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be added. The friends from a distance a new theological college for the edumay aid this very praiseworthy attempt cation of their ministry. They sent a to improve the social and moral con- deputation to the English government dition of the labouring classes by con- soliciting an endowment for this coltributions of newspapers, periodicals, lege, and it appears they met with a &c., which may be directed to the care favourable reception. A special meetof Mr. Hough, Chapel House, Strange- ing of the Irish General Assembly has ways, Manchester. We regretted not just been held at Belfast, to receive having space last month for a report of the report of this deputation. In this the two very able and useful introduc- meeting it was resolved, by a majority tory lectures delivered by Dr. Beard. of eighty-seven to thirty-two, to accept The second of these lectures on the four government endowment, on condition pests to the working man—the dram- that the professors so endowed be comshop, the quack - medicine-shop, the pletely under the control of the church; pawn - shop and the prison - made a to request that the right to the endowdeep impression on a large audience ment be secured by Act of Parliament; of working men and women.

and to ask from the government the

establishment of a number of bursaEdinburgh.—The annual meeting of ries, to excite proper emulation and the Scottish Unitarian Association was diligence among the students of this held at Edinburgh. But few repre- church !. These demands occur to us sentatives appeared from other congre- as very unreasonable, and the more so gations, but 150 persons, members of as one of the three colleges provided the Edinburgh congregation, were pre- for by the late government is to be sent at the public tea-party. The mic erected in Belfast, and is to have the nister, Rev. R. Shaen, presided. With Rev. Dr. Henry, a member of the asthe exception of Edinburgh and Aber. sembly, for its principal. Irish Presdeen, the prospects of Scottish Unita- byterian rapacity is not easily satisfied, rianism do not appear to be encouraging and we regret that the government has The funds of the Tract Society do not shewn any disposition to concede these exceed £20 per annum. In addition demands. - Biblical Review, to speeches appropriate to the occasion, essays were read by one or two young

CONGREGATIONAL. men, and recitations and music diver The Rev. JAMES TAPLIN is leaving sified the evening.

Colyton at Christmas, to undertake the

charge of the Unitarian congregation at Education in Ireland.—The Irish Pres. Jersey. The congregation at Colyton byterians, dissatisfied with their con- is desirous of engaging a successor to nection with the Belfast Academical Mr. Taplin. Applications may be made Institution, have resolved on erecting to Mr. Robert White Higgins, Colyton.

MARRIAGES. 1846. Oct. 12, at the Unitarian to EMILY, eldest daughter of the late church, St. Peter's Square, Stockport, Mr. Charles HEWER, of Guernsey. MARTIN HART to MARIA CLARKSON.

Oct. 28, at the Dissenting chapel, Oct. 20, at the Conigree chapel, Gorton, by Rev. G. H. Wells, M.A., Trowbridge, by Rev. Samuel Martin, Mr. WILLIAM AVEYARD to Miss ELIZAMr. WILLIAM PEGLER to Miss ELIZA- BETH BURGOYNE, both of Gorton. BETH HILL, both of Trowbridge; and Mr. JAMES COLEMAN to Miss FRANCES Oct. 29, at the Unitarian chapel, LINE, both of Trowbridge.

Baffin's Lane, Chichester, by Rev. J.

Fullagar, Mr. OLIVER, of Fleet Street, Oct. 27, at Wavertree church, JOHN London, to FRANCES, daughter of Mrs. HANCOCK GRUNDY, Esq., of Torquay, MOLESWORTH, of the former place. to MARIA, daughter of the late John HOLMEs, Esq., of Greenock.

Nov. 5, at the Unitarian chapel,

Royston, Herts, by Rev. A, Macdonald, Oct. 28, at the Unitarian chapel, Rev. S. F. MACDONALD, of Dorchester, Strangeways, by Rev. J. R. Beard, to Miss FANNY E. STALLYBRASS, late of D.D., Mr. HARRY RAWSON, stationer, Bishops Stortford, Herts.

OBITUARY. Lately, Mr. SIDNET WALKER, for way. Once or twice only, in the many merly Pellow of Trinity College ; and years that have succeeded his renununder that simple announcement lies a ciation " for conscience' sake," we have very touching story. Mr. Walker was casually crossed him in the crowd of a classic of the first order, and obtained circumstances, and we knew then that his fellowship at Trinity because his he was a man groping his way almost attainments in that kind were so great helplessly. But we had long lost sight as to override the short-comings which of him, when his pale face and frail had previously been held as presenting figure were suddenly brought once more a bar to that honour. In the course of before our memory by an obituary parathe studies which had procured him graph. Mr. Walker had died at the this distinction, Mr. Walker became age of 50.-Athenæum, Oct. 24. stone-blind: but his familiarity with the localities of Cambridge supplied Nov.9, at Woodhouses, Godley, Chethe want of sight; and many who read shire, in her 42nd year, JANE, the wife this notice of his death will remember of Mr. Thomas HIBBERT. Though the sightless scholar steering himself bound to life by many ties of conjugal is easily through its streets as though and maternal love, she beheld the aphe were not, himself, in the dark. Mr. proach of death without fear, and at Walker's fellowship was one which he last yielded her spirit to God who gave could not hold for a longer period than it, with calm resignation and in Christhree years without taking orders; and tian hope. he had scruples which that interval was variously employed in seeking to satisfy. When the time for decision

Nov. 11, at Wisbech, in her 69th came, he took the course which must

year, Mrs. ELIZABETH SPRINGFIELD. have a record over his untimely grave,

She was for many years a zealous supto the honour of his memory. Poor

porter of the Unitarian faith and worand blind, with a profession to seek ship. In her last hours she found and no eyes to seek it, he left the nest

comfort in believing God's free and

so where he was furnished for life amid unpurchased mercy, and died in peace. congenial minds, the books he loved, every thing that could minister, with Nov. 18, at Richmond Terrace, Barnsno effort on his part, to his tastes and bury Road, Islington, J. Evans, Esq., comforts-to go out into the wide, noisy of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, world; where we suppose he lost eldest son of the late Rev. Dr. Evans, as how could he do otherwise :- his of Islington, aged 50.


Throughout this Volume, and in this No. especially, we find our space much less than our wants, and are obliged to postpone and omit many articles for which we should be glad to find room. We have a drawer full of unused articles, and a large pile of unreviewed books. Enlarge the size of our Magazine we cannot. It is already larger and more costly than (if we regarded our own interests) we ought to give. In this and in preceding Nos. we have not inserted some articles of Intelligence, the writers of which have thought fit to send them also (generally without giving an intimation of the fact) to another Unitarian periodical. In this department it must necessarily sometimes happen that we are anticipated by our weekly contemporary; but our correspondents ought not to do us and our readers the wrong of offering us that which is already given to another. The sending of an article is a complete transfer of the right of ownership to the Editor who is asked to print it. This is we believe the law, we are certain it is the morality, of the case.

For our next No. we have, amongst other papers, a valuable historical article on Calvin aud Servetus. The new Volume will contain the Memoirs of the late Rev. ROBERT ASPLAND, and a series of valuable papers entitled Pictures from Genesis.

We ask our friends to use their influence to promote the circulation of the CHRISTIAN REFORMER. It ought to be larger than it is.


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