeth in Jefus. Where is Boafting then? It is excluded. By what Law Of Works? Nay: But by the Law

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of Faith. Therefore we conclude, that a Man is juftified by Faith without the Deeds of the Law.

Gal. ii. 16. Knowing that a Man is not justified by the Works of the Law, but by the Faith of Jefus Chrift, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be juftified by the Faith of Chrift, and not by the Works of the Law; for by the Works of the Law fhall no Flesh be juftified.

Gal. iii. 5, &c. He therefore that miniftreth to you the Spirit, and worketh Miracles among you, doth he it by the Works of the Law, or by the hearing of Faith? Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for Righteoufnefs. Know ye therefore, that they which are of Faith, the fame are the Children of Abraham. And the Scripture foreseeing that God would juftify the Heathen through Faith, preached before the Gofpel unto Abraham, faying, In thee fhall all Nations be bleffed. So then they which be of Faith, are bleffed with faithful Abraham. For as many as are of the Works of the Law, are under the Curfe: For it is written, Curfed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the Book of the Law to do them. But that no Man is juftified by the Law in the Sight of God, it is evident: For, The Juft shall live by Faith.

Rom. xi. 6. And if by Grace, then it is no more of Works: Otherwife Grace is no more Grace. But if it be of Works, then is it no more Grace. James ii. 14, &c. What doth it profit, my Brethren, though a Man fay he hath Faith, and have not Works? Can Faith fave him? If a Brother or Sifter be naked, and deftitute of daily Food; and one of you fay unto him, Depart in Peace, be you warmed and filled: Notwithstanding ye give them not thofe Things which are needful to the Body; what doth it profit? Even fo Faith, if it hath not Works, is dead, being alone.


Yea, a Man may fay, Thou haft Faith and I have Works: Shew me thy Faith without thy Works, and I will fhew thee my Faith by my Works. For as the Body without the Spirit is dead, fo Faith. without Works is dead alfo. Read alfo Hebrews › the xth, xith, and xiith Chapters.

If.we obferve what by St. James is faid,

Faith which doth not produce good Works is dead :

For the Body which is left by th' Spirit,.
In a few Days Corruption muft inherit;
So if good Works ben't to our Faith united,
Our glorious God with us won't be delighted..

Texts of Knowledge, Wisdom and

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Roverbs iii. 13,-18. Happy is the Man that: findeth Wisdom, and the Man that getreth Understanding; for the Merchandize of it is better than the Merchandize of Silver; and the Gain thereof, than fine Gold. She is more precious than Rubies; and all the things thou can't defire: cannot be compar'd unto her. Length of Days is in her Right-Hand, and in her Left Hand, Riches: and Honour. Her Ways are Ways of Pleafant-.nefs, and all her Paths are Peace. She is a Tree of Life to them that lay hold upon her, and hap- py is every one that retaineth her.

Prov. ii. 10, 11. When Wisdom entereth into thine Heart, and Knowledge is pleafant unto thy Soul, Difcretion fhall preferve thee: Understanding fhall keep thee.

Prov. ix.. 9, 12. Give Inftruction to a wife Man, and he will be yet wifer: Teach a juft Man and

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